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How to communicate with the guest in Mondosol

Confirm or reject a booking request

Follow this guide if you receive a new booking request which you would like to accept.

  • Go to Menu and select Reservations.
  • Enter the booking request which is marked in green with the Booking Status Open.
  • In the blue notification select Reject or Accept

💡 Note: If you have closed the blue notification without rejecting or accepting the request you can click onto Pending by owner and select an action from the drop-down-menu:

  • Agree after Payment
  • Agree without Payment
  • Reject

Once you select one of the previous option a new window will open up to send a message to the guest.

💡 Note: If your Payment Settings are set to collect a Reservation Deposit upon booking confirmation the message to the guest will automatically request the reservation deposit payment. If not, request the payment manually.

Confirm or reject a booking inquiry

If your settings are set to only accept inquiries, follow these steps to accept or reject them.

  • Go to Menu and select Reservations.
  • Enter the booking inquiry which is marked in green with the booking status Open
    Click to expand

  • Click Open and select the action you want to take from the drop-down-menu
Click to expand

  • A new window will open up to send a message to the guest.In Mondosol the contact information of the guest as phone and email are shared and we ask you not to contact the guest directly.

💡 Note: If you contact the guest or take the reservation directly, Mondosol can delete your contract. You can freely edit the booking at any point and send manual payment requests.

Communicate with a guest after the booking is confirmed

  • In Mondosol you can send messages, emails, or call to communicate with your guest until the trip is finished: Your address is only shared with confirmed guests and unconfirmed guests can check where the accommodation is located by looking at the position in the map.

💡 Note: Communicating or making payments outside of Mondosol can pose a risk and we want to make sure that you are best protected against online fraud.

Advantages of booking with Mondosol:

Mondosol helps you from marketing to customer service and to do this we need your help. Our love for education and travel is created by real people for property owners like you. Trust must be mutual and fairness must come before anything else.

How to add a Mondosol Mobile shortcut to your phone.

Manage your bookings with ease from anywhere, simply using the mobile-optimized version of our Calendar and Reservation System. Create a shortcut into your smartphone or tablet desktop to quickly access these two functionalities of Mondosol Mobile.

Do the following first:

  1. From your mobile device, launch a web browser and type:
  2. In the top right corner, click the Burger icon.

  3. A new page appears. Click Login and use your Mondosol credentials to sign-in.

  4. Create a shortcut

If you have an Android device follow these steps after:

  1. From the Action bar, click the Overflow buttons.

  2. From the drop down menu, depending on your web browser version select Install web app or Add to Home screen.

If you have an iOS device follow these steps after:

  1. Click the Share icon.

  2. Click to expand

  3. From the drop down menu, select Add to Home screen.

  4. Click to expand

  5. A pop-up screen appears. Give the shortcut a name and click Add.
  6. 💡 Note: The Mondosol Mobile version is currently optimized for the Calendar and the Reservation System only. Please use the desktop version for anything else, such as changing the property information or adding meta data.

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