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We are running out of time. 

What are you going to do with the time you have left.  I say that if you don't reposition yourself you could miss the best time in this season of life. Because we have got to change the way we think. We have got to change the way we function. We have got to change the way we deal with issues. The reason you have to begin to reposition the way you think and the way you function and the way you feel is that we many times are stuck between the lines of limited thinking and limited people and limited ideas and limited philosophies and there's something creative down inside of you saying let there be.

You need to walk into our situation where you've been locked up and tied up and tangled up and say let there be light, let there be healing, let there be books, let there be change in this city.

You have tried four or five or six seven eight nine ten different things each. You worked on ninety days or so and then said it doesn't work. How can you be a leader with a 90-day test of course it didn't work? You didn't stick to it long enough .You didn't fight hard enough. You didn't do what it took to win and rather than to correct it and get it right.

You walked away from it and tried something else. For the last 10-15 years in your life you've been on the run from one thing to the next thing to the next thing trying to make all this stuff work. Stop it, stands still. You got to had the courage to live with the pressure and the criticism. New levels bring Blue Devils.

You have to be tough. You have to be able to stand. It's a tough keeping your kids encouraged why you are secretly worried to death for yourself.

It's a tough.
I'm getting ready for a birthday and don't have a birthday if it's tough. 
It's tough but what do we do with these moments. Do we just have them and go back home and wait for the next one, almost like chunkies getting a fix or
smokers smoking a cigarette. 
Are we just habitually addicted to moments without being able to take that moment and use it strategically to do something in our lives. You do not have
to accept it the way it is. Somewhere down inside of you there is creativity. We got to break out of the barriers and the limitations and get outside of the
Something is about to happen in your life. You've got to take it one day at a time and when you get to the end of the days say: I'm not finished but I've done
everything that I was supposed to do for that day.
Your season is shifting. You will be able to do now in a way that, you have never been able to do it before. 
You haven't sung in that song.
You haven't reach your best sermon yet.
You haven't thought your greatest star.
You have written down your greatest idea.
You haven't dreamed your best string.
Maybe you have laughed your best laugh
You haven't had your greatest failure that is somewhere inside of you
You're a miracle looking for a place to happen. You have got all kinds of things, that are about to come forth for such a time, as this the time is right.
The stage is set. The conditions are in order and something awesome is about to happen in your life.
Don't let anybody tell you, you're too young. 
Don't let anybody tell you you're too old. 
Don't let anybody tell you you're not fitting.
Everyday you wake up in the morning it's a sign the best is yet to come

This is my Holden and I am determined to live it. The mind is the battleground. The fight is in your mind. Are you ready for the next level? What are you going to do with the time you have left?
If you live very long at all, all of your youthful idealism gives way to the harsh realities of life itself. When you were a teenager, you thought you knew everything but when you got to put everything in practice you found out, it wasn't as easy as you thought it was.
Life has a way of making you close. 
If you live long enough, you will go through a period of feeling so overwhelmed that you think of one more thing, if the phone rings one more time, if I get another text, if I get another email.
Sometimes I question technology. I appreciate all the advances but I don't need another way for anybody accessing my life. I doubt there are many people in this room that aren't experiencing some degree of being overwhelmed by life itself.
Moments in your life that you feel overwhelmed by life, by people, by your own issues,by your own circumstances, by demands, by struggles and yes by detentions.
It's not long before you feel overwhelming.

What is hiding in you that you have not seen? What strength are you under utilizing that you let that and weak
they whip you like that 
How long will you live without knowing what you got if you know who you are then you know who
you are not if you don't know who you
are somebody can ascribe any identity on
to you and you will or friend or
whatever they want you to be and that's
what has happened with the whole lot of
us some of us have been ten or twelve
different people depending upon who we
were with because we don't know who we
are we become whoever they want us to be
and then when they leave us we are
confused because we have no real
understanding we'd like to think that
life comes to us in courses but it does
not in reality sometimes you got 10
issues and they all hit you in the same
weekend you may not like what you're
going through you it you may be stress
and overwhelm you may not be comfortable
with your situation but you got what it
takes what do you do when life does not
how do you deal with it when it is not
what you expected when you find yourself
with my divisions and body goals the
you won't make it out of this storm you
will survive this attack you will get
through this pain in your life and no I
made us some good stuff I can tell by
the burdens out there and the load I
carry and the stuff i purify I shot
myself at what I'm able to take is not
just that I sucked my enemies I shot
they said I was gonna die and I believed
it but through hell and high water I'm
still here you don't know what you've
got until all hell breaks loose
you don't know what you can take
pressure is applied for your life
you don't know what you can endure in
people until people stab you in the back
and walk away from you you don't know
until you've been under fire and a
and update Ferguson you can't mad what's
in you sitting back in the lazy boy
chair hit the remote control
watching HBO and satellite but when all
hell breaks loose
that's when you get to see what you got
experience kills off the witnesses your
childishness begins to die your fear
begins to leave
because what you're going through does
not intimidate me
it intimidates you
you can quit if you please you can even
take what you got and give it away to 70
other people but you got what it takes
because whatever you gave them came from
you you have what it takes what are you
gonna do with the time you have left I
like something Les Brown said once he
said there are losers and there are
people who haven't learned how to win my
question to you is this which one are
you are you a loser
or are you still learning how to win if
you're a loser it doesn't mean that
you're less than it could mean that
you've gotten really good at quitting it
could mean that you've gotten really
comfortable ending your race before the
finish line you have your reasons for
not finishing and I've had mine too but
right here right now the question is do
you want to win I know you're gonna say
yes because most people want just that
they want to win and if you'll like me
you're still learning on one so when the
losses start piling up the natural
inclination is to say it's too hard I
can't do this
I quit it's a natural urge to want to
give up and to walk away I get it nobody
wants to be committed to something
they're losing at to an area that's
defeating them nobody wants that but we
still want to win but the strange thing
about winning is that sometimes it looks
like losing it looks like frustration
it looks like anger it feels like
betrayal it's so bizarre that sometimes
even feel like the pressure this may
sound strange to you and that's because
you're still learning how to win you are
still learning that winning is a process
winning is luck these suspense in the
magic of Game seven it's not even the
highs and lows of the season
it's the sweat the tears the anxiety and
the mixed pains of each player on that
court from the moment all those years
ago they decided they wanted to be a
ballplayer it's the pain but it's also
the joy winning is about the lows and
it's also about the highs winning is a
process so why can't you win I've told
you that winning is hard but you knew
that you knew that I've told you that
sometimes winning looks strange but you
suspected that I've even told you that
winning is a process but you're figuring
that one already so let me say what I
came here to say it's something Eric

Thomas said everybody wants to be a

beast until it's time to do what beasts

do everybody wants to be a beast

everybody wants to be a winner until

it's time to do what winners do Eric

Thomas et this guy is a winner his

entire being roars I came here to win

period no excuses no compromise no

settlement I came for the wagon now I

know there are people out there who are

just as driven and just as radical in

their belief about winning as he is but

when the et opens his mouth and says

this is where I'm going watch out

because you're not running from old


you're an in for silver but let me tell

you the truth you do know how to win you

know everything it takes to win you've

heard it all before you've seen it

before some of you have lived with it

before I don't really have anything to

add to your list of what it takes to win

neither does Tony Robbins Les Brown or

anyone else out there

this is why I said watch out watch off

the 80 Eric Thomas may not have anything

new to tell you about winning but he

always has something new to show you

about winning I have never seen anyone

deliver themselves with as much heart as

ET does I daily not to be moved when you

hear this man talk I dare you I don't

mean get emotional I mean move you hear

him speaking and that energy hits you

and can't stay still you want to get up

here to do something them do anything

it's not really what he says it's how it

hits you no filters no sugarcoating no

gloves bare knuckle I would need that

sometimes it doesn't matter how good we


sometimes we dance around issues we

don't get to it a friend of mine who

hadn't spoken to her mother in seven

years because of some bad rubbish that

made her feel slighted and resentful

called me one day she said last night I

spoke with my mother for two hours I

said really what happened what changed

she said that she was reading an essay

by one of her students and there was a

quote in there by some guy called Eric

Thomas that said I'm not minimizing your

problems but I'm saying if life knocked

you down one year ago five years ago ten

years ago fifteen years ago and you're

still on the ground we've got a problem

I said really she said yeah he said I

realized that it was bad enough that I

was thrown the ground after seven years

but I was on the ground and still in the

same spot after seven years I could have

at least rolled to a different place in

the ground she'd had enough something

about those words got into her and she

knew that she had to do something what

I'm trying to help you see is that Eric

Thomas's gift isn't his ability to speak

or to persuade you his gift is his

ability to open his heart and to use it

to expand his fashion he's got heart

we've all heard that before when someone

is deliberately exuding a purpose and

passion unapologetically we say they've

got heart what does that mean what does

it exactly mean when people say you've

got heart they're often responding to

something external about it but what

they're observing externally is evidence

of something profound that's happening

internally internally

your heart is open that means that

you've deliberately gone out of your


and gone into your feelings you've got

until feelings

this means that you've put ego aside and

for most of us ego looks like pride it

looks like this appointment fear

it looks like could have been and should

have been if you can do that if you can

intentionally find that quiet calm space

inside of you what will happen next will

surprise you you discover that you have

access to an in there technology a

different sort of guidance people have

called it then a voice and most of us

know it as intuition I'm talking about

heart coherence I'm not speaking


when I talk about heart this isn't

wishful thinking or beautiful sounding

nonsense I'm talking about energetics

I'm talking about what scientists at

places like heart math Institute have

been studying for decades I'm talking


the information people like Gregg Braden

and dr. Joe Dispenza have been empowered

people with the ears you say the least

of what the heart does is pump blood

most of you don't realize that your

heart is surrounded by a field of

measurable electrical and magnetic

energy a field of energy that extends

beyond your heart and into the physical

world it naturally reach out for miles

you know the benefits of being able to

tap into your line but people energetic

field that surrounds your brain is tiny

compared to the one that turns your

heart so when you hear people talking

about the heart mind you should know

that they're talking about something

even more powerful than the mind

when you hear them talking about

coherence they're talking about the

quality of the signal that the heart

mind is sending to the local everyday

mind when you hear heart I want you to

think of Eric Thomas because that's what

he does so well his heart is open he's

tapped into a steady stream of intuitive

information and suggestion he's in sake

so when you hear him he's out of his


so doesn't sound like persuasion he's

into his heart so it feels like

infection it gets into you because he's

connecting to your heart field that's

why you feel like you've got to move

and that you've got to do something he's

bringing his heart space into your wall

let me put it like this you're writing

his Wi-Fi signal so you feel that energy

you don't feel it in your head you feel

it in your heart you see I know I've

lost some people some people aren't open

to the sort of reality this sort of

understanding some people refuse to

accept or even try to make sense of a

reality beyond what they can see these

are the same people complaining that

they can't win these are some of the

same people desperate for something new

anything new for life well I came to

tell you that there's an inner game to

play and the reason you're not winning

is that you're not playing the game you

want to keep playing the same game you

don't want to start or if you start you

stop yes it's hard it's difficult to get

out of your mind and into your heart

it's difficult to let life go to give up

anger to give up resentment and eight it

feels impossible to let go of the pain

of where you came from

and on the trauma of what happened to

you I know I know believe me I know but

I know that you want to win I know you

want to be a beast

everybody wants to be a beast until it's

time to do what

to do et's right doing what beasts do is

hard but it's necessary I'm thinking of


the poet Aeschylus wrote even in our

sleep pain which cannot forget falls

drop by drop upon the heart until in our

own despair against our will comes

wisdom through the awful grace of God

he's talking about pain pain opens up

the heart but that's something ever

taught us knows all about you can win

but it's a hard thing now there's some

pain involved my name is Angela and I'm

the multivator

if you have one shot one opportunity to

seize everything you've ever wanted

one moment which you capture it or just

let it slip away life is this I like



I am somebody I can change the world

the major mistake that everybody makes

is waiting waiting to fucking feel like

it waiting for somebody to pick you

waiting for the right time waiting for

you to feel motivated it's not coming

for the big stuff for the hard stuff it

requires a push always has always will

nobody is coming to save your ass it is

up to you and so if you want to change

anything about your life stop sitting

around and wasting your goddamn life and

start pushing yourself whether it's a

fast or it is starting a business or it

is changing how you talk to your spouse

or it's changing the kind of parent that

you are you got one life as soon as you

open up your eyes understand that you

enter into consciousness it is at that

moment that your creativity is at its

most powerful at that moment you have an

opportunity to steer your thoughts and

your emotions in the direction that you

want them to go in other words you can

choose to seize the day

or you could let the day seize you


it's time to stay focused it's time to

decide what clubs fuck partying fuck

trying to fit in and socialize rub

elbows with everybody so people can stop

calling you weird why are you so

antisocial because I'm trying to get it

why are you staying on the basketball

court so much because I'm trying to get

it why are you out there practicing in

the hot Sun when ain't nobody else out

there because I'm trying to get it why

are you not clubbing like every time I

text you and invite you to go do

something fun and cool you always

studying because I'm trying to get it

let me tell you something these women
ain't going nowhere these clubs these
parties all this shit ain't going
nowhere the more weird you are is a
reflection of how committed you are to
focus in on your shit molding and
shaping and developing your ideas and
your crap
so that when it's time for you to make
your rounds you're gonna fly
I think we can all agree that today too
many people wake up in the morning as
soon as they open up their eyes the
first thing they focus on is the
grueling day that they had the day
before all the things that didn't turn
out the way they wanted it to go then
they start thinking about the grueling
day that lies ahead of them the traffic
jam that they have to be into and then
they can't understand why when they're
going into work their energy level is
down here and with what you're trying to
accomplish with the responsibilities
that you have it has to be up here it
has to be up here
so what I'm asking you to do as soon as
you open up your eyes before you take
the covers off before you plant your
feet on the floor is to think of
something or someone that you are
totally grateful for in your life I
don't care who it is and I don't care
what it is maybe it's the person lying
next to you maybe you're thinking of
your children the dog that's lying on
the side of the bed the cat that's
laying on the other side of the bed
maybe you're listening to the birds
outside the window in your house maybe
you're thinking of your home maybe it's
a particular goal that you achieved or
someone that you helped a couple of days
before folks it doesn't matter what it
is or who it is just feel it with your
heart and soul and keep building from
them I wrote myself a check for ten
million dollars for acting services
rendered and I gave myself five years
there three years maybe and and I dated
at Thanksgiving 1995 and I put it in my
wallet and I kept it there and
deteriorated and deteriorated and stuff
and and but then just before
Thanksgiving 1995 I found out that I was
gonna make 10 million dollars on things
dumb and dumber
when you truly have a vision for your
future that inspires you you're gonna
jump up out of bed in the morning and
feel great about going at life versus
being miserable and going through a job
you hate or living a life that doesn't
empower you and just you know every day
moving through just almost like an
automaton not really you know having the
zest and the great the greatness of life
I think that the number one thing is you
have to have a very clear vision a very
clear goal of where you want the dough
because only then you get there you can
have the best airplane or the best ship
in the world but if the captain is no
good to go you just drift around if the
pilot does not know where to go he will
just drift around with his plane so it's
I think the key thing is that we know
where we're going and that you're very
passionate about that when you see it
always in front of you the goal the
other thing that's important is is that
you got to shoot for the top because
we'll go and really have big goals and
think big because then you're gonna get
big then you're gonna go and achieve big
things that is the most important thing
you know we don't achieve big things by
make a choice right you just decide what
its gonna be who you're gonna be how
you're gonna do it just decide and then
from that point the universe is going
get out your way this let its water it
wants to it wants to move and go around
stuff you know
write down everything you want to do I
don't mean crazy shit like I'm gonna be
the Prince of Brunei I'm gonna baste and
Moon shut up this is what I want you to
do right write down what you would like
to fix about your life and then just if
you're 30 pounds overweight you want to
lose 30 pounds do it the right way
go start eating vegetables monitor your
calories write down what you eat
exercise every day force yourself to do
it say you're the in general the brain
is the general the troops of the body
get up and you do it and then you get to
write it down and if you don't write it
down you don't eat you don't jerk off
you don't shower write that shit down so
you do it just do it make yourself do it
and if you do that if you write shit
down and do that you can change who the
fuck you are I just believe that I
believe that I can create whatever I
want to create put my head on it write
study it learn the patterns I feel very
strongly that we are who you choose so
right now don't give in
go for it don't give up don't throw in
the towel and even if your back is up
against the wall even if you are on the
ropes and you are receiving a rope but
don't financially listen you've got to
fight back you don't get in life what
you want you get what you fight for and
you decide that my future might help my
marriage my freedom my happiness my joy
my peace my children is worth fighting
for you are securing your breakthrough
all right listen and listen well because
no truer words are ever gonna be fucking
spoken you can do anything you want
without limitation whatever it is that
you decide you want to make come true in
your life you can do that it is gonna
take an inhuman amount of work you're
gonna have to be prepared to break
yourself in half you are going to have
to learn more than anyone has ever
learned you can have to push yourself
harder than anyone has ever asked you to
push yourself before you're gonna go way
beyond your breaking point you're gonna
run until you vomit you're gonna study
until you fall asleep you're going to
push and push and push and then you're
gonna push some fucking more and when
you hit the limit you're gonna push
again beyond that you're gonna force
yourself to an adaptation response and
why because it's Malcolm X said the
future belongs to those who prepare for
it today so if you don't put the work in
today if you don't do the unending
back-breaking work of developing
yourself into something greater the
world is gonna pass you by the people
that are going to own it are gonna be
the ones that did that work and the one
promise that I can make you right now is
that somebody somebody out there is out
working somebody right now is doing the
things that I'm
somebody right now is doing the work of
failing and getting up and getting
better and pushing themselves and
triggering that glorious adaptation
response that makes humans the apex
predator someone right now they're
putting in that work and if you don't
the future is gonna belong to them and
as Martin Luther King jr. said you can't
fly than one if you can't run then walk
if you can't walk then crawl but
whatever you do you have to keep moving
forward it's not okay to make excuses
it's not gonna slow people down it's not
okay to ask the world to stop so that
you can step out front it's not okay to
expect little of yourself and demand
great rewards the only thing that's okay
is to be in line with the way that the
world really works and if you want to be
great you've got to become capable of
greatness you've got to develop your
skill set you've got to take what you
have now and if that's crawling then
fucking crawl but you drag yourself ever
forward to a vision of yourself that is
so clear and so specific that nothing
you off your path because you my friends
know exactly where you're going you're
willing to pay whatever price it takes
to get there and no matter what anybody
says no matter how many fucking hecklers
come for you no matter how many people
try to float dirt on you try to stop you
try to knock you down no matter how many
fucking people come for you at night
while you sleep you will rise and you
will keep pushing forward and you can
get better every day and no matter how
many times people chop at you knock you
down knock you off the path we will get
back on you will crawl so you can walk
you will walk till you run and then you
will run until you fly and that my
friends is the only path forward so if
you want a fucking future that makes you
happy if you want to warm that you're
excited about get your ass out there and
earn it

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