What are the quality standards for experiences?

Experiences are one-of-a-kind activities that tell the story of the host’s unique perspective and passion, offering guests something that guidebooks or internet searches can’t. To help ensure all experiences meet the community’s expectations, they must meet the standards below before guests can book.

These standards can also help you earn great reviews. You can see how you’re doing by checking ratings and feedback from your guests. Keep in mind that if you consistently receive low ratings or there are other indications that you do not meet these standards, your experience may be temporarily deactivated or removed from the platform.

Experience standards

Experience hosts enthusiastically share their passion and local knowledge with the world, creating opportunities for guests to gain new knowledge and a different viewpoint. They’re excited to go out of their way to create meaningful, memorable moments.

  • Credibility. Hosts are passionate about the experience's theme and can demonstrate a deep knowledge of the subject or a skilled mastery of the activity.
  • Access. Hosts share their insider knowledge with guests and give them behind-the-scenes access to people, places, or activities that guests couldn't find on their own.
  • Perspective. Experiences tell the host’s story so guests become fully immersed in their world. Throughout the experience, hosts create moments that help guests gain a deeper understanding of the host’s background and viewpoint.
  • Participation. Hosts provide opportunities for guests to meaningfully engage in activities or conversations by fully taking part in the experience, not just observing it.
  • Connection. Hosts are thoughtful about creating environments that feel inclusive and intimate. They get to know the group, make sure guests leave with new friends, and help everyone feel a sense of personal connection to the activity or cause.
  • Accuracy. Based on the host’s description of the experience in their listing, guests know what to expect. This includes who’s hosting, the location, what’s provided, how long the experience is, and what guests will do. Only guests who book through Airbnb can attend an experience.
  • Communication. Successful hosts are attentive and considerate when communicating with guests, quickly responding when a guest reaches out. Open, clear, and consistent communication lets a guest know what to expect and helps them feel comfortable with their host.
  • Commitment to reservations. Once a reservation is confirmed, guests trust hosts to take care of their needs. Canceling or altering an experience can be disruptive to guests. Hosts are expected to keep the description and availability of their experience up-to-date.
  • Respect. Great hosts make each guest feel included and welcomed in the group. They understand their guests may come from different places, speak different languages and have different cultural perspectives. They treat all guests with respect.
  • Value. You have control over how your price your experience, but it’s important to set a price that balances expectations with what your experience has to offer. After attending an experience, guests should feel satisfied with the amount of time and money they’ve spent. Based on the price of an experience, guests should be able to anticipate the level of service and exclusivity they’ll encounter.
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