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First Place. 

Winning is everything.

Being first is everything. Don't let anybody try and tell you otherwise. Don't let losers and failures tell you that to take part of it count.

Losers aren't remember. Failures aren't remembered and nobody ever remembers who finished second, 

You are not a failure, you are not a loser. You will be remembered and you will finish in first place.

No matter who you are, no matter what you do or where you are, on your personal journey, you can win and you must win. It is no easy feat and only one can top the mountain but I believe in you and more importantly you believe in yourself.

You have the drive, the passion, the focus, the desire and a never say nine attitudes. 

The roads for first place, can be a lonely one. There are pitfalls, bad days, blood, sweat, tears and at times it will feel as, if everybody and every force of nature, is against you. And this is where most people give up. But you aren't most people, you are a champion.

Unlike most people, you don't give up, when times get tough. Unlike most people, you don't make it easy, when things don't go your way. Unlike most people, you drive under pressure. You win, because you out work everyone.

You always go the extra mile. You are the best. Your willpower far surpasses, all of your competitors. Form is temporary. Class is permanent and it's going to take everything you've got, to stay in first plate.

You won't get there, staying in your comfort zone. You will never win, in the comfort zone. You want to win. Get comfortable, being uncomfortable.

Staying at the top, is harder than getting there. Everybody wants to challenge you. Everybody wants to take your spot. Everybody's hoping that you slip up, but you are a relentless dominator. You are the master, the captain, the boss.

No complacency, no loss of focus. No complacency, no loss of focus.

When you reach the top, no matter how many days you stay in first place, you stay hungry, you always stay hungry.

When the Sun sets and all is said and done, victory will be yours, first place will be yours, greatness will be your legacy.

Stay hungry, you always stayed hungry. 

But I'm going to tell you a story, that you probably don't know and that is that Elon Musk, after he had created PayPal, he had literally earned well over a hundred million dollars, in just his 20s enough money to be able to retired...

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