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at early age my mom worked the night shift as a nurse my dad worked the day shift they couldn't afford a babysitter so when we were off of school guess what went to work with my dad so at four years old he would hand me a bone saw and say hey get to work Wow right and he said I wanted the lesson I'm teaching you sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do but you've got to always provide for your family this is how I'm providing for my family lessons like that stick with you you have to be prepared to take any and every opportunity that's presented to you all right nothing's just gonna happen you know everybody say it's all on you it is all on you there's other people that can educate you and help you but you take these different experiences that you learn that stick with you I mean you may not remember a whole lot when you were four years old but there's certain memories there's certain things you can use them to either harness you to greatness or you can use them to kind of just keep you where you're at and most people are just satisfied with that there's always the next level your definition of greatness and what you want to achieve could be totally different than somebody else's you know we always say no one wants to be first okay because they're afraid of the consequences that come with doing something first you know we go to Michael Jordan everyone when Michael Jordan took over the Charlotte team everyone says he's a failure well how can you be a failure when you're the first professional athlete to own a majority of a franchise team can't be a failure you're the first to do something if you're the first to do something you can't be listed as a failure I wanted to be the first to do something and that was to work with high high and professional athlete we have tons of information available but but the difficult part is we don't have a lot of individuals who have the ability to process information and a quick rate the ones that can Excel and we call them cleaners in the book they're so well prepared at their task no matter what variable is thrown at them what circumstance they can adjust and they can get that end result and that's taking something that an individual who's just in the playoff situation you literally get off the plane you have an hour to figure out what's going on how to fix it it might only be a temporary fix but it's going to get you the end result for that particular league game most people when the game ends or they sign a contract they exhale the champions never exhale so a cooler is a person that you give a job to and you're gonna get the desired result you're not gonna get anything exceptional you're not gonna get anything outstanding you're gonna give them something to do they're gonna deliver a result that's expected then when we have closers closers are level above that closers are people that you give a task to you give an assignment they're gonna deliver you that end result majority of the time as long as too many variables are not thrown at them a cleaner is an individual what we call a don't think person they're so well prepared at what they do they spend hours and hours of time years of getting prepared that no matter what's thrown at them they're going to deliver that end result over and over again their instincts are so dead on that no matter what variable what problem they could adjust on the fly and they'll have the ability to get themselves in what we call the zone the problem is in order to be able to put yourself in the zone preparation is the key we're try so hard in our lives to fit in and try to fit into certain groups certain frats certain sororities you know among certain friends yet the people we idolize our most are the ones that stand out but when you're prepared there is no fear there is no fear of failure okay because even if you walked out of something and you feel like you've failed at it your preparation is so strong that you're gonna take that failure and turn it into the outcome you desire and most people stop at failure but we've all failed at face I'm going to continue the sale at stop it's the most powerful tool but it all depends on how you use and we talked about it in relentless okay a scalpel okay in the hands of an individual it can do unbelievable damage in the hands of a professional of a doctor and say but the same thing with failure how you use it it's that drive inside of you okay it's what we talk about the dark side the dark side is filled with failure but it's the fuel that burns you like something that's never burned inside you before I'm never in the first call I'm the last last call the person base okay because when you have to make this call there's a problem because that means they can't figure it out not because my job to figure it out and it's my job to deliver because if I don't deliver okay not only will the last call not happen that phone will not ring again because I'm only as good as the last delivery that I've done and that's how everybody needs to think you can't talk about what you did five years ago you can't talk about the deal that you closed the last week okay you can't talk about your sales for last month okay those things are expected of you don't expect to get a pat on back for doing your job you're supposed to do your job okay if you're getting rewarded just for showing up imagine what that's gonna do to you later in life now when you do something extraordinary it doesn't quite feel the same so we are all now going to turn to this man and we're gonna ask him one simple question are you a cleaner I'm pastor cleaner now I've already worked we're already working on next we're already working on next level stuff and I don't have a whole lot of time and a whole lot of words to get my message across the truth is very concise the words are very few but people don't want to hear the truth because the truth hurts it's okay but you grow from pain you really you really do you can't know how to deal with success you cannot deal with failures you can't know how to deal with the bumps in the road that if you haven't had a taste of everything and once you remember that bitter taste in your mouth you never want to feel that again we're in physical pain but when I blew my knee out all right and that was actually the start unknowingly of my career as I don't like to consider myself as the other words I don't like to consider myself as a trainer okay I'm not a trainer okay quest is not just a bar okay there's a lot there's a lot of people that are just a something there's very few people that are see something so when I wear people introduce myself as a trainer like no I'm not a trained IV trainer it's a huge difference okay that was my path into becoming the trainer it probably is the worst thing that can happen to an athlete it's the best thing that happened to me from a developmental standpoint because now it forced me to study the body like no one had ever studied with it before to feel the pain and discomfort that an athlete who blows out his knee who blows out his shoulder now I know what they have to deal with not only from a physical standpoint but from a mental standpoint now I knew what was going on up in here so I could push them beyond the barriers to what is happening in the mind it starts to scatter you know you got you got neuron patterns flying all over the place you know we talked about the way I try to bring it down is everyone talks about when they're doing something when they're nervous or something oh I get butterflies I get butterflies in my stomach okay and it happens to everybody okay well guess what if you get the butterflies all moving in the same direction you've won the battle so now from a mental standpoint if I can get all the thoughts moving in towards one direction instead of feeling sorry for myself instead of putting the blame on other individuals instead of feeling guilty those are all emotions and emotions make it weak okay I'm already in a weakened state I don't Kobe Bryant blew out his Achilles okay every other individual they would carry off the floor okay he went up shot two free throws made them both blocked himself off the court the process of the rehabilitation started the moment he got off if he would have had somebody carry him off the court if he was not shot those free-throws he lost that bathroom so even what everybody else thought he was losing he actually gave the reckoning the healing process started immediately when he stood on I went to vote in a free throw line over the goal take these two freedoms that's how a cleaner thinks we all have that ability we all have next level ability there's not other people that aren't all that you back your bosses holding you back your parents are holding you back those are excuses to me there's no such thing as luck okay all luck is preparation meeting opportunity plain and simple you have to be ready prepared for that situation everybody runs from pressure it's easy to blame somebody else to play armchair quarterback to say oh yeah if they were to ran this play this would have happened pressure is a privilege if you're an employee of this company and the boss puts you into a pressure situation that's a privilege he believes in you you better deliver because if you don't that situation goes to somebody else and you may never get that opportunity again Michael used to tell people first day of training camp every single night grab the guys together and say I'm gonna pass you the ball one time if you don't do anything with it I'm not giving it to you again because I could miss a shot on my own I can throw a pass away on I can do that on my own he was testing the guys to see if I pass you the ball into us into a critical pressure situation what are you gonna do with it are you gonna fumble it are you gonna throw it away are you gonna pass it back to me like a scared individual it transcends whatever you're doing it's not a switch you turn it on and off cleaner switches don't need to be turning off thing there's no such thing as beast mode they're just beasts there is no mode you're not getting more playing time because you're not good enough that's the the simple hard fact and I want you to love that fact right I want you guys to love that it's it is completely in your control and it's completely identifiable and it's only when people don't want to believe that very simple truth and if you guys know Occam's razor right the simplest answer is usually the right answer the simplest answer is probably not some big conspiracy against you or the department that you're in or whatever it's you're not doing a good enough job Steve Martin wrote a book called be so good they can't ignore you that's the only advice you can ever give just be so good they can't ignore you and that's such a huge piece of advice that you give people that preparation that you're gonna get that opportunity to perform you've got to do something with it that's so so important and it it's liberating and until you hear that that's liberating if you hear that as a Smackdown or a frustrating thing in life you are forever screwed because you're trapped by your own mentality the moment you realize that that is completely empowering that okay awesome I'm underperforming I can identify that right blows his knee ends his career makes this immediate shift I'm gonna have to go do something else but immediately begins identifying the gap in skillset between who he is today and who has to become to execute on that and does so so aggressively which is the only right word like he attacks it with all his soul you don't want everybody you got an attack a situation and only to get successful at anything all right either you're being attacked or you're attacking I'd rather be the person that's attacking okay we attack a situation we see a client we go what we go after it all right we're the aggressors okay we're the ones are gonna get you two back get you to backpedal okay because there's never gonna be a standoff all right either somebody's gonna be taking a step forward or someone's gonna be stent taking a step backwards all right so the whole our whole situation from a physical and mental standpoint is attack whatever you doing attack that situation have that attacking mentality and that that's what that's that's the difference between those individuals that like really really make it and the other ones that just make it tell them you bring up the word just tell them why only and just are such incredibly dangerous words I'd like to use examples on that if you would have gotten into quest are you developing only a bar darling just a bar when you're dealing with accounts okay I just lost one sale everything matters if you take any situation and just take the word only and take the word just out of it it changes the whole phrase it's just a game it's a game it's only a job if you feel like this isn't only a job before this interview is up I advise you to get up and leave right now because if somebody else will fill this seat up and take that job and turn it into a career be careful of those words trap words I'm just gonna smoke one cigarette that shows you their preparation for a mental standpoint of how weak they really are they believe talent is enough it is not so if talents not enough what is there's so many individuals out there that are so talented in different things and never accomplished anything the world is filled with talented people you know a lot of them yourselves and they never accomplished anything with talent has to come preparation has to come action has to become development of being able to take those talents take those skills continue to develop them continue to sharpen them physically continue to sharpen them mentally because at some point your physical talent is going to diminish as a professional athlete that's just a fact but what keeps that competitive edge what keeps you on top is the ability to think and prepare mentally over and over and over again the body has limitations the mind does not we focus so much on what goes on from the neck down that we forget it all starts from here everything starts man if you're not mentally ready you're never really physically prepared and that's where the preparation starts I firmly believe that everybody in this room everybody on this planet has a gift it's your job to figure out what that gift is then it becomes your job to decide whether you're going to act on that or not everyone sees the work that you put in but it's what you don't see it's going to determine how far you get I I hear stuff all the time people say oh look in the mirror and you'll see why you're not succeeding I don't believe it it's what you don't see in the mirror that's what's holding you back it's what you're not willing to see it's why talent is not enough when you finally see it and accept it and decide to work on it then you can take that next level [Music] you

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