Everybody wants to be successful but virtually nobody understands that success is a path, it's a process. It's not a finish line. It's not something that you do once and then you finish. It is literally the systematic acquisition of skills and like Scott Adam says every skill you acquire doubles your odds of success and that's it. That's the secret. If you really want to do something in your life, if you really want to be great, if you want to smash it, if you want to be remembered, the key is to acquire as many skills as you can. Because everything you bring into your world gives you an exponentially greater chance of winning, of doing the thing that you want to do.

But you have to be totally focused and committed on gaining those skills. And is the rock pointed out success at anything will always come down to this focus and effort and we control both.

Once you understand that that's what you have to do. You have to get control of yourself. You have to stay focused on something. You have to learn the discipline and apply it on your path to success, to acquire the skills, that you want to acquire. It is going to demand of you that you work harder, you work smarter and you work longer than anybody else and that's the fucking secret.

There really is no grand mystery if you want to be successful. 

Do you want to do something other people can't do? Then you have to become capable of the extraordinary. You have to become capable of doing something that other people that is the best possible news I could give you because it doesn't matter what you're born with it doesn't even matter who you are what matters is who you want to become and the price that you're willing to pay to get there and let me tell you this the price is known and that price is the acquisition of skills that price is getting so good that people can ignore you that price is being able to beat anyone at the game that you've chosen to play once you get to that point once people stand back in awe when they watch what you're doing then you will have won then success will be yours but it was in no uncertain terms the result of the past that you walked and is Angela Duckworth notes enthusiasm is common but endurance is rare so when you sneak out that first lead when you get ahead of people and you think hey I've acquired the skill I've done something people are looking at me like I can't be stopped remember that right now at this moment someone is practicing well you're not doing the thing that you need to be doing while you're sitting back in your law very happy with what you've accomplished somebody else is going to eat your lunch because they have a passion and enthusiasm that endures and at the end of the day if you can want something so badly if you fucking burn from the inside to do something to become something to become capable of more then you will endure it then you'll be able to push past other people then when other people break and they lie in your weight you will push forward because that fucking thing in you that you have cultivated is the ability to endure it is not the ability to be a badass it is not the ability to think that you're cool it is the ability to kick your own ass to deal with what is boring to live in the pain to step towards anguish to know that suffering is a choice and you choose to turn it off because you know on the other side on the other side of endurance on the other side of outlasting everybody else is a skillset that makes you unstoppable got to be able to take on some disappointment in life to not always is everything going to go I'm going to go well so you just have to roll with the punches swing when adversity issue [Music] it was hard ladies and gentlemen and I was facing financial difficulties in my own life I was behind on my bills and my dreams and I'm saying to them you can live your dream it was hard ladies and gentlemen it was very difficult to pick myself up each day believing when I can do it there were times that I doubted myself I say God why why is this happening to me it was very hard and here's what I want to say to you for those of you that have experienced some hardships don't give up on your dream if you're always winning and you don't really understand what it is the wind you got to take those losses you got to take those hits there's got to be the values the peaks to UPS the Downs in order for you to when it does happen you go WOW and people know this is what it's all about and not only that it's never about making it guys it's always about maintaining that's the toughest part you know and a lot of people have that they're scared they're scared of failure I can't be more scared I think people lack self-esteem but failure is one of the most important things you could ever have as far as like the motivation to do things differently one of the reasons why I'm good at work is because I've been a worker in the past and I know the the feeling of failure even when we lose it's okay to lose you can have a gate home so I really had two failures before I succeeded with GoPro how those failures drive you today well the time they scared me and failure isn't easy it wasn't like I thought oh cool I failed and success has taught me that one of the most important things an entrepreneur can have is perseverance the dedication a willingness to fail pick yourself up again and give another shot because if you don't have that if you don't have that grit you're gonna get run over it's the reinforcement of those goals like understanding that you can achieve those goals it's going to be difficult you're going to push through the difficulty and then you can understand what difficulty truly is and how much of it is just mental how much of it is just in your mind this adversity to to difficult tasks or to struggle fail so many times I get back [Music] [Applause] I've been selfish parents with my family keep birth I'm still standing I got rejected a couple times and then I just kept asking and asking and asking I remember my dad saying just stick with it someday you'll have your day and and then I came back I think two years later and finally got an agent differential of somebody winning and losing has nothing to do with their genetics has nothing to do with the potential it's our perseverance always showing up person who's willing to gamble to show up in your chance don't show up the outcome syndrome never there in audition if you choked me all this room there's a chance you might get the part if you do scare to show up and you sit back at home wondering what ethanol am no one that hell's going to call you an opportunity because you weren't present the winners always show up they're willing to lose in order to gain big mental thing they're guys everyone could take action literally if it's that simple if all it takes to succeed is the ability to know what you want take action NORs what's working and keep changing until you get what you want how come everybody doesn't do it you collect and you give it all you had if you lose at least you try I fail is 10 times more of a man and so on said what is because what it never went to the original the reason it's fear and the fear is usually fear of failure or success or rejection but the real word I would use for this thing we're afraid of is pain when you guys find a fear that gear or either creates you or destroy you I here's why behind every spear is a person you want to be fear is self-imposed meaning it doesn't exist you create it you can destroy it - it's an intangible if you face your fears guys you'll realize it's not that big you stay safe years you become the person you want to be you run from your fears do not live your life but you're not beginning for freedom today they've running you you always be the problem servant not the master guys you find a fear the quickest easiest way you can be initially I when it comes with your mounts it will grow roots start breaking you down destroy the potential a person you can be again a champions guys it's not the potential and not their genetics if their perseverance are always show up always willing to fail them failure as part of success success is not you know a marathon of life with just ups success is formulated through failures through facing your fears through falling down and getting back up that's what creates the champion success does not define us we define a success shame failure embarrassment and I just remember feeling this tremendous shame and at some point I think we all hit that moment in life where things just are not going how you thought they would go and and what's amazing about those moments is we all respond very differently first our beer nothing worthwhile is easy no one of achievement has avoided failure sometimes catastrophic failures take you paddock we learn from the safe niche they don't quit the second restaurant failed and they held on to it for too long so by the time that they closed the second restaurant was an $800,000 loss and so I found myself at the age of 41 right feeling like a complete failure I'm not done yet and I got more in me when you come up with excuses for why other people are successful you're not that's it's dangerous we all go through hard times we all go through depression you all do go through doubt and moments in your life where it's really difficult when you're trying to figure out what your path is going to be the tarnished but pay is what makes you a person those difficult moments are would build your character every transformation always gets worse before it gets better it's supposed to be later journey you're embarking on not even path now the L part is admit me to the strong people or your father's journey mentally you have to prepare yourself for it no one is going to get worse before it gets better when you buck this journey you must know that it's going to go down before it comes up when it comes up it's going goes so much higher than you've ever been sacrificing today for tomorrow's betterment you have to be equip mentally to endure this process knowing what you're about to go into a step one no one it's an uphill battle but a winnable one and one that achievable at the end of this race guys you're going to be more capable the first step guys is knowing it's a tough road but through that effort Gill's the care for the person you want to be at the end consept that if you believe it your body physically will find a way to make it happen at some point we all bought into this lie that you've got to feel ready in order to change we bought into this this complete falsehood that at some point you're going to have courage at some point you're going to have a confidence and it's total bullshit right it's complete garbage and so there are so many people in the world and you know you may be watching this right now and you have these incredible ideas and what you think is missing is motivation and it's not true because the way that our minds are wired and the fact about human being is that we are not designed to do things that are uncomfortable or scary or difficult what was the baseline between [Music] it's not that simple mine now that's the biggest liars in time it's not that simple and so why they tell you over and over again what's not simple anyway all right Saturday you give up and say it's like that single day so what's the truth that list and if you just do the thing that they tell you you can't then it's done and you realize it is that simple and always was dr. Khanna had a TA I can tell you fell for me then you should son I'm sorry to say you're not going to box again and I looked up I said no dr. Carter you're wrong I am going to box again so you don't understand what kind of man I am you're here right now at this moment because tomorrow you want to be somebody greater than the person you are today you see yourself succeeding you have a vision you have a dream congratulations you're already ten steps ahead of 95% of the world imagine if Michael Jordan was scared of missing he would have never taken a shot imagine if Steve Jobs was afraid of people not liking its product there would be no iPhone so ask yourself this do you want to be a person who fears failure or do you want to be a person who loves success which one is your gonna have to pick today and I'll tell you one thing one is a failure and one is a success and if you love success there is nothing that can stop you all those negative things people say will mean nothing they're going to talk about how only 1% make it to the top big deal want to know something else only 1% stick with that fitness program long enough to see results only 1% of nerds stick with that video game long enough to get good at it only 1% of relationships stick it out to the end that doesn't mean you have a 1% chance it just means you can't behave like the 99% you'll have to do something better than giving up a month from now those are just numbers you want to talk about numbers take a look around you and take a good look around you are you like 99% of the people around you if you are then you're in the wrong video my friend you have to love success just as much because that's going to allow you to get up and go furry being scared to fail won't do anything in fact when you love success and you start going for it guess what happens you're gonna fail you're going to fail 10 times a hundred times maybe even a thousand times but that's okay failure isn't permanent falling isn't permanent you get right back up and keep going and this time you're going to be stronger wiser and you'll be more driven than ever and for every ten failures you'll land one success you have to love success so much that you're willing to fail ten times before you can succeed once that's how a winner does it I want to explain the biggest myth that most people think leads them to success and here's the myth you might believe if you're scared to fail you won't fail [Music] lies biggest myth ever and I believed it you see I always thought that being scared to fail in life would literally keep me from failing I would look at the losers around me and I would say sheesh I never want to turn out like him I really believe this train of thought would help me succeed until one day I was walking down the street and I saw an old man had a hat suspenders and a cane was about 80 years old this old man was barely walking he could walk but the cane helped a lot he was struggling so anyway he was walking across the street and he ended up falling so I went over to go help him and he gets up says thank you and we introduced ourselves had a little conversation told me his name and I told of mine his name was Robert by the way and right as he walked away I told him this is what I said Robert you should stay inside where it's safe my friend and Robert turns around and says to me I love walking and I love walking way more than I'm afraid of falling so I asked him well what about your safety don't you want to live and he told me this these are the exact words he said he said this solo living means doing what you love to do and if I had to fall here and there to do what I want to do in life and so be it and he just walked away never saw him again that was it but that statement really had me thinking and it had me thinking hard because I learned something that day that's when I realized the true key to success see I always thought if I could just fear the act of failing and if I fear it like crazy I will succeed because I thought the fear would magically motivate me to get out there and start taking action but after that day I realized something I realize it's the love for success that will lead me to succeeding so just imagine if Robert feared falling would he even start walking of course not he wouldn't even do what he loved to do he would sit at home and take no type of action but he loved walking wasn't even scared to fall he gave him life that's what allowed him to get up and do it he loved walking so much he was willing to fall 10 times a day just to do it and you have to be the same so the next time someone tells you you're gonna fail you know what you tell them tell them they're right but you're not afraid of fail you're not afraid to take action you're not afraid to jump you're gonna fail ten times but you know what it's cool because on the 11th time you'll succeed oh you'll succeed alright and it'll feel good and while you're over here living the life of your dreams and complete happiness guess where they're going to be that's right they'll be failures the real failures over there where it's safe scared to fail ironic isn't it the one commodity that is most valuable on this earth is time time to love time to live from the moment the human body is born it began dying come pick you your clay content let me see it again from the moment the human body is born it begins dying some happens faster some happens slower some of us help them have to go faster some of them prevent it from happening sorter then later how many seconds how many minutes do we waste every day doing things that are nowhere near the goals and aspirations and passions that we have inside how many times you go through the course of a day and realize did I do anything I set out to do today write down those goals each and every day no matter there's two goals a day if you can accomplish those then you're doing more than just making it through the day you are living and achieving your dream find time to better yourself read explore research live life do things you've never thought of doing but more that's what it's all about when you're born that's that date that they put on the left side of the tombstone when you die they put another date on the right side of the tombstone but that - in the middle is the most important thing on that tombstone that is a line that you out that entire time frame you were able to impact and touch others long you were able to leave your mark on this earth you were able to feel the legacy that nobody could change you were able to have it to where people remember who you are no matter what when you're living for that - in the middle you're going to remember your why your why while you're here not not - why why why did you do something you're why you're your reason for getting up in the morning your reason for pushing yourself past the brink of exertion and giving up your reason for moving on and getting things done in life that - in the middle that's the thing that pushes you how do you rate yourself on a scale of one to ten in terms of your physical appearance in terms of your health do you take care of yourself are you allowing yourself to get overweight and out of shape are you conscious of your health are you watching the food that you take into your body do you make a deliberate effort to exercise you know it was George Burns is that we cannot help getting older but we don't have to get old and many of us get old before our time because we don't take time to take care of ourselves your environment is a very good indicator on a scale of one to ten is it what you want it to be do you find it desirable are you satisfied the job a career that you're involved in someone said that 85% of the American public unhappy with their job are you spending eight hours a day just doing time doing something that you don't find challenging but does not make you sketch mentally but does not stimulate you that does not inspire you something that you don't find a sense of fulfillment in it if you're doing that day in and day out it has to affect how you feel about yourself your level of motivation your relationships what kind of impact is that having on your life is it nourishing more than a toxic relationship does it drain you or does it build you up ask yourself that how motivated are you to do something about it your contribution your actions what are you giving many people will leave the universe without a train no one will know they were here and in fact under their name we could put under they're not used up will anybody know that you came this way what contribution are you giving what will you leave what will be different because you came this way just just stop for a second write down your why what are you doing this for in life if your why doesn't make you cry that's not your wife again if your why doesn't make you cry then that's not your why your why should be something so big that it moves your family tree your why should be something so big that it changes the whole outlook on how things are with you and your home your family your religion your purpose think about your passion think about your opportunity and that's how you find your purpose OPP when that why meets up with your passion your opportunity your purpose then you'll find out the most important day in your life is the day you remember why you were born you

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