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I think sometimes we make things so complicated but it's the simple things that that keep most people back I think naturally we get out not everybody but if you when you're lying in bed a lot of times you'll think about oh man I don't feel like doing the work and you can rehearse the problems or you can rehearse what happened yesterday and it starts right it does it at the beginning of the day so that's why I think is so important when you first get out of bed in the morning find something to be grateful for you know you may not feel perfectly well but you've got your family you don't have your job but you got a great place to live you got some friends so you start the day off you know you set the tone right at the beginning of the day before you check the stock report before you check the weather when you wake up in the morning the birds are chirping you feel great you feel like taking on the world yeah those are the days you know anyone can go get after it but when it's raining and you don't feel good those are the days that you have to find the energy to attack the day that separates from the other people you get up in the morning you're in the shower you're driving to work saying you know what more think out I'm strong I make good decision it's not magic but those words go out of our mouths and they come right back into our own ears they start to change our own self-image this isn't this is not magic that you go around they saying all day I'm blessed I'm beautiful I'm talented I'm valuable I'm creative I'm disciplined that's doing something on the inside of you how you start your day is how you start the rest of your life and day by day when you're consistent doing the same thing over and over to leave to grow and will change everything about your life if you're checking email first thing in the morning it's not that the emails are probably it's that you haven't prioritized your time and your priorities and your goals your activities that you know the important things that need to get done and once they're done then go check your email check your Facebook do whatever you want wake up each day and tell yourself you're strong is slowly start to eliminate those small small little pebbles that are keeping you from climbing the big mountain quits tumbling and when you stumble get right back up and take more steps forward when people say I'm not a morning person that's the most ridiculous statement a person can make if you're not a morning person are we not shooting for tomorrow and our goal is for tomorrow to come you to wake up and lay that on your day every morning I'm not a morning person to pull that blanket up over your head every day is such a waste of time I can't wait till I wake up in the morning and you know what helps me out a great deal when I wake up in the morning I spend the first 10 minutes just thank you I don't even address any problems and stuff like that I'm just grateful that I'm up for this and I think every little thing and I spent in it and it makes your day starts such a wonderful way and when you wake up in the morning before you start thinking about the things that you've got to do that you don't want to do before you start remembering the injustice is of yesterday or 10 years ago before you remember that you're going to that place today to work that you really don't want to be for your kids get up before any of those things happen that challenge your sense of well-being if you can get hold of that sense of well-being and just sustain it for a little bit with really general thoughts because if you get specific it usually doesn't work as we'll get into an attitude of appreciation and milk it for just a little bit law of attraction will help you out [Music] look I hate to say but weaving and succeed is competitive life is competitive everybody doesn't get a trophy that's not how it works and it's your ability to get up and get moving I tell people all the time I believe one of the greatest success traits you can have is to get your tail out of bed and get moving if it's just to get up and read and get your mind right for the day so you gotta get up early show up early get there get after it attack the day make things happen most people wait for things to happen winners make things happen the major mistake that everybody makes is waiting waiting for somebody to pick you waiting for the right time waiting for you to feel motivated it's not coming for the big stuff for the hard stuff it requires a push always has always will nobody is coming to save your ass it is up to you and so if you want to change anything about your life stop sitting around and wasting your goddamn life and start pushing yourself whether it's a fast or it is starting a business or it is changing how you talk to your spouse or it's changing the kind of parent that you are you got one life and all you need to do is turn on the freaking news and see the kind of what's going on in this world it's both amazing and terrifying you never know when your time is up but I do know that you've got time right now to change things and so the thing you should change is you should take 100% responsibility for your future you should decide what is it that you really want your life to look like cuz you only get one of them and it's not going to start again but you could start building your future right now and that begins the moment that you realize that you're never gonna feel like doing things that are hard you're never gonna feel like stepping out of your comfort zone and the second that you do the second that you push through you win you win because you see yourself becoming the kind of person who takes action you see yourself believing in your ideas you see yourself disregarding your own excuses that is the source of confidence it's the willingness to try it doesn't start with belief it starts with the push so do yourself a favor and stop thinking about all this stuff and stop commenting and push yourself do something as Haroon 'yeah noted i always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on earth and then i ask myself the same question as mark twain put it the secret of getting ahead is getting started and that's where people get stuck you're literally like the bird you could fly anywhere you want you can go anywhere you want to go and look I you've got a litany of excuses and all of them are valid you've got a job you can't just leave well you don't have a job and you don't have the money your family is in one place it's the only thing that you've ever known you only speak one language you've never traveled before you don't have a passport you can't afford the gas money there are a thousand real reasons not to go but the truth is that none of them matter the truth is if you want to build something in your life that you have to remember what Mark Twain said you have to get started because at the end of the day that is literally the only thing that's holding you back you're not moving and once you get the simplicity of that once you understand that you could act right now you could say fuck all the excuses you can stop making them you could stop giving into them no matter how valid they are no matter how real they may seem you can finally decide that you're going to get a permit that you're going to create that momentum that you're going to take a step that you're gonna make the demand that you create momentum that you fucking find an answer or as Hannibal said that you're going to find the way or make one if you have to carve through fucking rock do it because human before you have done it and that's the simple truth that is the simple fucking truth and everything else is bullshit everything else is the weak voice in your mind holding you back and making you a less version of yourself so I ask you why doesn't the bird fly wherever it wants to go because that's all it's known because that's what's safe because that's what's comfortable well because it's a dumb fucking animal what do you want to be if this isn't the life you want to live do something about it we have this this habit of getting comfortable in our routines and patterns and then it gets difficult to get out of that there's got to be those days you push through there probably gonna be more numerous than the days you don't and I think that's something to be mindful of as well try to imagine your life when you'd make that easy choice next time what is that gonna do is that gonna keep you away from your dreams are you gonna regret that later you know a lot of opportunities appear only once in life and you skip that taking the easy choice they're probably gone forever you can dream of the kind of life you want you can dream up the kind of change you want you can trigger the kind of future you want but until you wake up and begin to plan to get there it will only be a dream if you don't get up and actually do something to anything those a new positive emotions will never have the opportunity to follow those actions you'll just be stuck in the lazy demotivated hole for as long as you choose to be and so the benefit of discipline in my eyes has always been that through discipline I get things done you told us to choose about to start working out you told us to choose won't start a business but when are you gonna do that your number one job is to become more of yourself and sometimes all a big part of success is just not being lazy and just doing it yeah just yeah that's like 90% of it is just showing up get there and start working like you're not gonna feel perfect every day effort effort man I see so many people talking about hustle hard work determination grind work ethic at the end of the day I look at the body of people the men and women I've worked with around the world at the end of the day it's effort do I not have enough time or am I being lazy [Music] and lazy comes in two different flavors lazy comes in two distinct flavors lazy comes in one flavor which means not working you might be saying hey I'm constantly working I'm constantly learning that's an easy that's means your bubble but the second flavor of lazy is not doing what needs to be done it means holding out on doing what you know is necessary but hard to do the one thing that discipline definitely does help you with is it helps you get things done and when you get things done when you you actually do things do you have more success disciplining yourself to concentrate on a job until it is finished gives you a feeling of confidence and competence and mastery what makes you comfortable can ruin you or makes you uncomfortable is the only way to grow [Music] what is your uncomfortable zone think about that what is some of your uncomfortable zones and it can be something small to something big like changing your career there's people out there that aren't happy in their job but you see it all the time you walk into a store or restaurant or our business and that person just has this slum look in their face if they're not happy then why are you doing we've got one shot at this life journey one one time we get to go around this life journey it's not a race there's no finish line it could be changing a job and taking that step it could be moving to a different state to a different country it could be getting married it could be changing relationships we stay in those things because we're so uncomfortable to take that chance and why it's over fear the fear of failing I would like to know when you're in that moment failing and you have to keep going what do you say to yourself what if a lot of times I'll be in a tours at Mile Run or something like that and I'm all jacked up body's broken mines broken spirits broken I started to say what if I could pull this off when I first walked into the Navy silver Turner's office he looked at me he said only been 35 african-americans and 70 years make it through you know I said to myself what if I can be the 36 it's the what if I can pull off a miracle what if I can become someone that no one thinks I can be and just that just means talking about that I have the hair growing up on my arms because it makes me just like what if I can be that guy that people who call nigger and this and that and now I'm speaking at Tom Ferris event [Music] some of you are not successful today because you do not have a routine and wisely routine so important your routine will show you your gaps but when I've been telling you to get that gold get that drink and I'm just havin telling you drive it and drive it and drive it and drive it what I've been talking about is consistency if you were too good at the gym right sit like exercise right if you go to the gym and you workout and you come back and you look in the mirror you will see if you go to the gym the next day you come back and you look in the mirror you will see right so you clearly there's no results can't be measured it must not be effective so we quit right or if you fundamentally believe that this is the right course of action in the stick with you can't screw it up you can eat chocolate cake one day you can skip and skip a day or two you know it allows for that but if you stick with it consistently I'm not exactly sure what day but I know you'll start getting into shape it's not about intensity it's about consistency [Music] write down what you would like to fix about your life and then just if you're 30 pounds overweight you want to lose 30 pounds do it the right way go start eating vegetables monitor your calories write down what you eat exercise every day force yourself to do it say you're the general the brain is a general the troops of the body the troops I want to listen beagle few you listen and you get up and you do it and I know seeking discomfort sounds odd not many people do it but you have to learn to embrace it because it's the only environment we're sustained or exponential growth can occur wait is not that what do you waiting on is nothing to wait off action or inna the way you make change is to take immediate and massive action my question for you is how would you rate your effort so far this year it's really your brain is not the problem it's the discipline it's the willingness to show up every day and work toward something you're still here and you get another chance this day to do better and be better each and every one of us has had moments where you cried out in despair when we were so afraid at some point that we cowered underneath the blankets wishing all the problems and fears of the world to go away once we stand up again but they never did we've all wished for a sign to magically appear that will tell us what to do where to go and who to be that someone had some direction for since someone told us what would be next when we were lost in the darkness but no sign rotate and we all wish that somehow somewhere we would reach a place where all the problems and fears will just disappear where nothing would be bad in the place of passion success and Happiness there would never make us face our fears again they were never make us to pain but we have reached us yet [Music] your life is not shit when you turn on the TV doesn't change when you sleep it over and it won't transform if you just sit idly by and wait for something to happen it won't change sometime there will be no science and there will be no one to tell you what to do [Music] this is mother and the only thing that will ever make the difference is if you stand up we move another step forward when we fight the odds again and we don't give in to fear and when you stand up to face life one more day and it all depends on what you decide right now you can decide to listen to another speech after this you can decide to play another game or watch another show and you can decide to keep looking for an easier way out to keep wasting time and keep wondering on how you got here or you can decide to get off your ass and make a change because once you do make that change that's when your life will transform that is the way to reach success that is the way to reach a greater life that is the way to make your dreams come true make it change by getting up right now by facing all your fears and all your problems and then moving through them anyway you won't be fucking easy all the time you will be afraid and you will make mistakes but you have better things to do than be stopped by fear you have a greater life to live than the one you are living right now you'll be calling to make your life the best that you can make it because you deserve it spin-offs lives life was moment take his step forward right now and change it's worth it to fight through it it's hard but it's worth it [Music] [Applause] [Music] a guy asked me about two months ago he said ET if there's one mistake you've made what's that one mistake you made I saw him be honest with you my values are not in alignment with my dreams he said Ichi what do you mean by that I said I want to tell you a story I got a good friend of mine who you know a good friend of mine he came to me say Eric my marriage is not where my marriage needs to be I need to make some adjustments I see you and your wife I see how much time you spend with your wife how much time you spend with your children and I just I want that you buy your wife roses regularly you're always taking her out to eat like eat I'm watching you eat spoiler et but I just what can I do and so I told me what to do and guess what he started doing God he started doing the exact same thing I started doing they say Eric is not working like I'm doing exactly what you're doing but it's not working I said he said why isn't it working so you know why it's not working because your values and your drink you say you say you want a better marriage but I told you you need to iron your wife's clothes you know what he told me after I said I'll be honest with you here I know you told me the iron tell me to wash he told me to cook but where I come from be honest here when I do that I feel like a punk and I said that's why you're having a hard time doing it because your value system says a man is not supposed to iron a man is not supposed to cook a man is not supposed to wash dishes that's what your value system said so you're doing one thing but you're going against your own value system the reason why I'm having such an easy time washing clothes and cooking and irony you know why because nothing is as important to me as my marriage and I would rather be happy I would rather be happy and to say I ain't no Punk let make me a punk I want to be a part a happy Punk for real no a friend of Mines he came to my house and I didn't have a mop and so I was on the ground and I was mopping the floor with a tile and he says eat eating if I'm free you're on the ground and you're mopping I said yeah he says your wife got you whipped I said you didn't know you just found that out been doing a terrible job I'm sorry I am with and after 23 years you should be if you're not it's a problem so listen to me there those of you said I want to be a millionaire I want to be the best at this company right but your value system says you believe in sleep more than you believe in grinding your value system says you are a consumer and not a producer that you're spending more money than you're making why because you're a conservator you're reading all the books and you're saying everything the books will say but those books are not in alignment with your values if you're going to go to the next level your values are gonna have to change that's what happened for Eric Thomas my values are about learning change I realized that information changes situations and so I'd rather buy a book than buy a house because if I buy a book I can buy several homes if I buy a home and I don't have the right information okay I'm leaving with this this is crazy can I be honest with God you could take you could burn my house down and it wouldn't bother well how do I know I had a home than that a tornado tore down in Alabama did bother me why because we have the blueprint and they can rebuild you can take all my money off the back and I'm like up with my hitting rule if I will tell you my lineup of speaking and our audiobook what we're making every month we're gonna will be alright I can make more money if you take the knowledge out of my hand take the experiences that I have [Music] so now I don't just read because I see other people reading and I want a minute what they're doing and so all I do when I have time is read all right so I got a minute and 48 I've never done this before but I'm gonna get it done last one we got to be obsessed [Music] hi this was so important because some of the greatest minds are gonna be in front of you today someone some people in this room who are not just talking it they've lived it but here's the problem the problem with most people the problem with most people is that you're not obsessed with improving you're obsessed with making money you're obsessed with taking your business to the next level and can I be honest with you god when you become obsessed with improvement I will spend more time learning and Australia then I was speaking i'ma say together because you missed it I will spend more time sitting under people I will spend more time with Glenn I always feel more time with Aaron I will spend more time learning that I will speak it in this country I will walk away with stuff I never heard before books I've never read before audios I've never seen before going to conferences that I've never gone hanging out with people that I never hung out with before this is nothing god this is just the desert me speaking is just a desert this is just the beginning I came to Australia to learn I came to Australia to get upgrade and when I go back my wife will notice the difference my kids were no different why I'm obsessed with improvement every day I'm getting better there those of you with phones and every new phone that comes out you get it every upgrade you get it every piece of software you get it you are upgrading your technology and you've not upgraded yourself you got the same operating system you had to the 1995 you don't think any different you don't speak any different you're the exact same person you weren't 20 teen people let their emotions get the best of them the only secret that exists is getting out of your own way don't betray yourself to get somebody's approval right don't be afraid to want success the results that come out of discipline I said oh okay let me try something and I decided to do push-ups didn't quite work out the way I wanted it to but I was doing push-ups before I went to sleep and when I woke up and why didn't it work out because I didn't quite do it every day before I went to sleep and when I woke up and then not doing it one day turned up not doing next day and then procrastinating then it's been about a week since I did one and he saw things of that nature however as I did it for a solid week and a half and I felt a way that I haven't in a while before I started working that quest I was a real deep dark place that I had never been before I'm not gonna get into details of it but it was a dark place I've never been before heart back to the one point when I started doing the pushes again I started feeling in a way that I hadn't felt in years just a confidence of myself that I haven't felt since I was playing basketball since my goal in life and everything I wanted was to be in the NBA I just am in a better place emotionally than I was before a lot of people don't believe that because I'm usually around office smiling dancing having a good time but there's deep stuff going through my head so that the way I appear on the outside is smiling all the time is is real but it's because I consciously make the decision not to worry about all the other crap that might be going on not to worry about Sallie Mae not to worry about IRAs calling me not to worry about anything else that might be going on and so just even in just out of FOMO fear of missing out I started to have it and that habit just sparked smaller things that are going off of my head I can't really express all of them but it's just I feel different I feel a lot more energetic I feel more inspired to do something I might not know what it is but it's something so when I figure out what that something is I might come talk to you this more what habit did you start the push-ups every night before and after before I went to bed and when I woke up you've already given up on that so so follow me on this right because this is what I was saying at the beginning I'm gonna be honest with you yeah so you're adrift at sea like I see you receding into the distance right you might be dancing and smiling but you're receding into the distance so the it isn't a complicated problem so somehow in your head is a belief that you're going through things other people wouldn't understand they don't go through whatever but none of those beliefs serve you even if they're true which they're not but even if they were it doesn't serve you to feel overburdened by Sally Mae and the IRS and all of that right none of that serves you so you've got to turn those into actionable chunks and this is people let themselves feel overwhelmed as if over being feeling overwhelmed somehow made the problem go away feeling overwhelmed does exactly one thing it makes the problem worse that's it yeah so feeling overwhelmed is kicked up by the lizard brain to make sure that you act it keeps going because you never take action right so honestly what you need to do is break your world into bite-sized pieces that you will enact now here's the problem you lie to yourself so now you've got a problem you can't trust yourself so you've got to put yourself in a situation where you can earn that credibility back with yourself immediately I say oftentimes that the body is a reflection of the mind the only reason that doing the push-ups everyday is interesting is because that's you saying I said I would do it and therefore I am going to do it come hell or high water and every day that I don't do it I know that my mind my mind is not where it needs to be so start small tell yourself I will do a push-up every night before I go to bed and I will do a push-up every morning when I wake up on your knees fine like it doesn't have to be like a full-fledged pushup but you said you were gonna do and you're gonna do it and there's no universe in which you don't do it there's a universe where you don't get any sleep there's a universe where the doctor calls up and says you're on a broken arm what are you doing you can't do push-ups all of those worlds can exist but the world that can't exist is where you told yourself you would do it and then you don't do it that world my friend is out of the question unless you want to continue to drift out to sea now the great news is you have exactly one enemy that's it you've betrayed yourself and lost all sense of confidence and belief in yourself nobody else this is not Sallie Mae this is not the IRS this is about Clarence telling Clarence he's gonna do stuff and then clearance doesn't do stuff so back it up because we've got to change behaviors you need to win so you need to pick a behavior that you know you will stick with and then cool when you feel like two push-ups do two when you feel like five with your knees up do five with the knees up but don't say you're gonna do five when you know you're gonna do four on your knees just say I'm gonna do for my knees and do four on your knees and then you know when I say it I do it and then you will start to get excited to see yeah I want to push it now I'm actually interested because you've got the cachet behind you of these wins but when it's a failure you teach yourself failures okay this advice goes to you you guys failures okay for you failures not okay right that's precisely what you have to root out of your life but it comes to making promises that you're actually prepared to keep and then knowing okay cool I keep my promises once you have that eh you'll feel better and we'll set you on the right path and you can start making bigger and bigger [Music]

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