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Why not now?

This is a good time, as the 20th century starts to wind down, few more years as we get ready for century 21.

What a good time, to set your goals, work on yourself, work on your skills. 

What a good time, to get it together. 

What a good time, to start this process: personal development, growing, changing, developing, having a good plan for your money and for your life and for your future.

Why not now?

What's not up.  

No opportunities wasted. Listen to me carefully guys, listen to me very carefully. You got to hear what I'm saying because this is important. There are 86,400 seconds in a day and if you maximize each and every one of them, you will live like you want to live, you will have what you want to have, you'll be what you want to be.
(Eric Thomas)

You can have more than you've got, because you can become more, than you are. If you just remain, how you are, you'll always have what you've got, but if you're willing to make changes, the next five years of your life, can be totally different than the last ones. 

If you don't change chances are excellent, that the next five will be like the last five. For things to change, you've got to change. For things to get better, you have to get better. It's not what happens, that determines your future, it's what you do about what happens. 

Direction determines destination. All you gotta do is, to make a little change in direction, to arrive at a brand new destination, in two years, three years, five years. 
(Jim rohn)

You either, have to change your life, that is you gotta say you know what, my body isn't there, I'm gonna go work out, my relationship is in there, I'm gonna change it.  You know what, I'm not making one I gotta make, I'm gonna retool. I'm gonna get a new skill. I'm gonna go back to school. I'm gonna start a business. I'm gonna do something. You have to do something to change your life. Or in order for you to be happy, if you can't change your life, you're gonna have to change your blueprint.

Usually in life, it requires a little bit of each. That make sense? And if you change your take change your life and change your blueprint you can have an extraordinary life because all of us are gonna have times in our life when what we want or think life should be like isn't kind of match how life really is those moments if we blame our life goes into pain if we change we can change our life and match our blueprint the fact that you're not happy has nothing to do with what you have or don't have the fact that you're not happy is that your life doesn't match the way you think it should be you have some idea how you think it should be listen to me there are those of you of what you're doing is that there are 10 opportunities in the day and you're taking advantage of seven of it and you think you're doing something yeah you got to hear me you got to hear me you only have 24 hours in a day and you've heard me say this time and time again the way you spend your 24 hours determines how you live if you want the future to change for you you've got to change if you don't change the next six years of your life is going to be just like the last six you'll still be behind on your bills you'll still be behind on your promises no opportunity wasted again no opportunity wasted if one of us can do it hey we all can do it and now here's my last question why not now [Music] I can take it I can make the most powerful tool that you have right now in your life in your body is your mind that's why the enemy fights you in your mind to never not have to tie you up for you to be bound he does has to tie up your head with stress with worry with aggravation with low self-esteem with pettiness with anger with hostility with rebellion he can make you ethically sick because [Music] but you have on your hip forgive me I'm alive give me until 9:00 let's give me a new perspective give me a new perspective give me a new way of looking at my situation give me a new way of looking at my circumstances ready for this year because when I did this year the tuna they take me to show off the victory [Music] if you can take it you can make you can take it you can make it wait harder than those other guys rent [Music] you can take it you can do this [Music] just gotta believe you can there's some things I'm not taking with me in the new year [Music] shake yourself around the comings and goings of this world [Music] don't shake your opinions and attitudes around circumstances then you cannot change if you go into another year and waste another year with the old mentality [Music] [Applause] [Music] she decides to stop [Music] get to job - did you know [Music] [Applause] tell them I'm coming out headfirst happiness your default state however you forgotten that and it's not about seeking more it's about realizing that it's not about padding it's about getting there it's like the way there the way you grow is by realizing you're already there and getting rid of everything telling you you're not there that's the journey if you get that and you let go of trying to feel happy because you don't want to feel happy you want to be happy not the emotion but the state the emotion you do not want that emotion because as I said that emotion is not your happiness that emotion is depend on something and it's linked to feeling happy feeling not happy I mean what makes you feel happy eventually will turn into unhappiness you don't want to feel happy you want to let go if that makes you feel happy because that's you're attached to you want to let go of anything you want you want to let go of anything you don't want let go of all the emotions that go all the thoughts reach the state and again you can't put the state into words but that's what we're looking for because you've all had the emotion of feeling happy it clearly is not what you're after if you're someone who thinks you don't deserve happiness which again your defaults unhappy it doesn't matter what you do your subconscious is gonna keep taking over you're unhappy just making that firm come in and like enough so no because we're so hooked on doing like in our minds like repetitive is most of the thoughts that you're thinking today are the same thoughts you thought yesterday and the day before and the day before and the day before relieve but we're living our life and repeats literally and the more we do it the more we're hooked on it and the stronger that those habits become by knowing deep down inside they're already up here the journey is getting rid of everything that's in a way from you realizing you're up here so there is a journey and who those help in long it takes it may just take forever it's kind of the same thing as going from up here and down here it's like it never ends but although it may never end you still know especially once you experience it that you're already up here so although you're working on getting rid of the bed it's not coming from scarcity so it is possible to improve yourself without improving yourself it's possible to improve yourself coming from a place of already being improved ooh - this is an interesting one the dual nature of this world anything if you're it's depending on anything that thing is not permanent and it's going to change and it's going to disappoint you and you will not be happy so it's all temporary it's all this relief from pain and as long as you don't get to the cause nothing will happen you'll just be reinforcing that assumption because that's a big one - it's like the more you think hustlin will make you happy the more you think self-improvement will make you happy from where you're enforcing that your defaults unhappiness we're trying to seek the infinite with the finite we're in this world of like limited things and we're seeking the unlimited it doesn't matter how much limited things you get you're never gonna get the unlimited it's like trying to count til infinity can you count till infinity yes or no no those be another number doesn't matter how many like how high you get you're never gonna reach infinity and that's where all sinking it's like we're seeking like infinity we're seeking that safe happiness in the finite and this is no matter how much we get it's like more more and more more MORE we're done you know and until we find this - as I said everything will be compulsive this was kind of crazy it's like you know you you need more more more more more you're literally like a drug addict chasing more you're a workaholic we chase more gaming she's hotter girls it's like you live a life just being compulsive you can't actually kind of relax because your foundation is I'm unhappy but when I let go I realize like it wasn't an happiness it was happiness and that sounds like holy you know it's like we're literally all hanging onto the the side of a cliff and you know someone's Bulow's like let go I'll catch you you're like oh if I let go I'll die and then you actually do let go but it requires so much - just like Oguz again you've been hanging on your entire fucking life everything you've been doing has been reinforcing an assumption upon assumption upon assumption we believe like hang on or I will die and you think that the journey is just to keep hanging on say let go easier said than done easy to do I mean but parts of it and that's what it took for me to like actually like them and the lesson was like there was that little glimpse of like holy shit instead of like nothingness instead of unhappiness was happiness and it's like the default is happiness this was like like that and again my whole goal was how to let go of all the shit you know it's letting go of literally everything like everything you're attached to letting go of all of your emotions and that's big remember your emotions are not you okay happiness feeling happy is the emotion we're looking for the states letting go of all your thoughts literally dropping everything when you're alone with your thoughts you get an idea of what your thoughts actually are if you live your life just acting constantly on the momentum of other people's expectations of you wanting to be liked by these other people you can run into a trap and you you you set up a life that you didn't really want your fuck you're you're you're trapped in this situation where you have a mortgage you've got credit card bills you've got student loans you have to pay you have a bunch going on you have to continue to feed and all that and especially if you have a family and you have to feed them oh my goodness then you're fully locked in you can't take any chances whatsoever and oftentimes people make the mistake of getting stuck and it is just a tactical mistake just like it would be a mistake if you got stuck on a video game just like it would be a mistake if you followed a map incorrectly and you get stuck in the woods your life is certainly some sort of a journey it's certainly some sort of a journey and we have to all be aware of that when we're making journeys we're not going to always make the right steps and sometimes you have to back up and try again and if you're in a position where you can't back up and try again you've trapped yourself and the system will set out honey pots for people to get trapped in the system will set out the ideas of retirement the ideas of the golden years providing you benefits providing you a healthy work environment why well because they want people to work for them you don't want people to realize their own dreams and escape those from the pain yeah so you gotta hire more people and train them and they want to set it up so that you stick around stick around some sort of an unsatisfying world it's up to you to see that video game problem see that issue as it comes up on the map known I think this is a right turn to see all the problems that could potentially lay in front of you and calculate your your future and then also look around all the people that didn't do it and look at the misery that they're in and learn you don't want to be like that and then look at the people that are kind of tipping chances navigated their way what did they do differently what what what objectivity do they have that maybe you lack what insight into their own mistakes are they willing to delve into that you're not that you step back and give milestone I just don't want to look at myself that closely but the person who's able to look at themselves the closest it's gonna get the more rational results well put you know cuz you're your own architect I never knew how to turn things around you show me your crowd I'll show you your future it's simple right it's three type of people you need in your life you need to inspire the excited and the grateful every one of them you will need for the rest of your life but you're your biggest your biggest distraction is tell me what your foundation is where did where do you go when you need peace you don't know what to do you know what to do but the people you're around ain't doing what you're supposed to be doing [Music] I'm begging you man I'm begging you from a man's from let go let go let go of these people who you know aren't for you you know better but you're not doing better make a choice like you just decide what is it about you about what it is that you provide that will make you stand out from the competition think about yourself think about your goals think about your dreams being in a great house does not make you great it's one thing to have great parents but that doesn't make you great it's one thing to work for a great company corporation that's great but that doesn't mean you're great because you're in that great house or that great corporation or that great church or that great family that you remember on your either adding to the greatness of that family or you're diminishing it and they said it's possible to be in a great house but you not be great you not be gold you not even be silver you not be brass you just be dirt or clay a lot of people think that wealth makes you great but it's a lot of wealthy people who are not great people on the other hand poverty is equated into greatness in a lot of people that that if they have nothing they must be great you're not greatness you're greatness is not based upon your income there are some people who are good at doing but they're not good at Dien greatness will cost you something not somebody else it'll cost you something it's going to cost you some time it's going to cost you some energy it's going to cost you some resources it's gonna cost you some hours of your life laying down paying the price going the extra-mile doing what other people not willing to do greatness is not cheap greatness always costs more that's why there's not many people who achieve greatness they're not willing to pay the price greatness is not a media in other words greatness takes time to develop you can't just run in your room and come out great greatness is not immediate you got to stay with it you've got to stay at it you've got to keep working on it we give up too quickly greatness is not common greatness does not have to have the approval of everyone and if you are the kind of person that will have to have the approval of everyone in understanding of everyone you'll never achieve greatness greatness is uncommon you cannot have the approval of everyone and be great and the sooner you understand that the sooner you do great in life you're always going to live your life at the lowest common denominator of your friends if you don't want to you can't believe one way and live another way and be great greatness is living what you believe and living up to your potential usually you will not discover greatness in a person until they go through hardship its the hardship the crisis that brings greatness out of people there's something inside an internal reservoir that won't lie down and stay down and whine and call their most three defeated friends and have a pity party but there's something about a person that window when the waters get troubled and all hell's breaking loose greatness will step up to the crisis sometimes that will set you back ten fifteen years or you can listen to that advice and it can catapult you to a place of great but you must be teachable to be great [Music] you never come to a place that you cease from learning great people never stop learning people who are very skilled at what they do they still want to learn how do I get better how do I get better one of the qualities of greatness is it's always wanting to get better wanting to learn more wanting of people who are not good are not open to instruction to be great you have to be able to receive correction you have to be able to be told you're not doing this right and you have to be able to be told that with a good attitude keep a good attitude the truth is very concise the words are very few but people don't want to hear the truth because the truth hurts but you grow from pain you really you really do you can't know how to deal with success you can't not deal with failures you can't know how to deal with the bumps in the road that if you haven't had a taste of everything we all have next level ability there's not other people that aren't holding you back your bosses and holding you back your parents are holding you back those are excuses to me there's no such thing as luck okay all luck is preparation meeting opportunity plain and simple you have to be ready prepared for that situation if you're an employee of this company and the boss puts you into a pressure situation that's a privilege he believes in you you better deliver because if you don't that situation goes to somebody else and you may never get that opportunity again everything matters if you take any situation and just take the word only and take the word just out of it it changes the whole phrase it's just a game it's a game it's only a job [Music] the body has limitations the mind does not we focus so much on what goes on from the neck down that we forget it all starts from here everything starts with if you're not mentally ready you're never really physically prepared and that's where the preparation starts I firmly believe that everybody in this room everybody on this planet has a gift it's your job to figure out what that gift is then it becomes your job to decide whether you're going to act on that or not everyone sees the world that you put in but it's what you don't see is going to determine how far you get I hear stuff all the time people say oh look in the mirror and you'll see why you're not succeeding I don't believe that it's what you don't see in the mirror that's what's holding you back it's what you're not willing to see is why talent is not enough and when you when you finally see it and accept it and decide to work on it then you can take that next how do you get to that next level how do I get my business to the next place how do I get other people to the next place look if you want to get rich you want to be really successful when I say rich I'm not talking about money I'm talking about a rich life freedom time with family choices get to do what you want look if you want to be in business for yourself and free you must learn to dominate you cannot compete do what are you doing man what are you doing you know what most people are gonna spend more time in their life working than any other single thing and not being successful you got to be totally committed everybody agree you got to be completely uncertain you want a million dollars you want two million dollars you want five million dollars how much money do you want how much success do you want how much notoriety do you want you want a New York Times bestseller why can't you have everything open up 65 so what man Colonel Colonel Harland Sanders made all his money after you was 65 years old he wasted the first 64 years if you're not sure of your own value your own goals and what you want the world will never reward you of what you want your value and your goals do you need to pressure yourself you need to cook yourself you need a necessity level way up here when I wake up in the morning I write my goals down when I go to bed at night I'll write my goals down it's the first thing and the last thing I do every day I've been doing that for 25 years here are four steps you must take to create the next level of success in your life number one you must get attention you got to get attention if you got to scream to get it get it what do these people have in common okay there's Michael Jordan Warren Buffett Steve Jobs Oprah a Navy SEAL and my mother you know what they had in common this greatness has in common immersion they're immersed they're immersed completely in their environment number two they're dedicated completely dedicated three they have a total total commitment immerse yourself okay you have to immerse yourself right now with reading the right reading audio programs video find YouTube channels that are good for you immerse yourself with books audio video daily okay you hit all three of those when I'm reading something listening to something and watching something these are completely different ways to learn anybody can do this folks anybody can do this this is not about a college degree this is about massive amount of action to get attention for yourself your brand your company your products your ideas your dreams if you find a more empowering meaning and if you decide to model the actions of those who succeeded before you it can be the best financial time the best emotional time that a spiritual time of your life but you better take control of your state and if you think you're gonna do it just by today you're wrong you're gonna need to get yourself some rituals I know I know what is rituals are because your life comes from your rituals if you don't about the ritual you're kidding yourself if you do the right thing at the wrong time you get paid so now it's time to train yourself to do that and what about that are you grateful for what you focus on that makes you feel grateful how's it feel when you're really truly feeling filled with gratitude if you wanted to be excited about your life right now and you're willing to be excited good luck everybody else's trend what couldn't you feel excited about in your life if you wanted to feel excited what could you get excited about if you really focused on it and you really took it in you weren't in a negative place what could you get excited about if you wanted to be excited your life or when you're really excited how do you feel how do you speak what's your life like why because focus is controlled by questions if you ask a different question continuously that once continuously you will get a different answer if you ask a lousy question you get a lousy answer and a lousy state why does this always happen to me it doesn't always happen to you but the brains like a computer ask you a question you don't have to come up with an answer just stop and think about what's most important think about why you're here what's the purpose your life step out of the moment and into eternity life is really really short and I think that we don't value and appreciate you know our freedoms and our opportunities in our life the universe is yours alright you need to understand success does not require you to look out the window it only requires that you look in the mirror to be successful you don't have to look out the window and Oh where's my help where are the people that I need all you got to do is stop look directly in the mirror and the one person you need to blow up the one person you need to be successful is looking right back at you and if you're willing to make a commitment to that person in the mirror if you're willing to look at that person in the mirror say I'm making a commitment to you from this day forward that whatever it takes I'll do whatever it takes whatever it is you want to accomplish or whatever it is you want to do you literally have to see it first if you're not trying to get out of your shitty situation and every day you're choosing to stay in it and you can't complain about being given the choice you keep making you know I one of my favorite quotes is change happens when the pain is staying the same becomes greater than the pain of making a change you have to be crazy and believing what your goal everyday is you're bold enough you're big enough to dream if you are intentional and deliberate about it now there are some aspects of it that I'm going to be organic but if you are intentional and deliberate if you build it on Monday if you build it on Tuesday if you build it on Wednesday I'm at I want you to understand that it's not going to happen by look productivity is always intentional and deliberate and on Tuesday when Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday except no no no luck guys every single day if you do a little you're gonna wake up one day in your dreams you're gonna be a reality you can't just say you want it you can't watch the video and say I want it as bad as I wanna breathe it's to just say it but when it's Showtime when the Sun comes up when the Sun comes up you've got all the books you've got all the tanks you've got all the access now it's time to hunt and what separates you from everybody else is that when it's time to hunt he ready to hunt everybody's got Lions on their profiles everybody talks positive about themself everybody talks like you're a beast you dressed like you a beast you've got the cards like a beach but then when it's time to do what bees do you you you back up you got to get up and make you happy I can I will I must Africa in the Safari a lion wakes up every single day and it's Safari a lion wakes up all right and every single day in the Safari a gazelle wakes up I love it I love it it says so here's here's what's funny it says that if you wake up and you're a gazelle you realize if you're going to survive as a gazelle if you're going to survive you must outrun the slowest gazelle eye and your mind you're thinking you got outrun the fastest line that's not the truth you just got to stay ahead of the slope gazelle that's it every single day when you wake up whatever it is that you do professionally you better make sure you're not in the back of the pack you better be as close to the front if not up front as possible because every single day when the lion wakes up it's only one thing on that Lions mind and that is catching the gazelle that couldn't keep up now this is critical this is not just the story this is critical because what the gazelle realizes is that the way it operates that the way it performs that the way it goes about its daily business is contingent upon life and death that if that gazelle does not do what he or she is supposed to do it will be in my life the story says that even if you are a lion even if you are a lion and you have the advantage that when the Sun comes up if you were gazelle or lion you better get to running because if you are a lion a gazelle is still not going to come to you and say just when you wake up nothing is going to come to you I'm aligning and when the Sun comes up I still have to get to run it here's the challenge though I asked myself when I read that story that's what's on the surface I read it and I started asking myself et what's the difference between a gazelle and what's the difference between the lion what's the difference I know that they're wired differently but what's the difference and what I discovered is that the gazelle is running from something ask myself the question about the lion and I said the lion is not running to be recorded the lion is one of the eat every single day the lion is running to eat you've got to ask yourself what's your why what motivates you what pushes you what tries you you can have it you can be you can do it many of you as I have been as I am are where you are in your life based upon what you believe and it's not just what you think you believe on the surface it's also your shadow beliefs that are holding you back from moving into the life that you believe you deserve if you're not looking at the shadows if you're not looking at what is subconsciously running through the tape in your mind telling yourself you're not good enough you're not worthy enough you're not smart enough you are not enough which is a tape that's playing for a lot of people you don't become what you want because so much of wanting is about living in the space of what you don't have so if you start to think about that really why are you where you are in your life the choices that you have made have been because of what you believe to be true for yourself if you would like to accomplish something you must first expect it of yourself and my question to you is what do you expect of yourself if money was no object if you could wake up and do what you wanted to do what would you do today if it didn't matter what majors made the most money if you didn't have to worry about the pile of bills sitting on your dorm room desk if you didn't have to worry about the opinions of your friends your parents what would you be doing today you see if you don't have a passion for what you do what's the purpose of waking up if you wait under alarm clocks to wake you up every day what's the purpose would you get up every day you should have a purpose and you should feel it with your passion a lot of you are probably faced a similar decision where do you go from here graduate college what's the next step right sure you have certain opportunities most of most opportunities at a lot of people don't have but what direction do you go in the choices you make today tomorrow they might affect you for the next year five years ten years or for the rest of your life there's one exception to this rule you have to love what you do you have to have a passion for anything that is a nine or above because the time that's required to make that effectively and efficiently to make the amount of revenue that's going to keep you content maybe the next 10 15 20 30 years of your life so if you're not willing to give 30 years for to become a doctor and don't do it if you don't have a passion for it you're gonna wake up one day and find out that you're just working a job 80% of your daily conversations are filled with gossip if it's not about the bigger picture if it's not about your goals and it's not about positivity you're benefiting people don't have the conversation you know at first people thought I was a little Goomer they started to tell me negative things about disparate eyes but you'll really stop just stop I don't want to hear it all right no I don't want to hear what you have to say it's negative about this person here [Music] if you believe in yourself and you believe in your vision believe and your plan and guess what greatest I have always had the deep understanding for myself that if anything was going to move forward in my life that I was going to have to be responsible for making that happen and I know that to be true now and can articulate it as you are responsible for your life and if you're sitting around waiting on somebody to save you to fix you to even help you you are wasting your time because only you have the power to take responsibility to move your life forward and the sooner you get that the sooner your life gets into gear does not matter where you come from doesn't matter what your mama did whether she did or had a PhD or know deep what matters is now this moment and your willingness to see this moment for what it is accept it forgive the past take responsibility and move forward my life is over unless I decide right now to give up this story to get up this mindset and just decide that I'm gonna make my life the richest thing it could be it's in a moment it's a flash of a second the pain hits and now this is the moment of reinvention you need to get make a decision you make the decision how long you want to stay in the pain and keep repeating the process over and over again or completely reinvent yourself you make that choice invent yourself and then reinvent yourself reinvigorate yourself and accept what is but only on the terms that you have invented and reinvented be self taught and reinvent your life because you must it is your life and it's history and the president belongs only to you I teach people the daily of the prime yourself you have to do something for ten minutes minimum if you don't have ten minutes in another life i prime myself that's what I've done for years it's like I changed my body this radical breathing pattern or movement ways to do it but then I do through ten minutes mind you it usually goes more because I join ya but ten minutes is how I get myself to do three and a half minutes of pure gratitude about three things and I pick one of those three to be simple because I don't want to be the astronaut that you know you went to the moon that was this idea of venture and then they all come back with the press is what do I do for the rest of my life so the wind in my face you know my children's faces anything and the reason for gratitude is the two motions that mess us up the most are fear and anger and you can't be grateful if you fearful simultaneously they don't go together and you can't be angry and grateful simultaneously so if you literally start your day cultivating that this apart is talking about creating a highway to happiness yeah and then I knew three minutes of my three thrive what are three outcomes and results I'm really committed to and I see them as done and fulfill that's day I usually get something at six months to 12 months at something that's all day and then but I feel this fulfilled and done and get thanks work and you're at the end of those ten minutes usually it's fifteen or eighteen for me I am so wired now I've done that for years it's been the base in me what's different was suffering there's measuring it moment abominable and then the third one for me is okay how do I love more love to be as an action if not a word it's not emotion it's like if you love you act accordingly so love and what can I do in a living way and that what can I be grateful for and that little three-step process ends the suffer well you want to excel it something what must you have you know what passion is passion is an emotion it's an emotion without an action passion will get you nowhere inner drive will get you nowhere unless you act on it you have to act on your passion you have to act on your inner drive don't let those feelings stay inside you you got to know what to do with them you got to know how to make them work in order to get what you want don't keep it inside good great unstoppable every team every work atmosphere no matter what you do must consist of those three personalities if you have those three personalities and you can identify the individuals that have those three personalities you're guaranteed success in whatever you do remember the mind controls our body the body does not control the mind this is about being able to think like a champion know what goes on in their heads understand how you can relate it to your business and whatever you do to take yourself to the next level so funny we want people to make guarantees to us but we're not willing to make guarantees to ourselves you've never you're not brave enough you want to put it on somebody else the reason why I'm not successful it's because of my boss have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and said I'm not getting up on time I'm not going to work on time I'm not putting me in a hundred and twenty percent when I'm at work you never look at yourself in the mirror and said you let you down until you get to that point you let you down you always want to blame other people you always want out you want to hold other people to the fire but you're not holding yourself to the fire you just said you give a picnic percent you owe you an explanation you owe you an explanation you need to look at yourself in the mirror and say why are you only giving 50% what's wrong with you you need to put yourself on punishment and I stopped being a victim stop saying I've got a weight or good thing nothing I'm gonna cry I'm going to fight I'm going to work I'm going to press forward I'm going to learn and learn to do everything in my power every single day I'm going to do everything in my power to become a Victor not a victim winner Swift and lose the losers I can't explain it any better than that I don't know how it happened but winners win and if you create a culture of losing if you keep being a victim if you keep letting losing action to you if you keep letting people to you and treat you by the way it's gonna become a culture I have standards I have bad why most people never achieve their goals while two or three percent really achieve a high level of success and another percentage reaches a decent level success but most people pretty much live an average life people who took this one action every single day we're the ones who achieved their goals and dreams more often than anybody else the people who learn how to prime their brain every single day to take the actions that they should take the people who prime their brain to visualize the obstacles that are in the way of their goals and visualize them overcoming their obstacles because they've created a plan and thought about it in advanced are the ones who achieves the goals and dreams that they said you could have an obstacle around what you believe you could have an obstacle of other people you could have an obstacle that you don't have the knowledge or the skill but if you have a goal and you write down the obstacles and then you use the powerful amazing brain that you've got to utilize yourself meeting the obstacle and figuring out a way to overcome the obstacle your brain starts to work in your advantage and starts to believe that you can actually achieve the goal and overcome the obstacles take a few moments and just write down one goal then write down three or four five obstacles that could come in your way then you write down all right the outcomes that you want and you visualize yourself overcoming the obstacles by closing your eyes and just seeing that obstacle in front of you and then you jumping over you reaching over you figuring out the problem you getting help to achieve that goal and when you do that you're gonna give your brain all of the power that it needs in order to help you figure out how to overcome the obstacles and in order to become an amazing goal achiever you have to accept the fact that there will be obstacles but you also have to prime your brain to recognize the obstacles and to teach it that you can overcome it and you can do that in your mind first and you back it up with a plan and guess what you will start to become a goal achiever instead of just somebody who sets a goal let go all the stuff that's not working and really make a big difference in your life in your family's life and in the lives of people in your community so we talked about making your - dance point one you gotta be willing to do it afraid so you might be waiting for the fear to stop so many times we're waiting we're waiting I'm waiting I'm waiting to get something rise I see your hands going up you guys know if it's your truth you can raise your hand just like we did on day zero you're just kind of waiting you're waiting to get everything in order you're waiting you're waiting so that everything is is Inuits together you're waiting to not be afraid you're waiting to have the courage you're waiting to have all the money you're waiting to lose weight I'm afraid what do I do do it anyway I'm afraid I don't quite know if I should move move anyway I don't know if I should leap leap afraid and then gather your courage on the way down and if you don't get it before you hit you it's gonna hit anyway I'd rather die leaping then on the edge figuring out how to get the courage to meet how does that look because you're 80% of right as somebody else is hundred and fifty nine percent of what they needed what you want to do it right and you want to wait - you're not afraid and you want to wait you have our together oh you made it about you again see Nelson Mandela did it he just did it not knowing if you were right Mahatma Gandhi just did it not knowing if it were right mother Teresa just did it not looking for affirmation or confirmation is this right Martin Luther King did it not even knowing if it would happen before his life ended hey what are you waiting on are you willing to do it afraid are you willing to do it knowing that you got so much work to do to get it better to get it more perfect but are you willing to do it inside your imperfection do you realize that in your imperfection you're perfect for the job so the secret to real happiness is progress progress equals happiness and if we can make progress on a regular basis we feel alive and that's why at the beginning of the year we get this thing like okay I can have this fresh start I could really do with my soul desires I could expand I can grow I can improve I could change or maybe better than change I could progress see think about that progress is an aliveness - it doesn't change change is automatic but progress is not so if you want to make real progress then you really got to look at your life in a different way you gotta say I gotta take control of this process and not just hope that's gonna work out like people do who make a resolution first step is you got to have a vision a vision for what it is you really truly want not what you think you want or what you should have I mean one of most people's New Year's resolutions I'm gonna stop eating sugar you know I'm gonna stop smoking I'm gonna lose ten pounds table well that is it's not very inspiring from those people you know it's not telling you what you're gonna get it's only what you're not gonna do it's kind of hard to have you move forward with that having something so exciting is so attractive so something you desire so much that you have a hard time going to sleep at night you get so up early in the morning to lock it and take it to the next level understand wake yourself up when the only thing that should scare us is repeating the past we like and share and pin and retweet positivity looks nice in our newsfeed potential sounds good on our profiles but we're full of it gamblers without guts fighters would fake this believers with no balls I called myself out to go all-in on my passion and that passion was to take this mantra of mine called be somebody you need to love yourself what you really wanted if you want to make a difference all you got to do is one thing inside you can start it you won't something different listen to me all you got to do is make a decision that's it but once you decide to let go and just go then you're falling and then and then you're ready for the path [Music] let me tell you that sacrifice is just the first step after the sacrifice comes the struggle and after the struggle comes the suffering and then after you suffer then you see the suffering is real and most people stop at the suffering because the suffering hurts and the separate is hard and it sucks to suffer choosing the path of your passion is actually the most difficult path you can take its the most difficult decision you will ever make it is not easy for any of us but it's the most easy right and there's beauty in that suffering you are the fire you are your passion if you dream it and if you believe it and if you go all-in on it then you will reach somewhere deep inside you know what kind of person you were designed to be if you want to produce great acorns think like an oak not like an acorn think like the person you intend to become like the Christian question what would Jesus do ask yourself how would the person I'd like to be the Acorn has three parts it's got a stem a cap and a seed and the stem represents its connection to the past all the acorns all the Oaks that have ever existed in its line before are encoded in that transfer through that stem the legacy into this acorn the cap holds onto the seed until the seeds ready to grow on its own so the cap represents your coaches your mentors your your role models your guide your parents your friends your teachers what kind of seed is in you I believe part of our responsibility in life is to find out who we are to discover ourselves first off we need to respect our nature we need to realize we are part of a continuing chain that carries a legacy and a responsibility there are many things we can do with our lives and I think it's our job to find out what those things are and to do them as well as we possibly can so that we're passing along the right imprint for the next generation so first we need to respect our nature second we need to know our nature take care of saddles advise know thyself but know things about yourself that most people don't discover for example know how you're smart not just how smart you are in comparison to others in what ways are you smart know what you care about or what are the values that motivate your choices if you will spend one extra hour each day studying your chosen field you'll be a national expert in that field and five years or less so nurture your nature figure out first off I am valuable except that I want to know who I am and I want to know how I operate and how can I understand me better and then I want to nurture that nature I want to apply myself in the world and put myself to work in such ways that the rest of the world says well that's cool so ask yourself every day how would the person I'd like to be do the things everybody wants the good life but not everybody gets the good life let me tell you what it takes you gotta get this before you leave this is what it takes it takes energy and it takes effort that's all you need to do to be successful here what I'm telling you you need to put more energy into what you're doing to anybody else it's supposed to be hard the hard is what makes it great it's alright it's like hard work stay there like a feisty L just die this time are you running you just want to stop you just want to give up like a tear what they saw this one of the whole this day when you get up you know what you have a training today you know it's gonna be intense ani calm I don't want to go today when you gotta go it's so hard and a lot of people don't know look at the day like I've written in the book that the day is 24 hours six hours we sleep so you've left 18 hours so don't ever give me this thing that I oh my god I'm working 12 hours and I don't have time to exercise in the workout I don't have time to study another language and all this kind of thing you have you know 18 hours in to utilize the 18 hours Wow and that's really what I always believed in and I feel like that that's the only way you can get ahead if you have a very clear vision that you want to go and if you're willing to put the work in the middle of what it takes to get them to turn this vision into reality make a choice right you just decide what its gonna be who you're gonna be how you're gonna do it just decide everybody has the desire to do something if you got to desired you got to match match that desire with your dedication and you got to imagine what your discipline discipline is doing something that nobody else will ever do and you have to dedicate yourself to that you have to dedicate yourself to the craft understanding that there may be some good that come out of it and you have to prepare yourself but you have to look at the bigger picture you have to have belief in yourself and you have to have faith in yourself faith is not really just having or understanding that everything will be okay but faith is is understanding that if things don't go your way or if it doesn't turn out the way you want to it's still gonna be okay what you're trying to do become better at that position and the fashion industry is it's not so clear-cut it's all about just trying to find your your identity what can you do in the fashion industry to kind of set yourself apart things happen that's just part of life and this is how you react or respond to those things and how you eliminate the mistakes and mistakes that are being made how you make good on those how do you better yourself and try to minimize those mistakes and going forward that that's that's applicable to not only just for just life in general people think that it's that there's no challenges again people wanted yesterday and that's the beauty of becoming successful is looking back on it knowing what you're going through and appreciating the success sometimes it's not gonna be easy don't worry about these that you cannot control but the things that you can't control that's what you have to manifest because when the opportunity is given to you and you don't step up to the plate and you're not prepared who's gonna be disappointed I'm not perfect what I do Willie well as I manage my imperfection well so we're all waiting for perfect it's an illusion that will never come to you and it's an excuse to never show up and play what's our command for tomorrow what do you want to create it's not keeping score your brain is keeping score because your brain is designed to keep you safe your soul your intuition your human spirit is designed to make you soar when you get to the edge your brain will always tell you to step back it's always gonna tell you to step back and I'm just here to tell you jump because only three things can happen you're either gonna jump and fly are you gonna jump and fall on something soft are you gonna fall down hard either way you're gonna get back up you already know you got what it takes to get back up you're not your greatest fears not that you will fall your greatest fear is that you will live a full life and never help me leave help me leave help me get the courage to leave because I don't want to live a life on the edge just say that that's the truth is sexy and it's liberating and it's sobering you got to make a decision people tell the story that everybody else wants them to tell right so the marketing message is so young girls right now I'm fat I'm ugly my hair's not long enough what you have to do is tell the story you want I didn't want to be the kid that didn't have a dad didn't have a mom that was abused it was you know living in poverty that's not the story I wanted I wanted to be the powerful person it's hard it's hard as hell there's no easy answer to this if you quit is never gonna happen if you quit if you give up if you stop if you do not persevere listen to me you will never see it and I tell people all the time I didn't get here through academics I got here because I refused to quit when you're a victim you're in zero control what am i doing like why do I keep trying to do this mentors will help you do that they are the shortcut that you want you don't want to do it the hard way find a mentor no matter if you're just starting out or if you're already experienced there's always someone to learn from all of us are extraordinary we just have to come to believe it so if you're getting nothing from one direction why not turn around and go to the other direction just looking in the mirror and telling yourself the story that you want I want these happy moments I want to have this life focusing on that that different conversation telling a different story and the story you want a little bit of progress then that motivated me for the next get focused and clearly what's compelling where are you really don't lie where do you want to be and make it so compelling you can't help it when you wake up in the morning you want to transform this area a lot a lot of people ain't honest with a self about what they really want you want to make more money than you've ever made you want to travel the world I don't know I don't know you want to bill your second at home I'm not sure what you want but I need you to understand that you got to give something you can't stay where you are and go where you trying to go do not let any job that you do kill your dream because the only thing that can make you feel alive is your dream honestly believe that if people are not calling you crazy your dream isn't big enough no matter how many people told me no no matter how many people lied to me focus on one thing make it your priority and stick with it no matter what whatever your dream is whatever your goal is you're not going to be able to make it happen if you don't have the dreams already every day like you've got to have a dream section you've got to take out 10 minutes 15 minutes 20 minutes however much time you have and you've got to actually go in a room close the door and you've got to see yourself doing it you got to feel yourself doing it you've got to actually walk in it you've got to go in the future live it I'll come back in the present and start working toward it of hesitating we have an idea you're sitting in a meeting you have this incredible idea and instead of just you know saying it you stop and you hesitate none of us wake up and say today is the day I destroy my life what we do is we kind of check out because it feels overwhelming or we check out because we're afraid or we check out because we start listening to self-doubt and then we make these teeny tiny decisions decision to not get up on time a decision to not eat the right thing a decision to snap at your kids a decision to not speak in a minute a decision to not look for a job a decision to not deal with your finances a decision to not call your pet like whatever it is all day long these tiny decisions that take you so far off track and then you wake up like I didn't and you look at your life and you think how the hell did I get here the problem is you're you're in your head thinking that is the universal problem and it all starts with this knowledge of what to do and then you hesitate to think about what you know what to do but you can't seem to make yourself get up on time get yourself out into the woods and go for a walk and start driving again your life comes down to your decisions if you change your decisions you will change everything like you get out whenever you feel like it you don't have no Drive you don't have no passion you want to spend more time with your family you want a better job you want a promotion you got this dream that you want to pursue you want to write a book if you want to do a CD like I don't know what you want you want to be an artist you want to be an engineer I don't know but I want you to start the year off what are you willing to sacrifice to get what you want what are you willing to give up you can stay where you are and go where you trying to go and that's the problem many of you you love your comfort zone too much you love it you love security too much and I'm telling you you can stay where you are but you can't stay where you are and try to go when you go away so what sacrifices this year are you willing to make I will not give up I will not surrender I will not quit you got old wishing and desiring things this is what I know for sure you don't get what you wish for you don't even get what you hope for you get what you believe I need you to know that in order for you to get to that next level you got to change your thinking like real you don't need no money you don't need you don't need no stuff the one thing you need to do to go where you've never gone before to have what you've never had before is to change the way you think what is the dream for you what is God's dream what does the creator's dream hold for you I am responsible for the choices that I make in my life this could be the greatest time you ever live if you control what you focus on if you find a more empowering meaning and if you decide to model the actions of those who succeeded before you I ask because the power of your story lies in your personal intention you program your mind need to be happy or not that's a choice that you make it's not something that somebody else makes for you as an I'm not even your situation no matter what the situation you truly do make the choice to be happy in that situation or not and we also have the ability to change a situation that we're not happy with you make choices in your life but there are so many things you're gonna have to go through to get there but truly if you focus and know where you want to end up you'll be there sometimes to be successful unbeknownst to the others and I think that that is you that have role models you have to have people that you look up to that that make you push yourself if it's not successful who's gonna get playing for you if it is successful who's gonna get credit for you whole life imagining ghosts worrying about the pathway to the future but all there will ever be is what's happening here in the decisions we make in this moment which are based in either love or fear come back to a time when you're five six seven eight nine ten years old but you want to be back then what you want to do who are your role models and why did you want to be that if I want to be free I've got to be me not to me I think you think I should be not to me I think my right thinks I should be nothing me I think my kids think I should be if I want to be free I've got to be me that would you feel yourself to be you are and you are given that which you are so assume the feeling that would be yours were you already in possession of your wish and your wish must be realized so live in the feeling of being the one you want to be and that you shall be what is holding you back your brain is always trying to align your outer world with what you are seeing and expecting in your inner world what you instruct your brain to look for the things you want you will begin to see them in fact the object of your desire has probably always existed all around you but your mind and your eyes aren't open to it you see we are surrounded with billions of sensory visual audio physical inputs of information each day to keep ourselves from going in we ignore 99.9% of it you only really see here or experience those you focus your mind on what you look for if you don't know what to look for we certainly won't get it when you define your goals you give your brain something to focus on and look for you give your mind a new set of eyes so all of a sudden see all the people circumstances conversations resources ideas creativity and otherwise so it can go about matching up on the outside with what you want on the inside your goal how you see experience and draw ideas people and experiences into your life after you have clearly defined your goals is profound having goals gives you vision Michelangelo famously said I already saw David inside I only had to release him by chipping away at the marble that trapped him in pre sketch goals gives you that kind of vision additionally goals give you direction having a goal sticks on the horizon gives you something to navigate towards while most people may be attention to what they are doing or where they are going day to day it is only when you have goals set up on the horizon that you can directly and expeditiously advance your life in that direction your goals are nothing but a wish list you cannot simply write down a list of wonts on New Year's Day stick in the drawer of the recipe here and wait around for your life to change your goals are as clear as mud your goals have to be crystal clear you have to give clear instructions to your brain in order for it to see and draw into your sights what you need to accomplish your goals starting is not most people's problem staying continuing and finishing is you can look yourself in the mirror and say goodbye to your old self life will never be the same again starting right now [Music] youW

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