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  1. Morning
  2. Manifesto
  3. Evening
  4. Night
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some of your going to sleep and you
don't deserve to be you don't deserve
you lazy you don't deserve rest rest is
for people who work you ain't doing
nothing every day you chillin you need
to know your why and my why wakes me up
every single morning what I like me to
do right now I want you to think about
your dream write down at least five
reasons on why you deserve your dream on
why you won't give up what's going to
make you unstoppable why you must be
unreasonable because logical practical
thinking says you can't do it today but
if you want to produce unreasonable
results in your life like living your
dream and taking charge of your destiny
you've got to be an unreasonable person
you've got to be an uncommon person
so write down the reasons why you're
here and what I'm telling you if y'all
going to be great on that field you've
got to have a why you gotta have a
reason for what you do the crowd would
some of y'all the reason why you don't
give a hustlers every doggone time you
get over feel cuz you ain't got a wife
for what you do are you ain't serious
what's your why why do you wake up in
the morning if you know why you're doing
something when the hard times come and
they're gonna come when the
disappointments and the rejections come
and they're gonna come by the truckloads
your reasons will be your rod and staff
to comfort you to pick you up once again
I got a saying on one of my tapes of
life knocks you down try and land on
your back because if you can look up you
can get up let your reasons get you back
up in some of you already there well you
don't know how you're gonna make this
but you just feel within yourself
someway somehow with the help of God I'm
going to make it happen more
specifically I want to
that's my why my why is every single day
when I wake up every minute of the day
every what's your why you need a why why
did you need a why but some days you
gonna look at that alarm clock you gonna
look at that alarm clock and it's gonna
say six and six is the time you wake up
and you're gonna look again it's gonna
say six oh five and you gonna say I
don't want to get up with that wise
gonna say I put I pushed yourself get up
your mama needs you your daddy needs you
your children need you
get up you're wise gonna push you when
you can't push yourself when you want to
quit and give up your wives gonna give
that energy that advantage you need that
that lift that you need to get to the
next of your wife listen tell me what's
your motive why do you do what you do
and that's so important even in your
action while your action is good you've
got to ask what drives it what guides it
what moves it what's the spirit behind
it what's the reason behind it what's
the purpose behind it are you hear what
I'm saying but in the end the most
important thing is what's the purpose of

life why are you here

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