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thank you some major goal you want or
maybe it's one you're already working on
and you have experienced a lot of
setbacks a lot of defeats you've
experienced a lot of disappointment
maybe you've already given up and maybe
you just need a little far little
encouragement to get back in the game
again they're winners they're losers and
there are people who have not discovered
how to win
nothing is impossible the only thing
that's impossible is what you make
impossible so I need you to understand
that it's not going to be an easy road
but I'm telling you if you're willing to
put in a 120 percent if you're willing
to go all-in you can take that which was
once impossible and make it possible not
only it's it's possible for you to have
your dream but it's necessary that you
go for what is yours in the universe
you do what it is you suppose are you
supposed to build something you go to
create something I don't know how to do
it learn it's you it's on you you got to
make that happen nobody's going to bring
it to you on a silver platter 10 here's
your dream manifesting no it's hard
yes it's hard it's difficult yes right
and it's worth
I want you to hold on it may not happen
in the time that you think is going to
happen but I want you to know something
if you quit is never going to happen if
you quit if you give up if you stop if
you do not persevere listen to me you
will never see it
the major key to your reaching your
dream you're living up to your greatness
you're making your contribution is you
what do you need to know to be to do to
have what you want
that you don't know right now what do
you need and so I'm asking you this
question you got to get this one what do
you need to know that you don't know
right now what information what books do
you need to read but what mentors do you
what circles do you need a
see if you know what your lifework is I
encourage you to start working on it
if you can't do it all at one time do
just a little bit of it and you've got
to actually go in the room close the
door and you've got to see yourself
doing it you got to feel yourself doing
it you've got to actually walk in it
you've got to go in the future live it
out come back in the present and start
working toward it promise me this five
to ten minutes that you will devote to
seeing yourself being successful
so I need your new this form you like I
don't care what happens in your life I
don't care what it looks like I don't
care where you are every single day you
wake up if you're gonna have energy if
you're gonna have a shit if you're gonna
have tried every day you wake up you've
got to start with that vision
it may not happen in six months it may
not happen in the year it may not happen
in two years but at some point my dream
is going to become a reality every
single day we're not waiting for the
admin we just don't have site sightings
for people who live in the present
we have vision we're going to make it
happen before it happens
you got a right even if no one published
your book right because that was given
to you to do
everything in you is telling you to stop
to give up every muscle is aching and
you're saying to yourself you can do it
where you are is temporary you will not
be there for the rest of your life
all the people couldn't see it a lot of
people didn't believe it you were
attacked you were criticized people were
opposing but you kept on doing it it was
hard it was rough it was difficult but
to you it was worth it
you have to know that this thing is
going to work
say this to yourself every day I can
write my own book I can have my own
business i I can take the trip and
travel around the world if possible I
can bounce back from adversity and
reinvent my life
it's possible
hey guys this is Charlie for motivation
graded now we create a lot about
motivation here and we hope that you
love these inspiring videos but up until
now we haven't gone into the concrete
actions to actually help you make the
impossible possible
we haven't previously gone down to the
nitty-gritty of how you can inspire
impress and energize the people that you
come across every single day even if
it's just for a minute that's about to
change so if you want to learn more
about those exact steps to be the kind
of person that walks through the world
radiating unshakable confidence click
the link here and you'll be taken to a
page where you can submit your email
we'll let you know more about this in
the coming weeks but if you sign up now
you will immediately be taken to a video
that will show you one thing that you
can start doing right now that will take
you from anxious to confident inside of
a minute so if you want to see that
video and you want to hear more about
what's coming go ahead and click the

link now

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