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  1. Morning
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are you the best footballer in the world
right now I think so yes
in my mind I'm always the best I don't
care what the people thinking what they
say in my mind not just this year but
always I'm always the best I'm always
going to say that I knew I knew I knew
what was gonna happen I knew I was gonna
get here
they didn't there's a lot of stressful
years you know a lot of times and but I
proved them wrong I proved myself right
you need to bet on your strengths and
don't give a fuck about where you suck
at if you want this if you want bling
bling if you want to buy the Jets if you
want to do work when I look around I
always learn something and that is to be
always yourself and to express yourself
12 faith in yourself do not go out and
look for a successful personality and
duplicate them
I feel I still have room to improve
still set goals myself to stop for I'm
never complacent with what I've achieved
even though it's been very successful
for me I still feel I had a lot to prove
Ben Graham in his low and his low teens
looked around and he looked at the
people he admired and he said you know I
want to be admire so why don't I just
behave like them and they found there
was nothing impossible about behaving
like them if you're doing anything
interesting in the world you're gonna
have critics the only if you absolutely
can't tolerate critics that don't do
anything new or interesting I would just
say go stand on a street corner and
watch in a crowded urban area that watch
all the people walk by and think about
what they're thinking about I bet
people are thinking about you after
years of repetitive work you will often
need to dig hard to find your passions
redefine your dreams and revive hobbies
that you let atrophy to near-extinction
you think someone's going to come to you
and give you a highlighted version
script on how to live your life and if
that was the case when you even go that
way how boring is that is the unknown
about to be that gets me up in the
morning it's always a challenge and as
soon as a challenge is lost guys your
will is dead there's no reason to get up
in the morning there are a million
reasons why not but there's one great
could be for luck it was a belief and
every day with no one watching at 5:00
in the morning by myself I trained it I
believed in it then I mastered it
no I remastered and remastered it holds
that one day my trained ability collided
with an opportunity to show it off
that's what luck is that's what success
is start to finish a blueprint and every
single module inside of it you create
you own nothing subjective in there it's
all you
you don't just live your life you change
Shaymin you make your mark upon it
make a little
you must strive to find your own voice
it's a longer you wait to begin the less
likely you are to find it at all Thoreau
said most men lead lives of quiet
don't be resigned to that break out it's
not about being rational it's about
following your heart must be imaginative
strong hearted
you must try things that may not work
and you must not let anyone define your
limits because of where you


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