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it's ha easy it's not an option

it's hard living life is hard
see it's hard when when you are 49 years
old been working on a job for 17 years
and they come in and tell you you're
finished and give you one week severance
pay you got to start all over again it's
hard when you're married and raising
children and your children are crawling
and your husband dies unexpectedly it's
not handling just the tragedies of life
it's hard when you're working on
something in and you put everything you
have in it and it doesn't work it's hard
I realized that information changes
situations so I'd rather buy a book and
buy a house because if I buy a book I
can buy several homes if I buy a home
and I don't have the right in for me
you could burn my house down and it
wouldn't bother well how do I know
because we have the blueprint and they
can rebuild it you can take all my money
off the back if you take the knowledge
out of my head and take the experiences
that I have the disappointment
or not getting it makes you look for
another aspect of your life a spiritual
aspect though a family aspect physical
aspect if you can just trust that life
doesn't happen to you it happens for you
then you can find in any situation a
benefit that can take your life to the
next level that's that's the number one
thing you have to do is to work on
yourself and to fill your self up and
keep your people keep yourself forward
you got to make your decisions
accountable to to your accents if you
say so first I decision second side
I want you to write down every single
action that's gonna take to make that
decision a reality you hear me
every one of us in our life is going to
feed faced situations where it feels
like we have total trauma something
that's been taken from us the real
question is what are you gonna do
that you can forget about felling that
test you can forget about being a
disappointment to your mom a
disappointment to your dad the fact that
you didn't finish school the fact that
you you got a divorce the fact that for
real for real you feel like a failure so
you've been trying to make the rest of
your life the best of your life but
you've been holding on to being a
failure to get about your bad and make
the rest of your life then back to your
life necessary to start talking to
people and seeking and asking but what I
wanted and leveraging relationships are
trying to find out how do the people do
it that win ahead of me how to make do
it then what is it I need to do how is
it I need to train myself to develop
what's the resources that will be
required in order to make it happen
we're in Hell right now believe me and
we can stay here get the shit kicked out
of us or we can fight our way back into
the light we can climb out of hell one
inch at a time
listen to me your life will never be the
same again
all the failures almost ate all her
heart oh it's over but hear what I'm
telling you it's over
poverty is over lack is over like you're
about to live by the next level
abundance you're about to start doing
things if you don't stop seeing success
you have a choice to either give up or
keep going give up get up when you fail
try again why not now this is a good
time as the 20th century starts to wind
down few more years as we get ready for
century 21 what a good time to set your
goals work on yourself work on your
skills what a good time to get it
together what a good time to start this
process personal development growing
changing developing having a good plan
for your money and for your life and for
your future why not
what's now up no opportunities wasted
listen to me carefully guys let's still
be very careful you got to hear what I'm
saying this is important
there are 86,400 seconds in a day and if
you maximize each and every one of them
you will live like you want to live you
will have what you want to have you'll
be what you want to be you can have more
than you've got because you can become
more than you are if you just remain how
you are you'll always have what you've
got but if you're willing to make
changes the next five years of your life
can be totally different than the last
one if you don't change chances are
excellent the next five will be like the
last four things to change
you've got to change for things to get
better it's not what happens that
determines your future it's what you do
about what happens direction determines
destination all you got to do is make a
little change in direction to arrive at
a brand new destination in two years
three years five years you either have
to change your life that is you can say
you know what my body isn't there I'm
gonna go work out my relationship is in
there I'm gonna change it you know I'm
not making one I gotta make I'm gonna
retool I'm gonna get a new skill I'm
gonna go back to school I'm gonna start
a business I'm gonna do something you
have to do something to change your life
or in order for you to be happy you
can't change your life you're gonna have
to change your blueprint usually a life
it requires a little bit of the
does that make sense and if you change
your take change your life and change
your blueprint you can have an
extraordinary life because all of us are
gonna have times in our life when what
we want or think life should be like
isn't gonna match how life really is
those moments if we blame our life goes
into pain if we change we can change our
life and match our blueprint the fact
that you're not happy has nothing to do
with what you have or don't have the
fact that you're not happy is that your
life doesn't match the way you think it
should be you have some idea how you
think it should be
listen to me there are those of you or
what you're doing is that there are ten
opportunities in the day and you're
taking advantage of seven of it and you
think you're doing something yeah you
got to hear me you got to hear me you
only have 24 hours in a day and you've
heard me say this time and time again
the way you spend your 24 hours it
determines how you live if you want the
future to change for you you've got to
change if you don't change the next six
years of your life is gonna be just like
the last six you'll still be behind on
your bills you'll still be behind on
your promises no opportunity wasted
again no opportunity wasted one of us
can do it hey we all can do it now
here's my last question why not now
every day we grow older every day we
have one less day in our futures and one
more day in our past you can keep doing
the old thing over and over and over
again and then in five years you will be
about where you are today
where will you be in your business in
your life at 36 months not because hope
because you decide if you keep up your
present disciplines and keep up the
present pace that you're on where would
you be in five years you will either
arrive at a well-designed destination or
an undesigned well designed around ISM
and I promise you five years from now
you really don't want to arrive at an
undesigned destination where will you be
in five years start looking into the
future of what you would like to
accomplish where you would like to go
the person you would like to be and see
if you can't get a better picture of the
finished objective see yourself there
see yourself in possession hogs
direction determines destination
destination is not determined by hope
it's not deterring my wish destination
is determined by direction
you take that responsibility into your
own heart and you say I am the problem
and the solution you become free throw
off the chains you throw up everything
that holds you back and you are in power
if you start early the fortune belongs
to you if you start early all fortunes
that are available to humans if you
start early the promise looms large and
the odds are heavy in your favor now yes
it's possible to do some radical thing
starting late and still arrive with some
good treasures and some good things but
when you haven't got that much time left
now sometimes the decision has to be so
drastic people are not willing to make
them you're too tired too weary and do
how do you create your life and get
hungry for something don't you
who has done something your life that
once seemed difficult or impossible and
now it's part of your life it was once
just a vision may have seemed impossible
one time so how did you do it
you started with a concrete vision of
what you wanted and you focused on it
continuously didn't you whatever focus
goes energy floats and isn't something
you got clear about it and then you
started thinking about all the reasons
why you wanted it
you got excited about it so this is
what's next for me now I want this you
may have dreamed about it thought about
a doctor back when you focus on
something continuously something magical
happens you get insights don't you
overhear a conversation he hears
something he would've heard if you
didn't have that outcome of all that you
want to battle
now you can keep on the same path for
the next couple of years as you have the
past two but if you wish to if you wish
to and maybe everything's okay for you
and you don't need to but if you need to
make some changes
I'm telling you can start doing it today
so that the next two years will be
drastically different than the last two
you cannot be a believer until you see
your old life and the misery thereof and
want to change are you committed
because without commitment nothing
if you don't learn to give like you
learn to get every area that there is
not reciprocity it will die reciprocity
what do you give back for what you get
you're not committed you're not gonna
make it even the ones with the
personalities you don't like you have to
be committed through the storm and the
rain and the heartache and the pain and
the disappointment you have to believe
in the we and the us and not the me and
the you or you're not gonna make it it's
a commitment it's not a feeling until
you have had the taste of finishing you
will not respect yourself until you
follow through until something is done
come hell or high water tears and
struggles and pain and you go through it
anyway and you show up and you continue
to fight oh and no matter the
circumstances after a while something
begins to wither inside of me
anytime you need something that you
can't give to yourself you're at the
mercy of somebody else and when they
don't come through you got pain and what
you become is the consequences of what
you didn't do
it's an urge it's an urge to be told
every champion has felt it every
president has felt it every King has
felt that every lion has felt it every
winner as he felt it every soldier has
felt in every victorious person has felt
it the urge
don't you give up on your dream I don't
care if you don't have the money you
don't have the help and you don't have
the family forward and you don't have
the background for it and you don't have
any friends for it don't you give up on
your dream coach you do it don't you do
it don't you do it
it may take you twice as long you may
have to take courses and classes you may
not read as fast you might not move as
quick you might not have as much but
don't you
don't to quit you do make a difference
you do make a difference
you do make a difference as weak as you
are as tired as you are as many mistakes
as you made you do make a difference
there is something they would lose if
you were not there there was something
that they would miss if you were not
there you do make a difference having as
your default state however you forgotten
that and it's not about seeking more
it's about realizing that it's not about
adding it's about getting there it's
like the way there the way you grow is
by realizing you're already there and
getting rid of everything telling you
you're not there that's the journey if
you get that and you let go of trying to
feel happy because you don't want to
feel happy you want to be happy not the
emotion but the state the emotion you do
not want that emotion because as I said
that emotion is not your happiness that
emotion is dependent on something and
it's linked to feeling happy feeling not
happy but I mean what makes you feel
happy eventually will turn into
unhappiness you don't want to feel happy
you want to let go if that makes you
feel happy because that's you're
attached to
you want to let go of anything you want
you want to let go of anything you don't
want let go of all the emotions that go
all the thoughts reach the state and
again you can't put the state into words
but that's what we're looking for
because you've all had the emotion of
feeling happy it clearly is not what
you're after if you're someone who
thinks you don't deserve happiness which
is again your defaults in happy it
doesn't matter what you do your
subconscious is gonna keep taking over
you're unhappy just making that firm
commitment like a nuts enough because
we're so hooked on to it like in our
minds like repetitive is most of the
thoughts you're thinking today are the
same thoughts you thought yesterday and
the day before and the day before and
the day before relieved we're living our
life and repeats literally and the more
we do it the more we're hooked on it and
the stronger that those habits become by
knowing deep down inside then we're
already up here the journey is getting
rid of everything that's in a way from
you realizing you're up here so there is
a journey and who knows help in long it
takes and they just take forever it's
kind of the same thing as going from up
here and down here it's like it never
ends but although it may never end you
still know especially once you
experience it that you're already up
here so although you're working on
getting rid of the bit it's not coming
from scarcity so it is possible to
improve yourself without improving
yourself it's possible to improve
yourself coming from a place of already
being improve due to this is an
interesting one the dual nature of this
world anything if you're it's depending
on anything that thing is not permanent
and it's going to change and it's going
to disappoint you and you will not be
happy so it's all temporary it's all
this relief from pain and as long as you
don't get to the cops
nothing will happen you'll just be
reinforcing that assumption because
that's a big one - it's like the more
you think hustlin will make you happy
the more you think self-improvement will
make you happy
from where you're enforcing that your
defaults unhappiness we're trying to
seek the infinite with the finite we're
in this world of like limited things and
we're seeking the unlimited it doesn't
matter how much limited things you get
you're never gonna get the unlimited
it's like trying to count til infinity
can you count til infinity yes or no no
those be another number doesn't matter
how many like how high you get you're
never gonna reach infinity and that's
where all syncing is like we're seeking
like infinity we're seeking that safe
happiness in the finite and this isn't
matter how much we get it's like more
and more and more more and more we're
done you know and until we find this -
as I said everything will be compulsive
this was kind of crazy it's like you
know you you need more more more more
more you're literally like a drug addict
chasing more you're a workaholic we
chase more gaming she's hotter girls
it's like you live a life it has been
compulsive you can't actually kind of
relax because your foundation is I'm
unhappy but when I let go I realize like
it wasn't happiness it was happiness and
this was like holy you know it's like
we're literally all hanging onto the
side of a cliff and you know someone's
below is like let go I'll catch you
you're like yeah if I let go I'll die
and then you actually do let go but it
requires so much to just like oak is
again you've been hanging on your entire
fucking life
everything you've been doing has been
reinforcing an assumption upon
assumption consumption belief beliefs
like hang on or I will die and you think
that the journey is just to keep hanging
on say let go easier said than done it's
easy to do I mean but parts of it and
that's what it took for me to like
actually like up and a lesson was like
there was that little glimpse of like
holy shit
instead of like nothingness instead of
unhappiness was happiness and it's like
the default is happiness that's what I
like that
and again my whole goal was how to let
go of all the shit you know it's letting
go of literally everything like
everything you're attached to letting go
of all of your emotions and that's big
remember your emotions are not you okay
happiness feeling happy is the emotion
we're looking for the states letting go
of all your thoughts literally dropping
everything God asked me about two months
ago he said ET if there's one mistake
you made what's that one mistake you
made someone be honest with you my
values are not in alignment with my
he said Ichi what do you mean by that I
said I want to tell you a story I got a
good friend of mine who you know good
friend of mine he came to me say Eric my
marriage is not where my marriage needs
to be I need to make some adjustments I
see you and your wife I see how much
time you spend with your wife how much
time you spend with your children and I
just I want that you buy your wife roses
regularly you're always taking her out
to eat like eat I'm watching you you
spoiler et but I just what can I do and
so I told you what to do and guess what
he started doing God he started doing
the exact same thing I started doing
they say Erica's not working like I'm
doing exactly what you're doing but it's
not working I said he said why isn't it
working so you know why it's not working
because your values and your drink you
say you say you want a better marriage
but I told you you need to I on your
wife's clothes you know what he told me
after why so I'll be honest with you
here I know you told me the iron tell me
to wash and told me to cook but where I
come from be honest
when I do that I feel like a punk I said
that's why you're having a hard time
doing it because your value system says
a man is not supposed to iron a man is
not supposed to cook a man is not
supposed to wash dishes that's what your
value system said so you're doing one
thing but you're going to get your own
value system the reason why I'm having
such an easy time washing clothes and
cooking and irony you know why because
nothing is as important to me as my
marriage and I would rather be happy I
would rather be happy and to say I ain't
no punk let make me a punk I want to be
a public a happy punk for real no a
friend of mine is he came to my house
and I didn't have a mop
and so I was on the ground and I was
mopping the floor with a child and he
says eat it if I'm free you're on the
ground and you're mopping I said yeah he
says your wife got you whipped I said
you didn't know you just found that out
I've been doing a terrible job I'm sorry
I am with and after 23 years you should
be if you're not it's a problem so
listen to me there those of you said I
want to be a millionaire I want to be
the best at this company right but your
value system says you believe in sleep
one of you believed in grinding your
value system says you are a consumer and
not a producer that you're spending more
money than you're making why because
you're concerned with you you're reading
all the books and you're saying
everything the books are saying but
those books are not in alignment with
your values if you're going to go to the
next level your values are gonna have to
change that's what happened for Eric
Thomas my values about learning change I
realized that information changes
situations and so I'd rather buy a book
than buy a house because if I buy a book
I can buy several homes
bye-bye a home and I don't have the
right information gods pray okay I leave
you with this this is crazy can I be
honest with God you could take you can
burn my house down and it wouldn't
bother well how do I know I had a home
than that a tornado tore now in Alabama
didn't bother me why because we have the
blueprint and they can rebuild it you
can take all my money off the bank and
I'm like oh they might hit me rude if I
will tell you my lineup of speaking and
our audiobook what we're making every
month we don't we'll be all right I can
make more money if you take the
knowledge out of my hand and take the
experiences that I have
so now I don't just read because I see
other people reading and I want a minute
what they're doing
and so all I do when I have time is read
all right so I got a minute and 48 I've
never done this before but I'm gonna get
it done
last one we got to be obsessed hi this
was so important because some of the
greatest minds are gonna be in front of
you today someone some people in this
room who are not just talking it they've
lived it but here's the problem the
problem with most people the problem
with most people is that you're not
obsessed with a movie you're obsessed
with making money you're obsessed with
taking your business to the next level
and can I be honest with you god when
you become obsessed with improvement I
will spend more time learning and
Australia then I was speaking I'm a said
again because you missed it I will spend
more time sitting under people I will
spend more time with Glenn I was feel
more time with Erin I will spend more
time learning that I will speaking in
this country I will walk away with stuff
I never heard before books I've never
read before audios I've never seen
going to conferences that I've never
gone hanging out with people that I've
never hung out with before this is
nothing god this is just been deserts me
speaking is just a desert this is just
the beginning
I came to Australia to learn I came to
Australia to get upgrade and when I go
back my wife will notice the difference
my kids were no different why I'm
obsessed with improvement every day I'm
getting better there are those of you
with phones and every new phone that
comes out you get it every upgrade you
get it every piece of software you get
it you are upgrading your technology and
you've not upgraded yourself you got the
same operating system you had to the
1995 you don't think any different you
don't speak any different you're the
exact same person you were in 2010 I
challenge you the final one I challenge
you I challenge you to finally won a
challenge me we got five seconds four
seconds I challenge you the obsessed
with improvement be obsessed with
improvement be obsessed with improvement
and like the Lions go from a gazelle to
a lion why because if you don't kill it
then your family in my dreams what you
what you know about fellas

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