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how many people here I ran a full

marathon before by show hands what about
a half marathon what about a 10k
good now take five seconds and think
about what that process did for you
and what did you learn there in that
process take five seconds go ahead
now if you don't have the answer that's
perfectly fine it's fine I will tell you
the answer what you learn through that
process is how to succeed at any single
thing you wish to accomplish in life
anything you wish accomplished in life
you learn that through running running
is the key to success see I run a I do a
running program at my Boys and Girls
Club as a social
and asking why even started in the first
place and simply because running is a
key to success
see the key to success in life is not
some complex algorithm at the few among
us can achieve the key to success in
life is very simplistic all you need to
do is learn how to grind not just learn
how to grind into actually be able to
grind to work day in and day out at your
craft and your goal no matter what even
if you don't feel like getting up you
have to be able to do the things that
you don't want to do to be able to
succeed if you don't you will fail he
will stay down there for my running
program every one two times a week if
you train for 3 months you'll be able to
run a 5k first day of practice I haven't
run a half of mine there Weezie
Charles this is hard I suck at this
and I tell them
you're right you're absolutely right you
do suck at this cuz here's the thing
though when you first start something
you'll never be successful at it the
first time you do it you will fail I
don't know who told you that you be
successful at it but they lied to you
you are going to fail it will happen
you're gonna fail you're gonna fail
again and again and again and then
you're gonna be able to pick yourself
back up and keep on pushing because if
you don't every state comes you're
running that full marathon and you don't
grind the way through you will fail on
race day you'll be over there puking on
the side of the road cuz you won't be
ready you'll prepare yourself at 6 a.m.
you have to be able to get up whenever
else is sleep at 10 p.m. you have to go
to the gym when everybody else is on
their couch eating mac and cheese and
ice cream and living the good life and
they're comfortable you don't grow and
you're comfortable when you're
comfortable you maintain stagnant you
Plateau the only way that people become
diamonds as when the under extreme
amount of pressure so you have to push
yourself you have to do things that you
don't want to do you have to go to the
gym we don't want to go there get the
put down the ice cream and pick up a
carrot something healthy you have to
build your mind right because of all
marathons not about the physicality of
things it's about building your mental
if you don't
so remember this you are not preparing
yourself to run full marathon you are
preparing yourself to be successful in
you are preparing yourself
are you worried about things that are
only temporary letting something steal
your joy because you think that's the
way it's always going to be your dream
is not dead it's just not in season your
time is coming the right people the
right brakes favor restoration
vindication that's what's headed your
way these light afflictions are for a
moment it goes on to say they work in us
an eternal weight of glory the adversity
is temporary the glory is eternal
something you don't understand don't get
it's temporary you're just passing
you're gonna rise higher accomplish your
goals and become everything you were
created to be
it's easy to remember the hurt the
disappointment the failure I'm asking
you to remember your dream let's suppose
that you were able every night to dream
any dream you wanted to dream and that
you could for example have the power
within one night to dream 75 years of
time or any length of time you wanted to
have and you would naturally as you
began on this adventure of Dreams you
would fulfill all your wishes you would
have every kind of pleasure you see and
after several nights of 75 years of
total pleasure each you would say well I
was pretty great
but now let's um let's have a surprise
let's have a dream which isn't under
well something is going to happen to me
that I don't know what its gonna be and
you you would did that and come out of
that and say wow that was a close shave
wasn't it and then you would get more
and more adventurous and you will make
further and further up Gamble's as to
what you would dream and finally you
would dream where you are now you would
dream the dream of living the life that
you are actually living today I want
your dream to be so clear so vivid right
that when you wake up in the morning all
you got to do is step in your dream only
thing that's gonna get you up out there
they're the only thing that's gonna make
you strive has that obstacle get past
that brick wall and I'll bet the only
thing that's going to make them get up
and do what you supposed to do is what
you see
asking the keys biting that the more you
ride it and the more you see it the more
clearer it becomes and so for some of
you the reason why you quit you quit
every year around March when you quit
around June cause you can't see it
when you wake up in the morning look at
your goal your goal is gonna tell you
what time to get up your goals will tell
you who you should be hanging out with
their goals are going to define what
time you get a pal you live your life
how you move when you say yes when you
say no reason why some of you will never
be successful because you're not
immersed in it the water is still at
your ways
you're still looking at the Guru in his
face with the water at your waist it's
that you're sure you're still you're not
immersed in it you're naughty versed in
school you're not immersed in basketball
you're not immersed in football
you're not even worst in real estate
you're not immersed in your business
you're not even worse than what you do I
believed that I was stupid and not
talented and I felt like a total and
abject failure so I used to be 60 pounds
heavier and I grew up in a morbidly
obese family and I really wanted to
escape that fate but I couldn't see any
way to do it all that I had was this
crushing sense of being adrift at sea
and not knowing how to get back to shore
I could see the failure I could see that
I had no plan that I no longer knew how
I was gonna get where I wanted to go and
I didn't believe that those were things
that I could change about myself they
felt like prison sentence or if I'm
honest it felt like a death sentence and
it was coming to the realization that I
wasn't talented that really forced me to
look for a new mindset that would allow
me to escape depression because it was
coming to the world with my hand out and
as long as I was coming to the world
with my hand out I was at the mercy of
other people and if I wanted to take
control I was gonna have to get control
of the resources and in that was a
desire to find another way to think
about it another way to think about
myself another way to think about talent
another way literally to think about
everything and I remember saying to
listen pussy stop asking yourself what
the least you need to do is and start
asking yourself how much you can bear I
began to develop a growth mindset I
needed to believe that by working really
hard that I could get better at anything
and if that were true then I just needed
to buckle down I needed to practice I
needed to get good I needed to do the
reps I needed to put in the effort I
needed to be willing to break myself in
half to get so good that people couldn't
ignore me the way to do that act that's
it you need to get out there and do
something right now today literally stop
this fucking video and whatever it is
you already have a passion you were so
much farther ahead than the vast
majority of humankind if you know what
that thing is get out and act and by the
way if you don't know what it is
act it's the only way that you're gonna
find out going counter stuff go try
things it is in the process of action
that you're gonna learn the things you
need to learn but if you've been
thinking about starting a business
fucking start it like actually build the
product right now today you will learn
more infinitely more in the process of
trying to create it and make it real
than you ever will by watching videos by
thinking by meditating on it by taking
none of it compares it's not even in the
same universe that's just going in doing
one step is better than a hundred hours
of quantification running a hundred
miles an hour in the wrong direction is
better than standing still you'll learn
something so get rid of this notion that
you're gonna end the day with a perfect
record you're gonna fail you're gonna
fuck up you're gonna try a thousand
things and 999 of them are not gonna
but whatever you want really don't ask
yourself who you are today ask only who
T wants and become and then are you
willing to pay the price to get there
like people are convinced that they they
shouldn't ask until they have it all
figured out fuck that you should act
right now today no matter how chaotic
your vision no matter how chaotic your
life no matter how much you have going
on already you're working two jobs three
jobs doesn't matter take an action today
or you never will too many of you and
too many people in society fall back on
the word luck not knowing the
circumstances of someone else success
you see big things you hear big things
you see people who do big things and you
automatically say wow that guy's so
lucky wow she's so lucky Wow that that's
so lucky that that happened
don't say wow that guy's so lucky say
hey that's a fortunate dude he's very
fortunate okay there's a big difference
in how that sounds and what that means
and the metaphysical implications that
stand behind your belief system when you
say that when you say oh that guy got
lucky you're telling the universe and
you're telling yourself subconsciously
that you believe that you are not in
control of your circumstances and guess
what if that's what you believe you
aren't but when you say hey that guy is
very fortunate you know what you're
saying you're saying I believe in
control I believe that I am in control
and I believe that the consequences of
my actions are in my control quit using
the word luck quit believing in luck
because it doesn't exist in terms of
action of reaction and start believing
in work start believing of fortunate
start believing in results that come
from your actions and when you do that
and you wholeheartedly believe it guess
what that's what starts to happen
99% of people on earth fail because they
believe in this met this fancy fairytale
bullshit I'm not in control you know
success fairy that flies down from the
heavens and shits hundred dollar bills
on everybody's head that's what people
believe in but going to work every day
for twenty fifteen years and grinding
your ass off and then becoming a
multi-millionaire that's not look
alright that's action and result that's
action and reaction how about when he
made less than what you made for the
first 15 years holding on to his dream
you weren't there saying he was lucky
and you need to eliminate that thought
process from your head you need to start
thinking of your success as a result of
your actions and not as a result of
these special circumstances look does
not exist the only thing that exists is
the grind working at your craft day in
and day out individuals that are
successful some people say that they got
lucky quote-unquote lucky not they're
the ones who work on their craft and
every second for them counted they work
on the craft for a year five years ten
years fifteen thirty years before they
got where they got so you're making if
you're saying that other individuals are
successful got lucky you're making an
excuse that's an excuse they giving
yourself for you not being at where you
want to be at that's on you that's on
you you're the one who set your alarm
and didn't get up when it went off
you're the one who pressed the snooze
button you're the person who skipped
that rep who skipped that practice who
skipped going to the gym who ain't ice
cream instead of eating the care that
you set aside for yourself
that day you're the one who miss out on
opportunities because you want to sleep
in for the weekend instead of getting up
whenever else's sleep is that going to
the gym when everyone else is
comfortable you're the one who got
comfortable that's on you that's what
nobody else that's on you so if you come
at me with excuses reasons or
explanations shut up because I don't
want to hear your excuses reasons and
explanations why you're not where you're
supposed to be when you're the one who
makes decisions you're the one who
controls every single second how you
spend your day that's you so they'll
come at me with excuses reasons or
explanations I don't want to hear those
what I do want to hear is what you're
going to do to change yourself write
down what you're gonna do to change
yourself and go out and actually change
yourself go out and actually push
yourself beyond those limits go and
actually get up on the first alarm that
you set off get up on that one
when you get tired of the gym push
yourself through that extra rep fail and
push yourself through that what you
actually need to go ahead and do check
this out
she asked me go ahead and do it's going
to go ahead and delete your cable how
about that how about you delete your
cable you'll eat your Netflix your HBO
delete your cable take that 150 dollars
that you're spinning every month on crap
good you're watching it
listen TV does not help you grow this
shows that you watch the Empire all that
does not help you grow that wastes your
time take that time energy and money and
you're spending watching TV and how you
take that and put that towards your goal
put that towards where you trying to go
take that $150 you're spinning
pieces I was like two G's a year take
that cut that towards your goal and then
see what happens
focus on yourself don't worry about what
other individuals are doing they're not
lucky get that idea out of your head the
only one I can make the changes you and
yourself alone start with yourself work
on yourself make the sacrifice that you
need to make take the time that you have
and see how important it is every single
second of the day you control what you
do nobody else does that you have to get
out there in crowd

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