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Are you having a panic attack and need to calm down instantly? Switch on these affirmations (these ones contain binaural beats designed to take you to a calm state of mind - headphones are required.), take a breather, and relax. Listen to the spoken affirmations, repeat, and then repeat again in the space provided.

I hope these will help you to relax, heal and let go of anxiety.

14 Hz - 6.5 Hz and then back up again to 14 Hz. HEADPHONES REQUIRED FOR BEST RESULTS

Affirmations used:

  • I now release my panic,
  • I breathe deep and all is well I feel myself relaxing as I deep breathe,
  • I am in control,
  • All is safe in my world right now,
  • Breathing comes to me easily and effortlessly,
  • I am free from the need of panic,
  • With each breath, I regain more calmness,
  • I am safe,
  • I am now in control,
  • Panic attacks are no longer a part of me,
  • I am OK, I am ENOUGH
  • I control my breathing, breathing in, and out,
  • The deeper I breathe the more relaxed I feel,
  • My feelings of panic are disappearing,
  • My life is peaceful and calm,
  • I am now releasing my panic attack,
  • I am naturally calm now,
  • I am relaxing more and more,
  • My mind is clearing and I am at peace,
  • I now let go of all my worries,
  • I release all of my stress,
  • My body relaxes for me now, easily and effortlessly,
  • I now release my panic,
  • I am now at peace with myself,
  • Freeing myself from this stress,
  • I feel happier and healthier,
  • My mind is peaceful.

We use Neuro-Programmer for our Binaural Beats Music and Entertainment. Click here for details:

For information on a commercial licence for the Neuro-Programmer (If you want to sell the music or use it on YouTube) Click here:

This HEALING Music using (BWE) brain wave entrainment (Entrainment in the bio musicological sense refers to the synchronisation of organisms to an external perceived rhythm such as human music and dance) actually train your brain to respond in a more relaxed and balanced way.

The embedded SOUND Therapy, naturally assists your brain to steady its own inner reactivity and so calm troublesome feelings of stress, anxiety, panic, frustration, hyper-alertness and distress .. including Chronic Pain and Nerve Pain.

USE Headphones and LISTEN twice daily for maximum benefit.

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