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instead of going around down on yourself

feeling unattractive too tall too short
not enough of this too much of that no
dare to get up in the morning and say I
am a masterpiece when you start your day
you must own your morning
when you wake up in the morning say
thank you for grace thank you for mercy
thank you for understanding
thank you for wisdom thank you for
parents thank you for love thank you for
kindness thank you for humility
thank you for peace thank you for
Prosperity say thank you in advance for
what's already yours how I live my life
one of the reasons why I am today
life doesn't really happen to you life
really happens for you my question today
is what kind of AI ends are coming out
of your mouth I am victorious I am
blessed I am talented I am anointed some
of you if you would just change the I am
you would go to a new level I am strong
I am confident I am equipped I am more
than a conquerer I am well able make
sure you have the right hands coming out
of your mouth
say thank you in advance for what is
already yours true desire in the heart
that itch that you have whatever it is
you want to do that thing that you want
to do to help others into to grow and to
make money that desire that itch that's
God's proof to you sit before hand
already to indicate that it's yours
and anything you want good you can have
make a list of a dozen or two of these
Iams read over them all through the day
get them down in your spirit meditate on
them they may not all be true right now
but you have to call the things that are
not as if they already were I am
prosperous I am free I am talented I am
young I am beautiful I am attractive
what would be your perfect day I mean
your ideal day that a day that you went
to bed that night and you just thought
that was the most incredible day that's
how I want most of my days of my life be
just like that well would that perfect
day be like for you don't wait until the
end of your life to have that ideal day
don't wait until next year or next week
to have that type of day we can choose
to wake up every single day and live
that day in an idealistic way for
ourselves in a way in which we show up
as who we want to be in a way in which
we are doing things that enliven us and
engage us in it and get us excited in a
way that we're doing things and being
with people and creating experiences
that feel alive and fulfilling we can
have that type of what I call the charge
life and everybody can have it
my encouragement is never say negative
things about yourself most of us would
never go up to another person at least
to their face and criticize them yet we
have no problem criticizing ourselves
I am so slow I am so unattractive
I am so undisciplined that is cursing
your future do yourself a favor and zip
that up we have enough in life against
us already don't be against yourself
so be a person of good positive thinking
be a person of good positive action and
suddenly one day you will wake up and
you're like I don't you I just feel
amazing it extraordinary I feel positive
and that's what it feels like to live
you're still here and you get another
this day to do better and be better
another chance to become more of who you
were created and what you are created to
fulfill first thing I do when I wake up
is number one is I smile if you'll stay
in faith and just go out each day be
your best with a smile on your face
happy where you are then you are passing
the tents we really believe that how you
start the day is how you end the day and
when you start the day the right way in
a powerful empowering way it's gonna
totally transform everything that you do
and experience throughout your day and
throw their life and at the same time if
you start off the day the wrong way if
you start off the day like most people
do which is pissed off and angry and
stressed out and you know worried and
have all these negative emotions that
build their body as a result it's gonna
affect everything to do that day it's
can affect their experience at their job
it's gonna affect the relationships that
they have at people in their life
because when you're in a bad state
you're gonna treat people totally
differently as opposed to being in a
great state it's also gonna affect your
experience with their customers it's
gonna affect your health your body but
more importantly than that affects your
quality of life
when you smile for me it represents a
gratitude it represents that oh my god
I'm a lie I celebrate the fact that I'm
you know what a concept to celebrate the
fact that you have another day of your
life which is the greatest gift you
could ask for another day to create
whatever it is that you want another day
the bust of your goal with your dreams
another day to experience life to the
fullest and to experience all the gifts
and joys of life has to offer

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