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See whatever you're doing 

However you spend your time that tells you who you are. So think about what it is, you like to create in your life experience. Once I look at how you commit your time. Once I do an evaluation on how you spend your time, I can tell you exactly what you're committed to. How much time do you spend working on you? How much time do you spend every day working on your dream? In the last 90 days how many books have you read? In the last year what new skill or knowledge have you acquired? What kind of investment have you made in you?

A lot, of people as soon as they punch out, they rush home to sit on the couch. They rush home to do nothing. They rush home just to sit there and figure out, ok I'm going to go sleep, do it all tomorrow. 

You have to give it everything you got. No more TV, no more parties, no more plan. If you have a 4.0, what you need to be doing is studying. 

This is a life class, that means that we have an opportunity, to learn how to maximize our lives. Think of the things that you're doing, that somebody else could be doing and think of yourself as a precious commodity, that you are going to reserve your energy for your highest and best use.

All the successful people have the exact same amount of time that you have, each day. So what did they do that you may not be doing? They invested in themselves on
the weekends after work and the evening. They put time and something that they wanted to do. They invested their own time in themselves.

We are busier than any other generation we have seen in the last three to four hundred years. We are just as busy as we can be and we think because we're busy, 
we're effective. But I want you to challenge your schedule for a minute and ask yourself: Are you, are you really being effective or is your life cluttered with all kinds of stuff that demands you and drains you and taxes you and stops you from being your highest and best self? And are you substituting busyness and all the chaos that goes
along with business, from being effective?

It takes time to be creative. You were meant to be creative. You were created in the likeness and the image of a creator and in that likeness and in the image, you have creativity. If you had time, you would be creative.
The most important thing is to value our time. So what are you going to do with this time? How much of it do you think you've already used up? What are you gonna do today? You got to make know your vitamin. You've got to know every no, brings you a step closer to yes. Anybody can stop because someone said no.

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