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Oh you think darkness is your ally.

You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't see the night until I was already a man but then it was nothing to me brightly shadows. I'll
show you because they belong to me.

So you want to get a degree. Why? Let me tell you what society will tell you. It increases your chances of getting a job Provides you an opportunity to be
successful. Your life will be a lot less stressful. Education is the key.
Now let me tell you what your parents will tell you. Make me proud. Increases your chances of getting a job. Provides you an opportunity to be successful your. Your life will be a lot less stressful. Education is the key.

We need massive expansions of consciousness. We need our paradigms and views on this world to expand so dramatically that, we are incapable of ever going back. Not without us willingly and consciously destroying parts of our true nature. The time for hanging positive notes on bathroom mirrors is over. There is no time for self-help books, no seminars. We can go to these things that let us gain momentum. An inspiration that lasts only moments.

Child but not only child. A child born in hell.
Look and surrender to the beauties of your soul and body. Look and surrender to the atrocities of your mind and it's ill intentions. No one good who I was tomorrow put on the mobs. See and surrender both the good and the bad the light and the dark it doesn't matter what we are. What matters is our problem forged from stuffing
hon like pee.

men from the village
I mean today today you got it somebody
tell my all together they crying I said
look don't cry to give up gotta keep
don't cry to quit you're already in pain
you already hurt get a reward from it
don't go to sleep until you succeed
listen to me I'm here to tell you that
you can come here you can jump up you
can do clips you can be exciting when we
give away money but listen to me you
will never be successful so I'll have to
give you a dime in doing through you you
won't be successful until you say I'll
leave that money cuz I got it
do not wear them like wait a chains
about your neck
it's then and it is only then that we
begin to love and see who we really are
we find it so easy to accept faults and
our loved ones and so painstakingly
difficult to accept our own attention
but this one as our mortal eyes methods
supernatural if you make yourself more
adjust if you devote yourself to
and if they stop
and you become something else entirely
my tune what story does it depress you
to know just how alone you really are
I know the truth there's no going back
you've changed things forever don't talk
like one of them you're not even if
you'd like to be to them you're just too
freaking I need you right now when I
don't know catch you out
it may last for a minute or an hour or a
day or even a year but eventually it
will subside and something else will
take its place if I quit however it will
last forever
the problem most of you've never felt my
family who are lost boy
I'll spoil some of y'all sports bottom
line your parents have done everything
for you you never had to connect with
yourself your sport we don't keep it
real about some of you are spoiled brats
every time you ever got in trouble
somebody your house got you out of it
every time you done something not
supposed to do people say hair your
mother's a tyrant you like she kicked me
out you're right she reading but she
developed a man because she put me out
then said you won't have to grow up and
somebody would have never learned to
grow up I'm serious you quit then you
ain't even tried yet last night I'm
sorry last one listen to me pain is
are you quit you call mama I dare you to

take a little pain

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