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If you listen and take evasive action

I can help you change your future
the following humans may very well
change your life I wish someone who told
me this when I was your age
you can change the bay if you redefine
what success your beautifully edited
work will all continue our tapestry like
it's very scary sometimes we just sell
the dream that you have
when I was growing up I I lied for
people to accept me because I did accept
myself so I would make up stories so
that you would accept me into your world
I would uh everything I did was for
someone else to like I had to make a
change in my life you know I was an
all-time low and I wasn't going anywhere
and I wasn't exactly what everybody said
I was going to be which is nothing gonna
in the feeling I had every morning I
look in the mirror what for and I don't
wanna feel like that anymore and how I
felt was a kid going nowhere kids I was
scared and most kids will accept that
and look for help but the best thing
that happened to me no one helps no one
felt sorry for me
as humans me we want to find out how to
be someone else what we don't do is we
don't go inside so literally turn
yourself inside out read the book
everybody's like you're right in the
book every day for life when we never
read Evelyn we have to look inside of
your soap receiver tuned if you want
where you passionate about
your soul is screaming for you to answer
your true calling you can change the day
if you redefine what success gives to
you you can transform your damaged
relationships and building you want you
can forgive yourself and others will
hurt you you can come a leader by
mentoring with others who you aspire to
be awake you can rebalance your
priorities in life you can heal your
marriage and we create a strong cover
and you ever thought possible
you can become the best parent possible
at any age 1886 but don't wait until
then yet always be able to make more
but you cannot make more time
after years of repetitive work you will
often need to dig hard to find your
passion redefine your dreams and revive
hobbies that you let atrophy to
the goal is not to simply eliminate the
bag which does nothing more than leave
you with a vacuum but to pursue and
experience the best in the world we all
have dreams and it's very scary
sometimes to accept a dream that you
have and scare your still to say okay
one thing it's scary because you're
afraid it can put your heart and soul
into it and fail and how you don't
realize so being fearless me put
yourself out there in going for the
matter is not go for it
not for anybody else but for yourself we
are all great no matter if
if you think your dogs and their
interests and that's our fat then have
you been bullied or no matter if you
just got back from Iraq Afghanistan and
you have no legs or your arms or
whatever man
we all have greatness it just you got to
find the courage you got to find the
courage to put your bowl headphones on
and silence the noise out of this world
and defined it and the funding is out
there waiting to take hard work courage
selflessness visit all the non-cognitive
skills all the non-cognitive skills to
be great
what do you want to be remembered for
what can you do top of it to make the
world a better place what is your true
purpose on this earth we are all dying
only small select few intrusive and we
can sell out of the shadow into the
light for mental greatness dual meant
for more than just what you do for a
living you are an eternal being meant to
inspire and help the world let's go
right once and for all in this lifetime
your brain and your body once connected
together to do anything if you want to
be the best at better if you want to
reach the pinnacle of that you must be
to be out seven
without the I can't switch himself me
that catchy a by which felt I mean
you're tired you literally this far away
from the line
why would you not go that extra test
line then never give up godless of how
challenging no destiny in my movie the
world will you now
if there is no joy when you wake up in
the morning if if you dread the sound of
the alarm clock going on
if you feel stagnant if you have the
thought in your head that there has got
to be more to life than this you know
what you should do you should stop doing
whatever it is you do you will become
exceptional the moment you make an
exceptional decision the only bigger
changes your life is making a decision
you have to be and so clear in your mind
exactly what you want to do and what you
want to achieve and for me it doesn't
work without any goal without any target
I cannot compete properly this this is
when you know after you've decided you
commit to do this for the long term
whether it's hard or easy doesn't matter
you're doing this if you're having a
difficult time with something your
relationship isn't where you want it to
be your finances are not where you want
to be your body's not where you want to
be your business not where it want to be
you need to take massive action if that
doesn't work try something else but
they'll just work try something else
keep going with massive action and you
will find the way because it will give
you momentum you have to be able to see
what doesn't exist in order to be able
to pull off or achieve what in most
people's mind seems to be impossible
once you know something but the bigger
your dream is I want you understand the
heart of the drive the bigger your dream
is the earlier you will have to get up
longer you going to have to stay up the
bigger your dream is more effort you
will have to put in you'll never see it
for those of you who are 70% 70% peace
mode 30% gazelle that's just enough for
that other person I'll do you listen to
me that's just enough for the other
person who wants
if you want I want you to think about
those goals I want you to taste them I
want you to school I want you to be I
want you to internalize it I'm telling
you the drinking your drink if I want
you to say I want you this I want you to
know how close I want you just like when
the weather is changing you can feel it
I want you to be able to feel when
you're getting closer to it and closer
to it but more importantly I want you to
know when you dream your dream and other
people who are dreaming in that same
dream when you said to yourself when the
ball comes out this is what I want to
accomplish you're not the only person
that wants to accomplish it and now I
ask you this question what do you do
when a thousand other people want
exactly what you want what do you do
when you're not the only one that wants
to make a million dollars a year coffee
you're not the only one that wants to be
the president you're not the only one
that wants to be a CEO what if you're
not the only one that wants what you
want one of their thousands of other
people who want what you want you have
to outwork them you got our bind them
you got to get up earlier you've got to
stay up later
you've got to execute and you've got to
go from seven 120 if other people are
putting in 40-hour work weeks and you're
putting in 100 hour work weeks you will
achieve in four months but it takes them
a year to achieve stop crying and just
keep hustling hustle is the most
important word ever
if you want this if you're miserable or
if you don't like it where you want to
do something else and you have a passion
somewhere else work nine to five spent a
couple hours read family 7 to 2:00 in
the morning
plenty of time to do damage
I mean you start building your equity in
your brand or whatever you're trying to
after hours everybody has time stop
lost if you really have a drive and you
really put your heart and soul into
something you can really make anything
well let's just prove everybody wrong
you know what I mean I wanted to make it
and I was going to make it regardless of
what anybody said this thing you're
doing it for yourself you're not doing
planning by oh yes you're finally
supposed to get these things or to book

it seriously if by the end every day

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