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we are fighters to some degree we get
knocked down in business they shift the
economy and life in you knock down the
only difference as far as the fighters
we are is the fact that I physically
knock people out it's not that we have a
short time to live but that we waste a
lot of it twice can be won or lost
during that period when the box was
blackout all the distractions redirect
hazard zone in owners upcoming fight but
how does he do that how is able to block
it out not let it affect him in fact
used to his advantage
the answer is focused
the answer is television and everyone in
here has the ability to activate and to
utilize these resources but getting
focused may be a lot easier for some of
us than others
because things tend to get in the way
but they're things that you may overcome
like what hurts more the pain that it
takes to achieve great success or that
pain associated with loss of life due to
lack of success you've heard it say many
fear failure no pain no gain these are
real things but focus on television and
put those fears behind you
six-eight on what do you want from life
and then figure out how to execute that
you'll either get really close or you'll
die try
different people have different concepts
of what constitutes a weather so some is
merely surviving a difficult youth to
realize the American dream or whippet go
to training go company CEO or maybe the
first one from your family to graduate
from college now they're all different
but they have one thing in common and
that is that frame of mother took to get
there which is a combination of focus of
goals or beliefs and strategies that
kept them on a direct path to their
now your goals combined with sheer
determination controller candlelit you
to dreamers for what's up ways the
champion from the contender the winner
from the loser
while those asses itself this thing
because of all the elements that take us
down the road success some as theme at
times be the most elusive sometimes it
takes a holiday just we needed the most
and this is what Mitchell focus your
goals your determination lower critical
because they have tremendous impact will
selfless thing was to be nurtured shape
and grow to the extent of rattling you
pull it along it starts to pull you
along so soon you will be completely
confident in your decision making as you
target new and greater heights now the
reason I feel so confident with this is
because it was only five days just five
days before my fight with Bob Packer
said I hit by one of my spark lunch
the only thing in life that stands
between you and everything you've ever
wanted to do is doing it
the right time is always right now
one of the things I have realized and
many of us have that if you want
something out of life if you want to
change yourself if you want to acquire
something if there's some goal that you
want to reach that is really not easy as
some people will make us feel that
living a dream
changing your behaviors overcoming
negative habits it's challenging it's
hard but living alone is just very
difficult and once we begin to come to
grips with the fact that living is
I'm here all of my dreams and
aspirations are here and the only thing
in between these two is a bunch of work
always something you will never ever
have a problem free moment in life
and being hungry for those things number
one you've got to work on yourself it's
very important that you engage in an
ongoing process to develop you spend
more time on yourself than what you've
been spending
and we find ourselves doing all kinds of
things and never ever have time to do
those things that we need to do to work
on ourselves and then there goes a
second that goes another second that
goes another second and we can't stop it
whole time and before you know it you
wake up one day and you're behind in
your dreams and your bills
life shrinks and life expands in direct
proportion to your willingness to assume
right now it's go time maximize every
waking second do it now
this could be the greatest time you ever
live if you control what you focus on if
you find a more empowering meaning and
if you decide to model the actions of
those who succeeded before you it can be
the best financial time the best
emotional time that a spiritual time of
your life but you better taken to all
your state and if you think you're going
to do it just by today you're wrong
you're going to need to get yourself
some rituals right now every one of you
this room is controlled by your rituals
I don't just mean this one I mean every
morning you get up I know your body I
can look at your body right now and I
can guess your rituals some of you your
rituals to work out five times a week I
can see it clearly four to six times a
it's obvious because you couldn't look
like that if you didn't do that some
form of workout I don't care it's
walking lifting whatever some of you
it's obviously lifting weights as part
of you can see about that man's muscles
I know I know what his rituals are
because your life comes from your
rituals if you don't develop the ritual
you're kidding yourself and there are
rituals to put you in state no rituals
to take you out of state you have
rituals in your relationship you have
rituals with your body you have rituals
around your finances and the rituals
that worked in the reaping time of fall
in the markets and in business and real
estate those rituals won't work now if
you do the right thing at the wrong time
you get pain I'll say that again if you
do the right you go but Tony I'm doing
the right thing but I'm not being
rewarded if you do the right thing at
the wrong time you don't get rewarded
you get paid so you better do the right
thing at the right time and to do that
you better know what season you're in
and to do that you better learn how to
change your state how to take control of
your own conditioning that's what I live
so now it's time to train yourself to do
whenever you focus on you're gonna find
it in fact let me tell you something
you'll even find it when it's not there
whatever you're looking for you're gonna
find so if you want to change your life
my friends you got to change your
physiology and you got to change your
focus by the way how fast can you change
that stuff how fast my friends how fast
how fast come on and a heartbeat once
you reach Ange you're conditioning it's
all you got to do a get it fast you do
it a question or two try this right now
answer this question in your mind and be
honest what in your life today if you
want it to be could you feel proud about
right now if you wanted to feel proud if
you do like I shouldn't be proud if you
want to so proud what could you be proud
of in your life today your children your
health your body is there a problem you
faced instead of running from it you
finally stepped up and handled it could
you feel proud of in your life today if
you wanted to feel proud how many could
bigger something and when you think
about this thing you're proud of what
about that makes you feel proud
what do you focus on that makes you feel
proud how do you breathe when you really
start to feel proud that's what kind of
look on your face starts to happen when
you let yourself feel proud
if you wanted to be excited about your
life right now and you're willing to be
excited you wrote a book everybody
else's trend what could you feel excited
about in your life if you wanted to feel
excited what could you get excited about
if you really focused on it and you
really took it in you were in a negative
place what could you get excited about
if you wanted to be excited in your life
lousy questions great what lousy answers
ask a better question get a better
answer now here's what I want you to get
I want you to get that you can change
your stain how fast guys how fast how
fast and if you get the habit of doing

it you have a different life

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