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discipline is a pathway to creativity

the most important variable in behavior
change is forcing yourself to behave
differently than you feel
one thing that discipline definitely
does help you with is it helps you get
things done and when you get things done
when you actually do things you you you
have more success if you have more
success sometimes a big part of success
is just not being fuckin lazy and just
doing it yeah just get that's like 90%
of is just showing up get there and
start working like you're not gonna feel
perfect every day if I felt if I only
worked out when I felt good I'd be a fat
fuck because there's a lot of days I
want to do it if it's pretty much the
same with everybody that if that
actually gets good at something that you
you get there's got to be those days you
push through and they're them they're
probably going to be more numerous than
the days you don't and so the benefit of
discipline in my eyes has always been
that through discipline I get things
done I always tell me I would say that
I'm like the most lazy disciplined
person I know because I don't want to do
it but I always do separates people from
success and not being successful
I've never met a person who was not
successful but didn't have a great
amount of self-discipline within their
life self-discipline and being able to
perform and being able to keep your life
on schedule and being able to keep
commitments and promises and meet
deadlines is essential to success
you develop the discipline you know the
disappoint I talk about that all the
time you know the fact that discipline
equals freedom and the more discipline
you have as a human the more freedom
you're gonna have which is completely
counterintuitive you know people think
oh you're living this disciplined
lifestyle so that means you you don't
have any freedom and it's actually the
exact opposite I have freedom because I
have discipline I have I have you know
financial freedom because I have
financial discipline I have more time I
have more time because I have the
discipline to get up in the morning you
know before most normal people get up
those are the kind of disciplines that
you put in place and those definitely
get instilled through the military
when you were talking about
self-discipline that starts with
how do you get more self-discipline is
to begin scheduling your entire day that
means entire day from the moment you
wake up to when you're sleeping at night
have it schedule out because if you have
a schedule you're more apt to do the
things that are on that schedule so
whatever it is that you're trying to
achieve in life the critical component
is getting things done building the
character that's associated with getting
things done in this systematic way
requires that you become discipline
because it's very difficult to just get
up and change your life just change the
way you do things people like to say
that all time hey just stop doing this
or start doing that they like to give
advice but the underlying factor is that
our friend our individual worker is
asking the question is not disciplined
enough to actually put that thing in
action get that thing done begin with
something small so for example if you
want to lose weight I often tell people
just start walking every single morning
don't worry about counting calories
don't worry about complex workout ideas
don't worry about anything that anyone
is selling you just get up and walk
every morning will add to your success
because getting up and walking fresh air
and exercise is going to support you in
losing weight but we all know that
there's far more factors to consider but
what it will do is create the virtue of
discipline commitment right commitment
and discipline sort of go together and
the fact that that small win associated
with getting up every single morning
it's under your belt you're going to
feel the courage the confidence you will
have the ability to begin adding other
things to your ability to grow stronger
so now that you know it's been 60 days
90 days and it's like you got that
pattern down pat you get up every
morning just walk and sit you don't
think about it it's become a habit you
now can use that tool of creating habits
and instilling discipline with the next
one which should be a little bit more
advanced perhaps only drink water with
your meals no drinking soda don't drink
any juice just drink water that's the
next one and then the next one becomes
more complex and the next one becomes
more complex now it might seem like this
is tedious and slow but I guarantee you
that after 90 days of tiny winds and the
revamping of your character you will be
the type of person that can get anything
done at any time and the longtime
perspective is going to be a successful
one for you start small have big wins
with these little things and then
use that new version of yourself that
new character tool to attack bigger and
more advanced things until you reach
your goal
the harder you work the harder it is to
surrender sometimes we have to ask
ourselves what's using my life
one of the things that we know about
is that it is always changing sometimes
you up sometimes you die sometimes
things go real well and sometimes they
don't sometimes you're happy
and sometimes you said now that's that
and when we begin to understand and know
that it's something that reality that
that we will never ever have things just
on an even keel all the time but you're
going to have some ups and you're going
to have some downs but during those down
moments that's where the growth takes
that's where the work is anybody can
feel good when they have their health
their bills the paid they have happy
relationships the children acting normal
anybody can be positive then if I could
have a larger vision good anybody can
have faith under those kinds of
see what the real challenge
the real challenge of growth mentally
emotionally spiritually comes when you
get knocked down
how are you handling
that proves a point that what we do and
what we accomplish in life is only a tip
of the iceberg of what's possible for us
so I want you to think about some goals
that you'd like to achieve and I like
for you to let's say break them up in
three categories number one I want you
to think about some personal goal you'd
like to achieve
we should be ashamed to die until we've
made some major contribution to
humankind and as you think about these
goals whatever those goals are I want
you to dramatically increase those goals
and I want to warn you I don't want you
to think about how you're going to do it
how is none of your business
the most important thing is just to
increase those goals dramatically I've
found that most people fail in life not
because they aim too high and miss most
people fail in life because they aim too
low and hit self-discipline
all of us have a challenge with that
because sometimes it's easy and
especially if you're working hard doing
the best you can it's easy sometimes to
let up and let it go but remember so
many people especially now that were as
big as we are around the world are
counting on what we do at home office
they have to be careful they have to be
disciplined it's easy for the person who
ships the product from Herbalife says oh
well I'll wait until tomorrow to ship
and then they go home and sleep like a
baby but the distributor who's waiting
for that product doesn't sleep better or
doesn't sleep when the product doesn't
show on time but if everybody will have
the discipline to say I will do the best
job I can I will make mistakes of course
because we're all human but I'll try to
remedy those mistakes and do the best
job I can
that kind of self-discipline that
understands how important your part is
in all of the functions that work coming
to work on the set here hbn there's so
many people that play a part and each
one of the parts that are played is
necessary to put on the broadcast make
it viable make it real make it powerful
any couple of them missing and it would
be a disaster but all of it put together
and it works like a charm each person
developing the self-discipline to do
their part do their job

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