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THROUGH HELL-Motivational Video

It's not easy
Its hard changing your life
I’m talking about the problem in my life
So for you I don’t know what it is but that problem you cannot ignore it
It will won’t go away , it will not go away on its own
it will not
you won’t just wake up one day and won’t be there anymore
it's going to be there and it will hunt you for the rest of your life
so I’m telling you from personal experience deal with it
deal with it
and as soon as you deal with it ,and the soon you overcome it
the sooner you get to your rewards baby
the sooner you get on the other side of it
the sooner you begin to feel fulfillment, the sooner you get on the other side of self-actualization
your dreams becomes reality
the sooner you get on the other side of the problem is a wealth of success
the sooner you dealt with the fact that you have test anxiety
deal with it!
it’s not the end of the world, deal with it
because when you deal with it you can create a solution for
and you can get over it, deal with it !
that you and you children don’t have the best relationship
deal with it
deal with the fact that you are procrastinator
deal with the fact that is hard for you to execute
deal with the fact every time something happen you worry about it
deal with the fact that you have this anxiety
that every time you are about to reach another level of success
every time you about to go to another level you feel overwhelmed
deal with the fact that you are stragaling with your success
that you feel like why me ? Why not my sister ?
why me and why not other people
deal with the fact that you feel guilty that you are successful
deal with it!
And ladies and gentlemen I started working on my dream
and most people, don’t work on their dreams. Why ?
For many years I didn’t, one is because of fear
the fear of failure, what if things don’t work out
and the fear of success, what if they do and I can’t handle it
The other thing is
that most people ladies and gentlemen they get comfortable
they stop growing, they stop working on them selfs
they stop stretching, they stop pushing them selfs
and they end up becoming very cynical about life
and they throw in the towel on them self’s
and on their families , and on their dreams
and the other thing is that most people doesn’t feel worthy
what I’m doing now I could’ve been doing years ago
but because I did not have a collage education , because I didn’t believe in myself
because I allowed other peoples opinion of me
to control my destiny , I didn’t act on my ideas !
And not only that is important for you to know it’s possible
for you to choose your future
but is necessary , that you work on yourself
that you develop yourself , it’s necessary that you get the energy drainers out of your life
people who don’t want anything , people who not striving
people who are not challenging themselves
people who are not growing , people who stopped dreaming
it’s necessary that you align yourself with people
attract people in to your business , who are hungry
people who are unstoppable and unreasonable
people who're refusing to live life just as it is
And who want more.
My mother used to say
" Birds of a feather flock together if you run around with losers you will end up a loser "
It’s necessary that you get the losers out of your life
if you want to live your dream
The next step is
that is you
that is you
that no one can do it for you but you !
even though you face disappointments
even though you experience some setbacks
it goes with the territory , you must understand that
What if all of us took that attitude
after we face a rejection and a NO
and we have a mitting and no one shows up
or somebody says you can count on me and they don’t come through
what if we had that kind of attitude that cause reposes
nobody believes in you you’ve lost again and again
and again
the lights are cut off but you are still looking at you dream
and reviewing it every day and say to yourself
You are going to encore a lot of disappointment
a lot of failure , a lot of pain , a lot of setbacks
a lot of defeats
but in the process of doing that , you will discover some things about yourself
that you don’t know right now
what you’ll realize is that you have greatness within you
what you’ll realize is that you are more powerfull that you can ever begin to imagine
what you’ll realize is that you are greater that your circumstance
that you don’t have to trough life being a victim
What I’ll like you to do right now
I want you to think about your dream
because I’m in room full of dreamers
think about your dream right now, want to think about it and envision it
Now ladies and gentlemen let me share something with you
I do not believe
that any of us have dreams
that were not given to us
for the purpose of accomplishing those particular dreams
and I want to share something with you that have changed my life
That that dream that you are holding in your mind
that it’s possible
See sometimes we can’t say I can do that
but what we can say that it’s possible
That I can have my dream
as we run toward it
as we work on it day in and day out
It’s necessary to know that everbody won’t see it
that everybody won’t join you
that everybody won’t have the vision
it’s necessary to know that
that a lot of people like to complain
but they don’t wanna do anything about their situation
That you are uncommon brief
you know , you have to know within yourself
that I can do this even if no one else see that for me
me I must see it for my self
that’s necessary
it’s also ladies and gentlemen necessary
that you be creative when you are working on your ideas
that you understand the importance of changing up
I can live my dream
It’s necessary
I work on my self
surround my self with winners
become creative
It’s me !
me I've got to make it happen
Subtitled by Mile Zdraveski

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