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the time for just wishing is tax time
for doing that's the time right now time
for acting on your dream it's time for
you to look within yourself and decide
that I'm in charge of my destiny I'm in
charge here
but do you ever hear people say they are
eager to live a better life if they
really desire change they wouldn't spend
their evenings just watching TV and
wishing they were doing something more
because you have to judge a tree by the
fruit it bears not the fruit that it
talks about I'll be happy when I just
just what you've got to be a dreamer
you've got to see the future finished in
advance happiness doesn't come from big
pieces of great success but from small
advantages hammered out day by day they
have faith for everybody else but
themselves they encourage everybody but
themselves because they do not know
it's like you have to save your own life
nobody's gonna be able save it for you
so we have to do what we have to do no
matter what it is I want you to know I
don't care how far stretching might
appear to be to your family
your friend or even to you
what you're going through right now is a
discovery moment what you will realize
is that you're greater than your
circumstances it is a discovery woman
what you realize is that you're more
powerful than you can ever begin to
imagine the bird is superior these are
discovery moments not moments where you
discover how bad life is forever how
strongly you have been created you have
to know within yourself that I can do
this even if no one else sees it for me
I must see it for myself
powerful people recognize potential in
people and people are potential no power
when they see it
and I want to share something with you
that has changed my life no matter how
bad it is or how bad it gets
I'm going to make it
say that to yourself everyday man
doesn't keep pace with his companion
perhaps he's listening to the beat of a
different drummer let him dance to the
music that he hears however measured of
4 o clock this is the moment that you
find out who you really are
he said but imagine if you will be on
your deathbed
and standing around European the ghosts
of the ideas the dreams the abilities
the talents given to you by life and
there they are standing around your bed
looking at you with large angry eyes and
we came to you and only you could have
given us life
question is if you die today what ideas
what dreams what abilities what talents
what gives the guy with you
once more into the fray
- the last could find out
and I've learned some interesting things
it's not that our troubles are so
life is life followed on the just and
our pains are quite similar it's our
solutions that are different
what I want you to do right now
I want you to think about some major
goal you would like to achieve think
about some major goal how many of you
would like to become diamond raise your
it's not what we get that makes us happy
it's who we become how we live our life
through the
I push people to take
but who we become no one can take away
I dare you I can't stop settling I dare
you to stop selling for average put in a
hundred and twenty percent every time or
you don't
the date is opportunity you have it
might not be here next year it might not
be here two year after next it might not
be doing here
this is the only moment you've got the
Disko rate that me
no mainly okay to be into space
we have ideas that we don't act on
things we want to do we afraid to take
chances we go through life trying to
seek security and not coming outside of
our comfort zone and we take most of our
stuff with us to the grave
now what do you do during the hard times
less here's what you must do
number one is you must have faith
faith is the substance of things hoped
for the evidence of things not sane
but because I did not have a college
education because I didn't believe in
myself because I allowed other people's
opinion of me to control my destiny I
didn't act on my ideas
so we have to trust that the dots will
somehow connect in your future you have
to trust in something your gut destiny
because believing that the dots will
connect down the road will give you the
confidence to follow
believe all of this craziness that I've
done to myself and the people have done
to me there's some treasure in this
trash I knew that it was going to be
difficult I knew it was going to be hard
and I had people laughing at me still
less you're talking about being a
motivational speaker and you are going
to become independently wealthy right
they laugh then I laugh at you
you've got to start saying yeah
to your life you better start singing
yes to your unfolding future yes to your
so I thought you were you're dreaming
for you're running towards your dream I
am brought you for believing in yourself
universe will deal
life will never
be the same appeal Livia dream

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