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if you awaken from this illusion and you

understand that black implies white self
implies other life implies death or
shall I say death implies life you can
feel yourself not as a stranger in the
world not as something here on probation
not as something that has arrived here
by fluke but you can begin to feel your
own existence as absolutely fundamental
I'm not trying to sell you on this idea
in the sense of converting you to it I
want you to play with it I want you to
think of its possibilities I'm not
trying to prove it I'm just putting it
forward as a possibility of life to
think about so then let's suppose that
you were able every night to dream any
dream you wanted to dream and that you
could for example have the power within
one night to dream 75 years of time or
any length of time you wanted to have
and you would naturally as you began on
this adventure of Dreams you would
fulfill all your wishes you would have
every kind of pleasure
and after several nights of 75 years of
total pleasure each you would say well I
was pretty great but now let's um let's
have a surprise let's have a dream which
isn't under control well something is
going to happen to me that I don't know
what it's gonna be
and uh you you would dig that and come
out of that and say wow that was a close
shave wasn't it then you would get more
and more adventurous and you would make
further and further out Gamble's as to
what you would dream and finally you
would dream where you are now you would
dream the dream of living the life that
you were actually living today that
would be within the infinite
multiplicity of choices you would have
of playing that you weren't God because
the whole nature of the Godman according
to this idea is to play that he's not so
in this idea then everybody is
fundamentally the ultimate reality not
God in a politically kingly sense but
God in the sense of being the self the
deep down basic whatever there is and
you're all that only you're pretending
you're not

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