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one decision that I almost made that

would have definitely changed the whole
trajectory of where I met was when I was
in Queens after I graduated and it was
getting really hard to pay that rent
especially because my roommates moved
out and I went for having to pay like
400 for this room this real tiny room to
like having to take the whole $1,700
rent on my on my own you know I mean
come on mates that moved out and I
really have nowhere else to go so it was
getting every month that 1700 was
stacking so from 1730 400 to whatever
the map is to 5100 before you know it
like I'm ten thousand plus where the
landlord who's like looking at me like
oh man but he's also having faith in me
so that's when I consider like man maybe
I just need to go home regroup he has
always been about bragging and boasting
and I'm better than you with this and
I'm better than you with that and I
finally found something that yeah this
kid over here you know he may have more
chicks like he may have better clothes
or whatever but he can't do this like me
you know I mean he can't write what I'm
writing right now and get started to
feel like you know maybe Marshalls get a
little respect
you must get comfortable with fear and
they must be your best friends they're
the only one that moves that needle of
life why is that because it's a report
card back when your shortcomings say a
guy say a guy that can earn a dollar
forever wealthy because no matter what
comes he can grow it back
what is that about the willpower the
belief the confidence and just like you
go to the gym and you lift your muscles
right you have to exhaustion to grow on
perishable use it or lose it
your confidence must be the same way it
must be tested every single day safety
comfort zones are dead zones because
your true potential will never be
matched guys will never be matched you
have to continue to push yourself and
when you push yourself like I saw when I
was out about here Gold Coast you guys I
saw excellence in the community effort
here oh you guys had what's called an
idiot crazy a loser you must break
society status quo such status quo is
normality it's alive but not living it's
deathless stick guys the belief of the
individual can overcome thousands of
followers one person with a belief
overrides thousands of people with just
you know your boys will shoot now's the
neither one of us at this one resupply
this is what we do who we are
live for nothing
and I

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