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I believe that what truly humbles us in

his life is the realization that we're
all affected the same way we're hard in
different places broken by different
things but all of it affects us the same
way lost hope can destroy faith a broken
heart a wounded spirit abuse abuse can
damage the soul no one is immune from
the gums and downs of life to all our
ones and nothing at all's of life the
excitement of it all the build ups and
the crashes the moments of joy the
painful nights then the fight with
emotions and emptiness that seduces you
don't get to skip over that we're all
touched by it we're all building we're
all broken by it things happen
plans fall apart people leave the faith
crumbles and doozies and dries up door
affected and then sometimes were
affected but nothing it all happened we
just feel this way we're not built to be
strong all the time gonna build to be
brave all the time life gets hard you
run out of options when up in your knees
grains of God or talkback clutching and
crying into a pillow that can't sneeze
back you're searching for yourself at
end of a needle because the pills didn't
help and look at mate or worse all you
want is validation but you can't find it
you close your eyes when go deep just
wanna feel something anything but it
never comes and all you know is that
something in you wants to die that's
real that's life sometimes you touch
that place you another thought you get
they never thought you would sink there
but you're drowning never thought it
would be you but you're crying don't
know how you got there but you're barely
hanging on and the closer you get to the
edge the harder it is to talk it
connect your scared don't plug it's like
a door shuts behind you and there you
are screaming for your mother dark she
can't hear you scream louder and it only
gets darker
I don't you think there's no hope I know
you believe you have nothing left but
stay with me stay with me because there
is something in the human spirit that
refuses to Kanak there is something in
the human spirit that refuses to die I
don't know what it is but in the dark it
responds in the dark and calls the in
the dark Dylan Thomas got it right he
said in the dark it rages and rages
against the dying of the light
it's calling to you and I know there's
something left in you I know there's
something else in you I believe that but
I know that the other side of darkness
isn't always light I've been here long
enough to know that the other side of
their feet is always Victor I can tell
you right now that the other side of T
is an art is Lois smiles and redemption
this thing is hard
this thing hurts and most of the time
after the darkness comes the pain
the truth is depression kill you if you
let it and if you fight it there's going
to be pain and that's the price you pay
in fighting pain that's the price you
pay to come out on your design that
surprised you pay to grow pain is work
pain is digging into memories pain is
confronting where you came from or what
happened to you pain is dropping the
shut ups out ups would've been the start
for where you are pain isn't the
mistakes you made
pain is accepting that you can't fix
pain is knowing that for you depression
is another reason it should be just this
it doesn't have a cause it just is but
then deciding to create alive anyway
sometimes as all there is that's all we
get this magic bullet there's no cure
all there is only chance to redefine our
pain and call the growth because that's
where it starts and that's what's
calling into the dark that's what feels
the weapon growth that's the real you
and doesn't care who touched you
doesn't care who left you it doesn't
care what kind of mess you've turned
your life into doesn't care what you did
doesn't gave you think you're broken it
just wants to grow and see the real you
and it once Gro growth is all yeah me to
do growth is who we are
growth is redemptive and heals growth is
what drives life where there's no growth
you'll find friction and when you find
friction there's chaos anxiety
depression these are expressions of
some people suffer their entire lives in
fact this depression is a part of how we
live our lives but some of us get stuck
the space between being stuck on
depression and getting to growth is
called friction when you're stuck you've
got to get the friction before you see
growth friction is uncomfortable
friction is asking for help
friction is learning to put yourself
first friction is being brave enough to
go beyond your reasons and check
yourself into a Recovery Center friction
isn't real good sometimes it feels like
you're letting your friends and your
family down sometimes friction feels
like failing but friction is one step
closer to growth and that's what you
need that's what's calling you you say I
know the feeling I know what it feels
like to watch your entire world implode
I know what it feels like to get hit
hard in the place you thought you
and an area you thought you were safe I
know what it feels like to watch people
walk away from you that's not believing
at you I know what that feels like what
it feels like to think that you can
never get back up again I know what it
is to want to give up I know it I know
what it is I know what that broken
record in your mind sounds like I know
how loud it gets I know how long you've
been asking yourself why me
and is this all there is I know what
that noise is telling you but here's a
little truth it's just noise
it sounds real it feels real but it's
just noise the truth is you can choose
the truth is you're not broken the truth
is there's still something here for you
to do the truth is there's a love out
here for you the truth that someone
still needs you someone still needs your
smile someone still wants your arms
around someone somewheres wouldn't view
that's the truth the truth is you're not
alone but you've got to make that pain
count want some truth well here it is
pain gets hope pain gets exhausting the
truth is the only thing that matters is
what you're gonna do is index what you
do next is the only thing that matters
life is about even in the dark even if
it's just one terrifying but determined
step at a time and with wise who you are
who you are it will be your safe walking
I say there's something else some
and if pain is the price that paid don't
give up don't give up I'll see you
final design you know for and I'm the
most we all need a boost sometimes
little inspiration some motivation
factors life gets tough things get
difficult and when you look around
there's no one to talk to some insights
a new perspective can change all that
that's that's who we are
motivation HQ we keep you going we
inspire you we're there for you when you
need more life is about the challenges
we face but it's also about the
motivation to do something about them
visit tent like this
anywhere else the web be a part of it
we're crawling and don't forget we're
cold HQ for reason this is dedicated to
Scott aka Kid Cudi and to anyone else
out there going through it from
motivation HQ Co keep pushing keep

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