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so when it comes to any kind of

depression or mental health issue I
think they're real and I don't think
there's anything wrong with having a
mental health issue either with yourself
or somebody that you love if you have
depression if you have anxiety if you
have post-traumatic stress disorder if
you have any kind of mental health
condition it's nothing to be ashamed of
and it's nothing to hide and it's
something to hit head-on with there's
one thing one thing that if you did
every single day no joke it would make
an extraordinary difference in whatever
mental health issue you're struggling
with and that is exercise and the reason
why I say this is not based on my own
personal experience it's based on the
fact that I think it's the American
Psychiatric Association this is coming
from dr. John Ratey
this is his area of expertise and one of
the things that they now mandate as a
diagnosis for anybody with depression or
anxiety or any mental illness frankly is
you've got exercise every day and the
reason you've got exercise every day is
because what we know about human beings
is that when you physically move your
physiology changes and that changes your
brain getting your heart rate up getting
outside breathing feeling connected
getting out of your house which may make
you feel depressed and trapped doing
that every day that physical push you
don't have to run you don't have to go
to a rova class get outside with your
dog in the woods walk with a good friend
for two or three miles doing that every
single day not only moves your body
which changes your mind it gets you out
of your physical environment which is
one of the things that people with
depression tend to have a hard time
doing and it also creates a bit of
momentum and a bit of a routine in your
life you take on just that single thing
get outside and exercise every single
day as if your life depends upon it
because you know what it does your brain
needs it your body needs it your mentor
healthy fit what is your time in the
darkness of your wilderness away from
the world was the season of your
greatest growth what if those times were
actually being productive in a different
way where you're actually producing not
in the world but producing within
yourself producing strength producing
new insights producing new ideas
producing new capabilities producing new
energy producing new emotions shifting
from fear to love because when you go
through difficult times what do you
really do if you feel your fear and your
pain you release it it's out of your
system and you grow in love and bravery
and strength what does that give you
your craft what does that do to your
power what does that give your bravery
what does that do to the light that you
bringing from the world you become this
incredible force that is undefeatable if
you're having one of those dark days
it's okay
it's okay
it's okay to feel that darkness if I
start crying I don't think I'll ever
stop you're going through a divorce
right now if you're going through a
financial problem right now you're going
through an illness right now if you are
going through any form of crisis right
now I know you might be you might not
even want to get out of bed in the
morning it might be that bad
please remember this crisis comes to
serve the person who wants to use it as
fuel you have a choice you can be a
victim and you let it break you or you
can actually ask yourself how can I use
this time in darkness which will not
last because you know this dark times
never last the real question how can i
leverage the pain how can i leverage the
darkness how can i leverage the
heartbreak so it grows me so it makes me
stronger so it makes me wiser so it
allows me to tap into the greatest
virtues of humanity pain is always there
because life is freakin painful okay
but suffering is true and if you've got
in your mind that that that you think
that people don't understand that's okay
they don't but you do you know darkness
you know evil
but more important than that you know
good you don't like
you know laughter and love better than
I remember the bus and I learned from it
I rejoice and celebrate in the present
and I reimagine the future if you are
victimized by your thoughts you're
victimized by your past I use memories
but I do not allow memory excuse me the
first thing is to recognize that what's
happening is not a punishment that it's
actually an opportunity what mostly to
do is pretend that it's not there but
then that it doesn't exist or try and do
something to avoid feeling it please
trust that it was leading to something
greater and know that use your pain is
an instrument for your greatest growth
so embrace embrace that in those moments
then when you can actually just embrace
and accept it five years from now on ten
years from now when you look back on it
you'll see it as a pivotal moment in
your development hold it don't look away
from it don't bury it it goes or it
pills live your life
embrace your life with the physical
activity and with nature and with
jiu-jitsu and with Sun and with laughter
and guitar and good memories and
creativity and discipline discipline
so you can free yourself
forward into the future because you know
as you're going through difficult time
right now I promise you I assure you the
clouds will lift right there is sunlight
above the clouds you're just looking at
the clouds right now and they will lift
and crisis has come to teach you the big
lesson you're meant to learn to lose
your next level in the next chapter of
your greatest life there is an invisible
hand to play whether you feel it or not
and maybe I am the servant of
information to remind you in this moment
right now what you're experiencing
doesn't feel good what it is good please
remember that you are built to shine
great things are coming your way you are
not average the darkness will pass world
class is coming and you're meant in life
you will run across this appointment you
sure well you'll run across things that
happen your life that are so wrong but
have a little saying in the end
everything will be okay and if it's not
it's not the end once you close your
I wanna ask you
how are you what heaviness are you
carrying I'm fine
what tht hold back pain what fees I kept
people don't even look you in the eye
people ask you how you are and you stop
believing the lines around you saying
that you're not good enough
and no one's going to want you and you
never ever do anything good in your life
and the fear that we have is that we're
going to be a woman because if they
don't like you than we will if they
don't exception that you will and I
started believing that I was not good
enough I started believing that only the
Sanyo they'll never ever be somebody who
people would like or people would accept
and these steps take you closer that
boys saying step
- no it's still gonna take today
there are some things in life that are
out of your control that you can't
change you gotta live with the choice
that we have though is either to give up
or keep on going I want to answer what
are you going to believe are you going
to believe in yourself you're going to
believe everybody else's judgment on you
are you going to believe people when
they say that you're a panda no relax
you don't really care about you you
don't have to hold on to those things
you just take one step at a time what to
say that one day this B's which is going
to completely disappear can you forgive
those who float you can write songs
dance every time so put sit down will
you make a decision
picture yourself in an open area there's
no buildings and there's no shelter and
there's a storm of puffiness and this
storm represents the situations in your
life you don't tell anybody what you're
going through
because first of all they will
understand and second of all they can
even help you anyway during this storm
and you're down on your means till
you're cold and you're weak and you feel
like this is the end
are you not still here you are still
you don't have to do this alone
but hold on to that person who you think
might help you and imagine them right
now saying that they can't stop the
storm right now that they'll hold you
and keep you going to our restore
process because when I hold you the
storm still there but it's okay because
never see you all the way but I tell you
there are some times in life where you
fall now I feel like you don't have the
strength to get back up give up get up
when you fail try again
and it's not the end until you've given
up and just the fact that you're here
should persuade you that you have
another chance to get back there's still

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