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why don't you stop beating yourself up

because you don't perform perfectly all
the time and start accepting yourself
because your heart is right when you
live guilty and condemned feeling wrong
on the inside it only makes you do worse
it takes a mature attitude to say I am
happy with who I am I know I'm improving
my heart is turned toward God so I'm not
going to beat myself up I'm going to
enjoy where I am while I'm in the
process of being changed but too many
people they go around feeling wrong on
the inside they're so focused on their
flaws the weakness is what they're not
they don't like who they are if you
don't like yourself nobody else is going
to like you you project on others the
way you feel about yourself if you feel
lousy condemned mad at yourself because
you're not far enough along that's not
only going to hold you back you're not
going to have good relationships quit
taking inventory of everything that's
wrong with you
you may have a lot wrong but you have a
lot more right with you you are not a
mistake you have been fearfully and
wonderfully made
in fact when God created you he stepped
back and said that was good he calls you
a masterpiece quit living like your
ordinary mediocre average when in fact
you're one of a kind
think of it like this for every piece
dealer you allow in your life you are
20% more likely to live stress on edge
to have a crisis I'm asking you to find
happy friends I'm not saying you have to
cut people off never speak to them again
I am saying you should put up some
boundaries you don't have to make a big
announcement like I did just little by
little spend less and less time with
that person if you don't get the long
people out of your life you'll never
meet the right ones the people who are
closest to you need to be stable
consistent happy godly responsible
people that move you towards your
like iron sharpens iron you make each
other better this is the reason many
people are stuck who do you have in your
life what are you giving your time in
energy to putting out fires trying to
keep someone happy feeling guilty
because you can't meet their demands
that's going to wear you out it's time
to make a change you can't please
everyone when you come to the end of
your life you don't have to answer to
people you'll answer to Almighty God
don't let what some person says or does
make you feel less than unqualified we
all have people that come against us
make negative comments trying to
discredit us or belittle us human nature
is to get in there and try to straighten
them out prove to them how they're wrong
we think we have to defend ourselves
after all that's our reputation but the
problem with this approach is as soon as
you get one person straightened out
three more will pop up there will always
be somebody that's against you somebody
that's trying to make you look bad if
you're constantly trying to defend
you'll get distracted fighting battles
that you were never supposed to fight
it's easy to get baited into conflict
thinking did you see what they said
about me on social media I'm going to
show them who they're messing with
you know how much energy it takes to try
to pay somebody back or to try to prove
to them that you really are a nice
person you are spending emotional energy
that you need for your dreams for your
here's the key you don't have to defend
yourself God said he will defend you
he will protect your reputation quit
worrying about the chatter the negative
comments those are all distractions
that's the enemy trying to base you off
course so you'll waste your time and
energy involved in battles that don't
we don't always see how powerful we
really are God has put healing in you
your hug can cause people to get better
your kind words can put people back on
their feet
the scripture says a gentle tongue
brings healing a phone call giving them
a ride taking them out to dinner
encouraging them in their dreams there
are miracles in you waiting to happen
some people just need to know that you
believe in them when you tell them hey
you're amazing you're going to do great
things I'm praying for you that may seem
simple to you but to the other person it
can be life-giving it can help them
blossom into all they were created to be
don't worry your time is coming
when your anointing catches up with your
appointing supernatural things will
supernatural increase supernatural
growth supernatural favor God knows how
to make up for lost time
he can propel you where you could not go
on your own
the life we live the decisions we make
should make it easier on those that come
after us when we hear the word legacy a
lot of times we think of how will be
remembered our accomplishments what will
leave our family that's all important
but there's also something even more
significant the scripture talks about
how we can store up mercy for our
children and future generations we can
store up blessings and favor by living a
life of excellence and integrity that
will affect generations to come I had
grandparents that prayed for me and
modeled a life of excellence you are
where you are because somebody
sacrificed somebody prayed somebody
serve and now God is honoring them by
releasing his goodness in your life none
of us got to where we are on our own
you've got to believe in yourself you've
got to believe in your ability you got
to believe in your service your company
your idea unquestionably you must have
faith it's hard yes at all it's
difficult yes like and it's worth it

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