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they're the same it's good to be a
dreamer but it's better to be a planner
and a worker there are two kinds of
people in life they are dreamers and the
adults I call the race ticket today I
will tell you the difference between a
dreamer from dog food a Greek a dreamer
only drink and stop dreaming when they
go and get up do you know what
ritika do they tell their town to keep
yes we second tells us to keep going the
question is are you a dream up or
leave your dream when others go to sleep
keep on pushing your dream when other
swing keep going keep climbing the
ladder of success when no one else
believes in you
everyone was born to dream not everyone
will learn to decorate it is not enough
to be a dreamer being a dreamer will not
make you rich with a dreamer will not
make you successful in life it is
absolutely not enough to be a dreamer
because everyone was born with
in solidream okay Nelson Mazzella
they've got to make it a few these other
rich second got a man would let
everything that has but they are dream
do you want to be do and leave your
dream or you want to be what your family
members want you to be do you want to
die living your legacy or you want to
leave try to please everyone in life
leave your dream you don't need your
friends to live your dream you don't
need your family loved it to live your
dream to and honor you
I've got the power to make your dream
come true only you and no one else
their dream is for weak they could write
a book that women will wait they could
do this very thing I'm doing right now
the three men who spend your whole life
with you Thanks only I could become this
or that I will become happy live your
dream when you live your dream you saw
God looking for happening padlet will
come looking for you when you live your
dream you don't go looking for others
approval all that will come looking for
when you live your dreams and
your dream will live after you leave
your claim Amy it's good to be a dreamer
but it's better to be a planner and your
worker a dreamer will always dream
results to come dream planners and
workers take risk to make their own
dream a reality I am a risk taker and I
know that the only real failure in life
could be not living my dream I will not
leave my dream a dream no way on this
journey you have something inside you
something that is different different
than the rest bring it out go after your
they said I wouldn't get this far they
were right I'll get even further they
thought I would amount to nothing but I
was never nothing they said it was out
of reach they said it couldn't be done
they said I wasn't capable they said I
wasn't the one but they forgot to check
my heart they forgot to check my soul
every time they told me no that just
made me hungry
mainly gross they said I wasn't ready I
was born rich
I was born hungry I was born with a
desire far beyond their understanding
they said that top was only for those
with opportunity they assumed I'd fall
into line
but I didn't act for everage and I sure
will fell for it I am ready to work
ready to grow ready for everything let's
go there can be no plan B if you have a
plan B you are not only in and to be
great you got to be all in all in for
the one cream you have that one target
you have that picture in your mind you
can see so clearly that picture of you
doing what you want to do you being
great you are great burn the bridges
don't look back you aren't going that
the only way you are going is forward
forward till you go forward to your
greatness if any obstacle obstruction
your path destroy them destroy them like
the warrior you are there is nothing
that will get in the way of you and your
gold nothing nothing
keep moving forward and never ever look
I'm not blessed cuz everything went
right I'm blessed because I got fight I
business to sometimes in my life cuz I
didn't think I can make sometimes but
maybe I didn't want to make but every
time I was there I got up a foot back a
row to their case in there lies my
greatest breath Lord fight Mars rise my
will to live
a woman Hannah discussed I work for
I learned it greatest lesson in spite of
the plain the greatest satisfaction
comes at the cockpit the great enough
no one said life is supposed to be easy
and living a great life is easy everyone
would do it and we all know everyone
doesn't do it doesn't matter what they
do what do you do
how big is your foot how big is your
heart you must work on yourself model
the great commit to something every
single day that puts you in a positive
state of mind don't waste time with
meaningless things you deserve greatness
and if you work for you will get it I
make no stupid I take it on shortcut I
focus on the job and I get the job no
it's supposed to be hard if you weren't
easy everyone would do it
keep your mouth shut and work let your
success make the door
I am a success success and nothing less
I will achieve success
I will never settle for anything less
I will work harder than the rest I will
challenge the best
I will fight through any of life
I am NOT blessed cuz everything was
right I'm glad because I got fight
when challenges come up I don't say
Rodney when tough times arrive I never
think why did this happen to me
I think how can I use this I think what
can I gain from this how can I ensure
that I improve my life so this doesn't
happen again
that's my blessing not what I've got to
work with but how I work with what I got
not that I was headed my dream but then
I had enough fighting me then I had
enough belief in me to go after Marjorie
then I had the card you keep going to
put through the pain to rise through the
darkness and to tell my story on the
other side my story my Glen store
it doesn't matter where you are in life
if you don't feel blessed you won't be
you got appreciate what you have inside
you before you can see the gift outside
of you you got to know your work before
you can be worth anything you got to
know your great before anyone else will
see the greatness within you you gotta
feel blessed before you will be blessed
today could be the day are you ready to
are you ready for great


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