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most of us go through life sleepwalking
never really discovering our true
never enjoying life to its full extent
and so therefore I think that there are
some things that we need to begin to do
to take charge of our destiny what would
you do if the unthinkable happens to you
what would you do if you had an
accidental you lost your job or you were
laid off or you became ill how would you
provide for yourself if the unthinkable
happens to you and it doesn't always
happen to the other person it can happen
to me it can happen to you but most of
us go through life thinking that well
just maybe it won't happen to me but
we've got to begin to learn how to
become thankful for the little things in
living life right now so I want you to
think about your ideas all of us have
ideas and things that we have not acted
on I want you to just think about them
right now now so think about this idea
what does it take to be in charge of
your destiny well you've got to begin to
develop some skills and you got to ask
yourself question what do you have going
for you what is it that you have going
for you right now that's a real plus for
you what is it that you have going
against you what kind of training
training do you require what is it that
you need to learn don't worry about the
fact that you don't have all the things
you need in order to make it happen
decide that you're going to do something
about it become an active force in your
life so you've got some talents and
abilities right now you have that if you
don't challenge yourself to use those
talents and abilities you'll never ever
discovered the full effect that they can
have on achieving all the things that
you want to achieve most people go
through life never using the power they
have you have enormous power to begin to
create all the things that you want in
your life experience that most people go
through life never using the ladies and
gentlemen if you don't use your talents
if you don't use this power this sport
that you have within you your
lose it if you have the ability to write
and if you don't write you're going to
lose the ability to write as well as you
do right now if you have the ability to
draw well and if you don't use that
talent eventually you're going to lose
it so whatever you want to do whatever
idea that you have the longer that
you're sitting on that idea you either
creating or you are disintegrating if
you're not using it
your skills are diminishing every day
and there goes a second there goes
another second and life is happening
right now but last what do we get your
butt out of the way so many people have
gone to their graves never discovered
their true potentials because they allow
the bus to stop them but but I don't
know what to do see a lot of people
allow fear to stop them from living
their dream answer your calling whatever
you're called to do don't count yourself
out don't say I can't do many of us go
through life saying no and you don't
even know what you're saying no - you
don't know what you cannot do if you're
not willing to challenge yourself
whatever it is that you don't know how
to do right now you can learn if you do
your research if you do your homework if
you make the commitment that I'm going
to learn when you look at what do I have
going for me and drop your buckets where
you are decide I'm going to work and get
myself together contingent on said if
you develop your gifts you'll give so
take you places that you'll never begin
to imagine and just find one thing and
just decide that you're going to work
with it until it gives you the blessing
that you want and don't let up on it
just keep right on working it and
working it and working it and knowing
that whatever you do you can better
you're blessed you can get better at it
that whatever you are achieving right
now it's only a tip of the iceberg of
what's possible for you here's something
else that you do when you start working
on this video give it everything you got
so you put your heart it most people
when they're working on dreams they
thing to have I heard a guy say in a
book the title of hood was all you can
do is all you can and all you can do is
enough we'll see most people don't do
all they can do most people go through
life holding back the major key to your
taking charge of your destiny is you
it's you and even though you might not
have all the things going for you that
you would like you have the power within
you as you begin to develop your
consciousness as you hold the vision of
what it is that you want to do as you
decide to enter this small voice within
you because as you respond to this voice
that's telling you you ought to do this
the way will come ideas will come to you
you will begin to attract things you
need and things that you don't even know
that you need right now you will develop
the skills in the process as you look at
yourself finding out what is it you need
to do what kind of adjustments you need
to make what new strategies that you
need to begin to implement to make it
happen most people go through life as
volunteer victims they go through life
volunteering to be victims giving
excuses and why they're not pursuing
their greatness giving excuses on why
they're not doing the things they want
to do putting it off again and again and
again wasting valuable time
life is very valuable is good time and
it's very fragile you've got to decide
to do what you can right now and don't
delay love you living your life like a
sense of urgency live your life now be
happy now this is not a dress rehearsal
this is the only life you've got so you
don't want to squander it doing
something you don't want to do feeling
you can't do any better you can do
better you should do better
you deserve to do better you're entitled
to that that is your right to do better
so resolve that within yourself make it
something in your life that you just
won't compromise
and as you begin to look at your life
draw the line and say hey what is it
that I need that can give me a sense of
fulfillment what is it that I need right
that I would enjoy that will give my
life some music and some power side that
because you deserve that
but if you don't decide that and decide
to make that happen it will never happen
it will never happen for you and as you
begin to look at your life decide to
handle things when you decide that you
want to begin to take control of your
destiny there going to be some
sacrifices that you're going to have to
make there'll be things that you're
going to have to decide I got to get
this up I've got to let this go many
times you will have problems in your
personal relationships but it's an
experience that that opposition those
obstacles that you will encounter that's
how you grow that's how you become
stronger and when you get into a tight
spot and everything goes against you
until it seems that you cannot hold on
for a minute longer
never give up then but that is just the
place in time that the tide will turn
never give up in and that is so
important when you're working on doing
the things you want to do in fulfilling
your dream and things happen there are
times and your energy feels so depleted
that you want to give up that it looks
just totally impossible and I can tell
you from my own personal experience
don't give up then that's when you've
got the balls forward when life is
kicking dirt in your face don't give up
and that's when most people turn back
most people will tuck their tails
between their legs and they will run in
the opposite direction to say that's all
right life I don't want this all right
no no if you've decided that this is
what you want to do you've got to become
courageous to stand up within yourself
to face it and step forward and ladies
and gentlemen that is what gives your
life meaning that those things will
begin to strengthen you like you can
never begin to imagine the in life
everything that happens to you there's a
lesson in it
there's a lesson in it for you if you
look at it whatever happens to you just
look at it in view like that you're a
student of the University what's in here
for me to learn make it important to you
to live your dream as you begin to look
at life as you begin to look at the
things you want to do your sign if
you're going to become the active force
in your life besides that you're not
going to go through life feeling like a
victim decide that when things become
challenging and they are but you're not
going to personalize it that you're
going to look at it and you do whatever
you must do in order to work things out
and learn from it learn from it that's
the key in life you will always be faced
with a series of god-ordained
opportunities brilliantly disguised as
problems and challenges if you've lost
your job don't say that I've been laid
off just say I've been given an
opportunity by the universe to find my
life work so if you view all of the
things that happen to you as an
opportunity now you're taking it from a
different perspective now you become an
active force in your life now you are
the one rather than running from things
as they begin to change you become a
change driver because you know that
you've got the power within you to make
the difference this force this power
this energy that you have that's more
powerful than anything that can ever
happen to you you're more powerful than
your circumstances or anything that you
can experience right now decide that
you're going to commit yourself to act
on your ideas to become happy commit
yourself to live your dream commit
yourself to become the architect of your
future really as you begin to to operate
out of this consciousness you begin to
experience a different level of living
in terms of commitment he says until one
is committed there is hesitancy the
chance to draw back always
ineffectiveness see until you are
willing to jump out there somebody asked
me how do I do that I said no no no you
don't need any answers now you need to
make the commitment once you make a
commitment then life will give you some
answers you can't decide just go and sit
on the side of the pool and just stick
your toe in know you've got
be willing to make the lead decide that
you're going to start working on that
dream you're going to work and nurture
that idea now there will be people that
will criticize you there will be people
that won't see it for you I say to you
don't let them turn you around and if
you don't need anybody to approve you
you don't need anybody saying go ahead
ought to do it if you get that that's
fantastic if you get that encouragement
that's great but I say stand up within
yourself boldly and say this is my life

I'm controlling my destiny

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