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courage is going from failure to failure

without losing enthusiasm it takes
courage to act part of being hungry when
you've been defeated it takes courage to
start over again you have got to be
relentless you got to be the kind of
person that you are fearless unstoppable
the last chapter to your life has not
been written yet it doesn't matter about
what happened yesterday you have
something that you brought to the
universe and that if you decide that my
life deserves my developing this what I
do well I grant you you'll never ever be
without I grant you that your gifts will
take you places that will literally
amaze you
what's gonna separate you is when
there's beast time when it's war time
you got to get up and make it happen I
just need to keep walking toward it I
don't need you thinking about it no more
you're doing too much thinking you
analyze it too much you're talking
yourself out of it oh yeah I don't know
if this don't work I tried and it didn't
work I just need you to keep moving I
need you to make up in your mind that's
the only way you can lose is if you quit
I will not give up I will not give up I
will not give up I will not be bought as
though I work too hard
you can't just say you want it it's you
just say it but when it's Showtime when
the Sun comes up when the Sun comes up
you've got all the whoops you got all
the tapes you've got all the access now
it's time to heart and what separates
you from everybody else
is that when it's time to hunt you raid
a hot
you've got to be willing to go against
the tide you've got to be willing to
harness your will and say in spite of
this I'm in control here I'm not gonna
let this get me down I'm not gonna let
this destroy me I'm coming back and I'll
be stronger and better because of it you
have got to make a declaration that this
is what you stand for you're standing up
for your dream just standing up for
peace of mind you're standing up I help
you love it it's not going to be easy
when you want to change it's not easy if
it weren't fact easy everybody to do it
but if you're serious you go I'm gonna
turn this situation around I'm not gonna
sit back and mourn and cry over what
happened and what went wrong and who did
I'm going to do something about this
situation see muscle muscle is created
when your day is the museum of
disappointment from events that were
outside of your control when you saw
this feeling happy
stand up straight exercise hear the
heartbeat is palpitation is a trophy
rate with the word you are still alive
you are still alive
I'd like it

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