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I think that among the things that

prevent us from acting is the fear of
failure and if you've already failed you
don't want to fail again the pain of
that the disappointment many of us don't
act because we want other people's
approval we want everybody to like us
and to accept us we'll settling for less
than what we actually deserve we don't
feel good about it but we make it work
in our minds we'll come up with some
kind of excuse to make it all right
mostly would like to feel like their
king in the area of their comfort zone
they only want to do those things that
they know how to do well so there are
many reasons why we don't act there are
other things though that affect us is
that not wanting to take personal
responsibility we want somebody else to
do it and that's not possible
and when you go through life like that
something in you dies you need to start
asking yourself some questions what do I
really really truly want don't wait
around for things to be just right don't
wait for things to be perfect don't wait
for the ideal situation it will never be
ideal the date is opportunity you have
it might not be here next year it might
not be here two year after next
it might not be hitting you today this
is the only moment you
and what you will find then when you
decide to act when you decide to take
life oh and let me warn you it can be
painful it will be uncomfortable and
that's where the
never be satisfied with yourself always
know that
invest the effort and time on you that's
the greatest ability that human beings
out above animals shit all can't be
anything better go tree can't be
anything but a tree human being you've
got unlimited potential
you can put effort on you and by
concentrating on you and developing you
you can transform your life wherever you
are right now
many people will leave the universe
without a trace no one will know they
were here
what will you leave what will be
different because you came this way
listen to that still small voice within
you don't try and make everything
logical there are some things about life
that defies logic
see there's some good out there for you
in the universe that has your name on it
and nobody can get your good it has your
name on it they can't take your stuff
it's your stuff so when you know that
when you know that whatever you're
seeking it's also seeking you you don't
worry you don't run scared you don't
think somebody's gonna take it from you
you've got to say yes yes to my dreams
yes to me yes I can make
yes I can
you don't need anybody to approve your
dream that was given to you if they
can't see it it's because it wasn't
given to them it was given to you you're
gonna get thrown to the ground again and
again and again but when you have
determination and you know that what
you're doing is right that gives you
your life that gives us pleasure meeting
I refuse to be denied
and I'm gonna go all out
I'm going to be with lipless I don't
care how many knows I didn't tell
doesn't matter how many scary about me
mistake sorry do
like a beach
hey guys this is Charlie for motivation
grade it now we create a lot about
motivation here and we hope that you
love these inspiring videos but up until
now we haven't gone into the concrete
actions to actually help you realize
your full potential the steps that you
can start taking right now to radiate
unshakable confidence and inspire
impress and energize the people that you
come across every single day even if
it's just for a minute that is all about
to change so if you want to learn more
about those exact steps to be the kind
of person that walks through the world
radiating unshakable confidence then
click the link here and you'll be taken
to a page where you can submit your
email you will immediately be taken to a
video that will show you one thing that
you can start doing right now that will
take you from anxious to super confident
inside of a minute so if you want to see
that video and you want to hear more
about what's coming go ahead and click
the link now

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