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don't just aspire to make a living

aspire to make a difference anything you
good you can have so claim it work hard
to get it when you get it reach back
pull someone else up each one teach one
just because you're doing a lot more
doesn't mean you're getting a lot more
done don't confuse movement with
progress you don't start because of what
you don't have you don't start because
you don't realize yet that the fruit of
everything good in life begins with the
there's nothing easy in life worthwhile
in life everything is a pill that's
worthwhile and it's not going to come to
you and it's not going to fall in your
lap and it's not going to be something
that only got it just was so simple it's
always going to be difficult the only
way you're ever going to get to the
other side of this journey is you have
got to suffer to grow to grow you must
suffer most of this generation quit the
second they get talk to you you did this
wrong you did this wrong or they get
yelled at if the leader says it's going
to be great nowadays because everybody
else says most people are weak
this is softened generation so if you
have any mental toughness any of any
ability give any fraction of
self-discipline the ability to not want
to do it but still do it
people have a hard thing understand I
hate to run and it makes me so crazy it
doesn't anymore
- why do you run if you hate it what are
you talking about I want to take showers
and edie's I hate that - there's a hold
it that's a life man that is his
innocence it was until I changed that
mentality I became somebody
what'd he do on the days when you're
just not feeling those days those days
when I'm tired or worn out or just
basically sick of the grind well what do
I do
well those days I go anyways I get it
done even if I'm just going through the
motions I go through the motions
I don't really want to work out I work
out I really don't want a hammer on a
project I hammer on the project don't
really want to get up and get out of bed
I'll get up and get out of bed but if
you can get through to doing things that
you hate to do on the other side is
greatness so have dreams but have goals
like goals yearly goals monthly goals
daily goals and understand that to
achieve these goals you must apply
discipline and consistency in order to
achieve your goals you must apply
discipline and consistency every day I
just want to say and miss a few days you
have to work at it every day you have to
plan every day I'm going to saying we
don't plan to fail we fail to plan hard
work works
working really hard is what successful
people do
do not listen to that little voice
instead go through the motions lift the
weights sprint the hill work on the
project get out of bed as an overall
rule I do not like procrastination you
need to get things done
growth is the only guarantee that
tomorrow is going to get better the
first question is very simple what are
you doing to develop yourself
99% of people today are assuming just
assume the somehow they'll get better
very sad so it's very sad because okay
something about assumption assumption is
a huge disappointment in life you show
me a person that assumes and I'll show
you a person that almost daily is
for me to fix this I get a read what the
hell is well with David God not blame
anybody read my books okay I'm afraid of
my shadow how can I overcome that going
in military's get your ass kicked
do things you hate to do be
uncomfortable every day of your life
Roger that I'm not the smartest kid in
the world okay it's somebody saying oh
no you're smart no no I don't say that
to yourself
I said to myself no I'm a dumb
motherfucker okay Roger that how you get
smarter educate yourself so the things
that we run from we run from the truth
we're running from the truth land so the
only way I became successful was going
towards the truth as painful as brutal
as it is it changed me it allowed me to
become in my own right Who am today
tighten up people it's okay
trust me it's okay you might be called
nigger one day it's okay you might be
called some Jewish word or some faggot
or gay word it's okay
them call you that what are you going to
do now they don't own your life how are
you going to control that now how are
you going to flip it upside down and say
Roger that now I'm going to harness this
shit and you read about me years from
how that's the question how are you
going to do that thicken your skin
become water unibeam don't be afraid of
the reflection in the mirror because
that's all you can be afraid of once you
overcome the reflection in the mirror
you've done it here's the hard truth
people don't necessarily want you to
succeed and the bigger your dream the
more people that are going to come out
of the woodwork to try to stop you as
Oliver M Burton said the only way to
avoid pissing people off is to do
nothing important but if you're striving
for something important if you're trying
to make real change if there's something
in your life that you are absolutely
hell-bent to make happen you have got to
understand that you're going to be
fighting against something people are
going to be pushing back against you and
it is going to be your ability to hold
true to that vision that's going to
determine whether you can pull it off
and as Victor Hugo said you have enemies
good it means you stood up for something
at some point in your life and that's
what people miss they somehow want to
get through this unscathed they somehow
hope that with this grand change that
they want to make that people just fall
in love that they see your vision that
they fall in line behind you and that
they want you to lead them that's not
the way that people work having a vision
already puts you in an incredibly rare
group of people being able to see
something that other people can't see
that is the role of visionary is
literally to interpret the world that
other people don't even know exist and
bring it into portion and get people
excited about to get them to fall in
line but understand when you build an
army you will have an opposing force but
as Mark Twain said keep away from those
who try to belittle your ambition small
people always do that but the really
great ones they make you believe that
you too can become great and that's the
kind of person that you wanted to round
yourself with you want to surround
yourself with people that believe in you
you want to
surround yourself with people even when
they can't see it they can see you even
when they don't understand that you're
trying to build they believe in you and
they're willing to get in mind and
they're willing to meet that opposing
force and when you're able to galvanize
people around your idea and push it
forward and pay for them the world not
as it is but as it could be that's when
you can make change but you can't be
afraid to piss people off you have to
know that they're coming for you and you
have to be willing to fight because if
you're not willing to fight you might as
well sit down now so if you're going to
be one of the few that stands up you've
got to stand up prepared for war

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