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when you know within yourself that

there's something you want to do and I
believe that all of us was born with a
purpose that all of us have something
that we are supposed to do and all of us
have some goodness within us and that
goodness gives us a responsibility to
manifest our greatness and when you know
that you can feel it in your guts and
you know that you're deliberately
operating below your potential you've
got you comfortable you stop expanding
you stop stretching you stop challenging
yourself let me share something else
with you not only it's possible for you
to have your dream but it's necessary
it's necessary that you have that you
work on it that you develop yourself
that you go for what is yours in the
universe life is like an onion you have
to peel it one layer at a time and
life's going to happen to you when you
have a dream you're gonna get slapped
around and don't take it personal don't
ask why did this have to happen to me
why not you who would you suggest it's
called life
suck it up and move on get over it but I
gotta sing when life knocks you down try
and land on your back because if you can
look up you can get up you've got the
power in you to do that you've got
something special you've got come back
power take ownership for your life
nobody can live your dream for you but
you nobody's gonna take care of your
business like you stop coming up with
excuses don't give yourself permission
to continue to live a small life you
can't fit a big dream into a small life
give yourself permission to go for it to
test yourself to challenge yourself to
live full
like the saying always strive to get on
top and light because it's a bottom
that's overcrowded the reason you're
here is because there's something in you
that says I can do more this just can't
be it there's something in you there's a
calling on your life this is not it for
you you have not peaked here there's
more in you that you are expressing is
not seen here is not her North entered a
mad heart of mankind what's in store for
you if you challenge yourself if you
persist and persevere if you take
ownership for your life people that make
it in this life they look around for the
circumstances that they want and if they
can't find them they create them create
what you want you have the power you to
do the more than you can ever begin to
imagine to control your destiny to make
a difference in our children to make a
difference on the planet to make an
impact the people that are hungry are
willing to do the things that they
others won't do in order to have the
things tomorrow others won't have people
that are hungry are willing to invest in
themselves that people that are hungry
people that are hungry are no matter
what people they make it happen
no matter what to get those dreams out
of your head and step into your
greatness you got to be hungry and give
those ideas that talent that gift out of
your system you got to be hungry to get
up off the canvas of life and understand
what Willie jolly meant that a setback
is a setup for a comeback you got to be
hungry people that are hungry willing to
do the things a day others won't do in
order to have the things tomorrow others
won't have I don't know what your goals
are I don't know what you want to do
here's what I know about you you have
greatness within you we have the ability
to do more than you can ever begin to
imagine if you want to think bad enough
to go out and fight for it to work day
and night for it to give up your time
your peace and your sleep for if all
that you dream and scheme is about it
and life seems useless and worthless
without it and if you gladly sweat for
it in fretboard and plan for it and lose
all your terror of the opposition for it
and if you simply go after that thing
that you want with all of your capacity
strength and sagacity Faith Hope and
confidence and stern pertinacity you've
got to start saying yes to your life
you've got to start saying yes to your
dreams yes to your unfolding future yes
to your potential and think about
something that's important to you
something that gives your life a sense
of value think about something that
you'd like to have or something you'd
like to create for you or your family or
for society once you hold this thought
in mind now one of the first things I
want you to do is don't worry about the
inner conversation that you're going to
have don't worry about how you're going
to do it that's going to come you're
going to develop a plan of action you
will find the way you'll become the kind
of person that can attract the people
the resources and everything you need in
order to make that become reality but I
want you to be mindful of your inner
the wealthiest place on the planet is
the graveyard because in the graveyard
we will find inventions that we never
ever were exposed to ideas dreams that
never became a reality hopes and
aspirations that were never acted upon
because most people allow that inner
conversation for whatever reason to keep
them from ever pursuing their goals so
let us begin to look at what's required
in order to to make this out decade why
is it that most people don't ever reach
their goals they live up to their true
potential one is fear and there are only
two kinds of fears that we're born with
the fear falling and the fear of a loud
sound all of the fears we learn like the
fear of failure because see when you
don't feel worthy of your goal you'll
begin to unconsciously engage in
self-destructive behavior like
procrastinating constantly putting
things off squandering your time and
that's what life is made of something
else that keeps us from reaching our
goal and that is many times because we
spend so much time complaining and
blaming everybody or everything there
are many people who believe because of
where they're born because of the area
where they are in life and where they
find themselves that's all they know see
I know something about you even not
knowing you that you've got greatness
within you you have the ability to do
things that you can't even begin to
imagine you have talents and skills in
you that you haven't even began to reach
for yet so some of you are going to
experience a breakthrough some of you
are going to go back and look at your
dreams and brush them off some of you
are going to begin to look at yourself
and say hey look here I know I have not
done all that I can do whatever goal
that you have in mind I want that to be
a goal that will challenge you something
that will make you stretch unless you
attempt to do something beyond that
which you've already mastered you will
never grow what is it that you looked at
at some point in time and you decided
that you couldn't
that you talk yourself out of it
whatever it is bring it back out there
how you going to do it
that will come to you in due time so you
don't get in life what you want ladies
and gentlemen you get in life what you
are not what you want you see the good
news is that we can always become more
by working to develop ourselves so the
first process of making this your decade
you've got to begin to take a look at
your life and look at where are you
right now what are your strengths what
are your weaknesses what gives your life
a sense of fulfillment a sense of joy
what does a full rich life means to you
what is it that you could love doing
seven days a week that will bring a
smile to your face think about that and
all the areas of your life your
professional life your personal life
your family life your spiritual life
what is it that you'd like to have once
you begin to determine that that takes
you to the next step and that is once
you decide what it is that you want now
you've got to decide that you deserve it
you see when you're not pursuing your
goal you are literally committing
spiritual suicide when you have some
goal out here that you're stretching
forward and reaching for that takes you
out of your comfort zone you'll find out
some talents and abilities you have that
you didn't know you have you've got to
be bold in life you've got to take life
on now here's something else you must be
positive see a lot of people and things
don't happen when they want it want it
to happen they become negative and they
turn out and start projecting a lot of
negative energy
no no you've got to make a conscious
deliberate determined effort to be
positive because see when you know
within yourself things are going to work
out for you when you know within
yourself that someway somehow you're
going to make it and this is just so
these are just some of the hoops you've
got to flip through in order to get
there it's okay
so whenever you decide you want to go to
another level you've got to fasten your
psychological your mental in your
spiritual seatbelt because they're going
to be a while before you experience a
comfortable altitude you're gonna get
there it's there but you've got to go
through this phase here this is how you
grow this is how you develop see life is
like a rollercoaster sometimes you up
sometimes you're down
sometimes things go well sometimes they
don't go well but in the down moments
that's when you discover who you are
during the down moment see in this
prosperous time you put it in your
pocket in the lean times you put it in
your heart and that's when you discover
who you are why is it that you deserve
your goal what are the five reasons that
you won't give up when life catch you on
the blindside when the messenger of
misery visits you what are you going to
do what will keep you in the game when
life knocks you to the canvas what
reason can you remember that you can
call on that you can reach on that can
make you get back up find that reason

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