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great moments are born great opportunity

it is extremely extremely effective to
build incentives into whatever
behavioral change you want your life to
whatever skills you want to acquire
a transformation on July
not accept things as they are
but to understand it to go into it to
examine it give your heart and your mind
with everybody thing that you have to
find out a way of living differently but
that depends on you or not somebody else
the world takes us at our own valuation
it believes in the man who believes in
himself but it has little use for the
timid man the one who is never certain
of himself who cannot rely on his own
judgment who craves advice from others
and is afraid to go ahead on his own
account it is the man with a positive
nature the man who believes that he is
equal to the emergency but believes that
he can do the things he attempts who
wins the confidence of his fellow man
he is beloved because he is brain
self-sufficient those who have
accomplished great things in the world
have been as a rule old aggressive
they dared to step out from the crowd
and act in English
now a person's character is and can be
nothing else but the total result of his
habits of thought when people
consistently take action to make the
appropriate course corrections they get
massive results and achieve all their
goals if they lack the confidence to
take action they will stay stuck it
would be no different than if they had
no dreams or no goals at all and after
all what's the point of wishing for
anything if you don't pursue it all fear
comes from picturing the future putting
things off increases that fear soon we
are nothing but heavy Minds weighing
down on weary brains too much future
will do that most people think too much
then they compound that problem by
studying the feelings that come up for
them as a result of that thinking all
this time they spend thinking and
feeling they could have been taking
action but the one thing that you have
that nobody else does
is you your voice your mind your story
your vision
here is a very small stage in a vast
cosmic arena
I think the greatest of people that have
ever been in society they were never
versions of someone else they were
themselves you don't think about Michael
Jordan the basketball player and saying
oh he was just like this other player no
you don't even say he was like this
player plus that player divided by 2
plus citizen no is Michael Jordan I
think the greatest of people in society
carved niches that represented the
unique expression their combination of
life can be much broader once you
discover one simple fact
and that is everything around you that
you call life
there were no smarter than you
the world is like a ride at an amusement
park and when you choose to go on it you
think it's real because that's how
powerful our minds are and the rod goes
up and down and round and round it has
thrills and chills and it's very
brightly colored and it's very loud and
it's fun for a while some people have
been on the ride for a long time and
they begin to question this is real
versus just arrive and other people have
remembered and they come back to us and
they say hey don't worry don't be afraid
this is just a ride sometimes the people
that do things from the people that just
dream about them got it you got to act
and you've got to be willing to fail
you've got to be willing to crash and
burn this
erroneous notion that life is is there
and you're just going to live in it
versus embrace it change it improve it
make your mark upon

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