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one of the things that we know about
life is that it is always changing
sometimes you're up
sometimes you're down sometimes things
go real well and sometimes they don't
sometimes you're happy and sometimes
you're sad now that's that thing called
life and when we begin to understand and
know that accepting that reality that
that we will never ever have things just
on an even keel all the time that you're
going to have some ups and you're going
to have some downs but during those down
moments that's where the growth takes
place that's where the work is anybody
can feel good when they have their
health their bills are paid they have
happy relationships the children are
acting normal business is successful
anybody could be positive then anybody
can have a larger vision then anybody
can have faith under those kinds of
circumstances am I correct
see but the real challenge the real
challenge of growth mentally emotionally
and spiritually comes when you get
knocked down somebody said that that
adversity introduces a man to himself or
a woman how you handle it that's where
the growth takes place
what up kinda stays
if I can change
the best people
you can change
J you can't repeat the past can't repeat
the past no why of course you can if you
want to begin to move you got to clear
your mind of all the unnecessary luggage
and baggage that's weighing us down
I took the move I couldn't fake about
what am I going to do to get out of this
situation because I was so concerned
about what happened and what he did to
me and how bad it was I was so stuck in
that I couldn't even focus on what I
should have done feeling sorry for
myself and angry and none of that was
taking me anywhere so pretty soon I I
learned through effort made a conscious
deliberate determined effort I had to
let it go I had to forgive it let it go
to focus on developing myself and I say
to you you're gonna have people to do
things to you things are going to happen
to you and the most important thing to
do is to harness your will and let it go
move so you can grow so you can get on
with your life it doesn't matter about
what happens to you what matters is what
are you going to do about it what are
you going to do now les how long do you
want to tell everybody all of us have
experienced on tragedy and if we haven't
we will and you can either let it
destroy your life or you can build upon
it you can permit it to let you let it
hold you down or you can decide I'm not
going to let that happen to me I'm
bigger than this
make a declaration to yourself declare
all-out war that you're going to get out
of this run you can decide that you're
going to stand up to light you can
decide that I'm going to live each day
as if it were my less you can you have a
power to make that decision
like some great man if I could forget
that I once lost Daisy but my life holds
for my life my life has got to be like


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