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some day isn't on the calendar that's a

very important lesson for all of us
mortals here today we're all taught that
life is tough life's a bitch life is
hard but it's not
pretty easy right it's pretty easy to
skate by and go through life right we
wake up everyday most of us in the world
with a roof over our head two big comfy
bed under our butts fridge full of food
never have to worry about starvation or
homelessness we have friends and family
that will help us out when those things
come those are the things that made life
dangerous a hundred years ago now we
complain if life isn't convenient this
isn't a statement on modern society this
is a statement about motivation life is
easy it's easy to skate by it doesn't
even sound that bad it's called skating
skating is fun who doesn't love sky I
love skating
who doesn't love skating it's pretty
easy to grow up put your dreams aside
leave your passions behind take a job
that you read you don't even really mind
race some kids will most likely be
inspired to do the exact same thing go
from point A to point B to Point C until
you end up in point Z where you pass
away and there's a line of people
waiting to get up and tell everyone else
who knew you what a good life get
nothing bad about that nothing wrong
with that but nothing great about it
nothing inspiring about that the awful
truth is that life is easy living truly
living chasing a dream and truly living
it's hard living is a bitch living is
tough especially when you switch it you
ask yourself what am i dying to do what
is it that puts that fire in my heart
answering that question isn't the end of
that's really just the spark because
once you get that fire burning you need
to feed it you need to keep reminding
yourself putting new coals in there and
remind yourself everyday about that goal
because we've all taken up a hobby or a
goal or a workout that we stop for just
a couple days and then we never pick it
up again you need to constantly remind
yourself that you're dying and that
you're dying to do something because the
minute you forget life creeps right back
in and life is easy living truly living
casing a dream and truly living is hard
living is a bitch
he said but imagine if you will being on
your deathbed and standing around your
bed the ghost of the dreams the ideas
the abilities the talents given to you
by life with you for whatever reason you
never pursued those dreams you never
acted on those ideas you never use those
gifts you never used those talents and
that they are staring at you as you're
lying on your bed with large angry eyes
saying we came to you only you could
have given us life and now you must die
with you forever and the question is if
you die today what dreams what talents
what abilities what gifts what ideas
would die with you
one ministrant of bahama said the
Wellness place in the planet it's not in
the 40s where the soil on the ground
it's not in South Africa where there
diamond mines it's a the wealthiest
place of the planet is the cemetery
there you see potential never realize
there you find books never written there
you find ideas never acted on maybe
that's why
Indra David Rosen Oh God to reach the
point of death only to realize that
you've never lived only to realize that
you never scrape the surface of your
potential let us say again live for die
but I think the most important the most
important thing about running a company
is to remember all the time what a
company is a company is simply a group
of people and as a leader of people you
have to be a great listener and you have
to be a great motivator you have to be
very good at praising and looking for
the best in people and you know people
are no different from flowers if you
water flowers they flourish if you
praise people they flourish and and
that's the critical attribute of an of a

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