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I love you I repeat I love you no one

has ever told you this if no one told
you this today this week this month this
year or this very second I want you to
know I love you and I also want you to
know that the fact that you're still
alive still on this earth even though
it's been challenging and rough and
sometimes you get discouraged and
uninspired to keep going you will grow
through what you go through everything
that you're going through at some point
it makes no sense to you right now but
at some point all of these issues
challenges and problems continue to show
up and what you were supposed to learn
from it you will grow through what you
go through so you listen to me and you
listen well are you behind on your
credit card bills go pick up the phone
and start dialing is your landlord ready
will Victor good pick up the phone and
start dialing does your girlfriend think
you're a fucking worthless loser good
pick up the phone and start dialing I
want you to deal with your problems by
becoming rich but you gotta be willing
to take the hits and not pointing
fingers saying you ain't where you wanna
be because of him or her or anybody
cowards do that and that ain't you
you're better than that that's how weird
it is done
and it's a grueling process it really is
just hard it's difficult and sometimes
quite horrendous
what is this what is this please because
you go to sleep at night does it mean
you're resting because you close your
eyes at night and you are sleep
physically doesn't mean that you're
actually resting and the reason that you
don't rest is because while you're awake
everything in every body that's in and
around your life it's so full of issues
problems insecurities this function
negativity your mind is and your spirit
is in turmoil a lot of people would say
I love myself do you really love
they might moan and groan about their
job I'm sick of this job I'm sick of you
and they just moan and groan and
complain all the time and never do
anything about they haven't got to the
point where they're sick and tired of
being sick and tired they just have
enough energy to complain about it and
they consider that in fact they believe
that that's equivalent to doing
something about it just complaining
someone's opinion of you does not have
to become your reality you don't need a
lot you don't need everything you don't
need this huge budget you don't need
backing you don't need a crew using you
if you want to do it just do it because
apparently that excuse if we really
don't have a lot of money is now gone
I've taken that from you and I'm really
sorry about that
I want you to deal with your problems
one of the finest days
the Viking change get emotional
capitalism and you can change we move
this minutes
you don't need everything you get it as
you go so just do it do that thing you
know if you love yourself why would you
fuck with those type of people you know
what they're saying about you behind
your back you know they're jealous and
envious of who you are the things that
you got going on in your life in your
career you know that they don't like you
and they made it clear they've sent you
every sign imaginable that they could
possibly send you and because you're so
desperate to have people around you and
in your life you continue to go back you
continue to show up to everything they
invite you to knowing what they're
saying about you it's a beautiful
beautiful thing and it's one of my
favorite things on this entire planet
whenever I witnessed anyone discovering
a passion for being creative and it
truly it truly is so inspiring to me so
please don't lose that creativity if
you're afraid of fair use learn about it
you're saying but at this point you are
old enough the maturity to understand
the difference in good people and bad
people and when you're hanging out with
negative dark and dysfunctional people
you cannot expect yourself to go to
sleep at night and rest
you cannot expect yourself to feel good
about your day when you're including
negative and dysfunctional people in
your day so what you grew up with so
what their childhood friends so what
their family I want you to deal with the
so the outcome of your day your hour
your minutes your week your month and
your year is always draining always
dysfunctional and always fucking crazy I
want to laugh I want to smile I want to
enjoy myself I actually want to feel
good about the people that are around me
you have that as a choice

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