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if you don't know now you know it's true

when you're ready to do something and
try something new that's out of your
comfort zone that's out of your norm
it's always the one you're dating the
one you're married to the one that's in
your family your friends in your
immediate circle that will always try
and talk you out of doing something
special and significant do you know how
many people have had visions ideas and
huge career moves that they were about
to make and they allowed the word no to
stop them boldly walking to the wall
with your head held up high and if they
don't get it laugh about it don't disown
your ideas because they're disowning
your ideas don't lose confidence in your
ideas because they don't have confidence
in your ideas don't be afraid to walk
into the unfamiliar don't be afraid to
do what's deep inside of you to do
you got gifts you got talent
you got capabilities you got inventions
you got all of these things that you
need to unleash on the world you don't
have money you may not have the
financial resources but don't allow your
visions and ideas to be stifled because
of what's in your bank account or not
and something inside of you made you say
but even though I grew up in this
situation I'm still gonna work and be
better man or a woman I'm still gonna do
whatever I have to do to break the cycle
I'm still gonna decide that I love
myself enough to do better bigger and
more significant things but it takes a
very strong-minded person to decide that
because I was born into this does it
mean this is going to define the outcome
of what my life and purpose on this
earth is destined to be I see what's not
there I have visions my visions are bold
and unapologetic you know they say you
got to think out of a box in my mind
there is no box to have ideas and vision
and dreams and then to do any names
necessary to see to it that the vision
come to life only those that can see the
invisible can do the impossible and then
there's even more power to be able to
see what doesn't exist and then to be
able to articulate it and verbalize it
just keeping your minds and your spirits
open to the possibilities I'm telling
you stop being afraid of the unfamiliar
it's time to do something significant
it's time to get up it's time to get
back into being significant just woke up
you gotta do what you gotta do
what are you gonna do today
to walk towards your goal I'm just
I'm curious how many text messages are
gonna come due today where you respond
and end up connecting with that person
that can take you off your path how much
time and energy you're gonna dedicate to
your gift and your talent or your goal
how committed are you to produce some
a lot of people talking about what
they're gonna do but how many of y'all
today are going to decide to do it I
want you to write in the land of the
blind the one-eyed man is king I'm a
king are you a king or a queen
I'm just asking are you in the gym are
you doing anything to walk towards your
goals of being in shape more focused
getting an A+ on those tests are you
training as hard as you know you're
supposed to be training to make the team
or stay on the team you worked your ass
off you got up at 6 a.m. in the morning
you decided to stay in your college dorm
and not party drink smoke and get high
you decided to focus and get away from
all of the distractions so that you can
pass that bar exam and that test you
decided to focus so that you can get a
high test grade on your SAT scores and
end up going to college the state play
sports football basketball or anything
that your college degrees allows you to
do and become you decided to focus and
get it done you sacrificed all of the
fun the perks and all of the fun shit
you could have been doing because you
were that focused on getting out of your
own way breaking the cycle breaking the
devil cycle
of your own family in your surround I
decided to love myself enough to want
better desire better and seek better and
move in the direction of something
better what is the next level of you are
you done are you done evolving that shit
that you accomplished was five years ago
it's over you're still alive you're
getting on your knees every night and
you're praying but then you're getting
off of your knees and ain't doing shit
you can't get points today for yesterday
is gay I don't get for how much money is
in my account I'm gonna make a statement
every day I want to become the things
that I see go get it if you got a
problem with your life in your career
stop complaining about it you spend so
much time on your knees your knees are
bleeding get up off your knees and do
the work there is more to do I don't
care how much money I have in my pocket
I'm trying to be significant does
anybody know how much money was in
Martin Luther King's bank account how
much did Nelson Mandela have in his bank
account before he died he was
significant he made a statement he lived
his life with a sense of purpose he was
selfless he wanted to make a difference
in everybody's life and everybody he
ever came in contact with I refused to
be another man that lived and died and
wasn't significant period

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