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Connor you've been dreaming about this

moment you've been talking about this
moment honestly though does it feel the
way you thought it would yeah it does it
feels beautiful I dreamt this on watch
so clearly so precisely and so
frequently that it has manifested itself
into reality and as we here that's what
I am feeling my talents it's a dream
come true
champions have a dream because that's
how this whole thing starts and they
have a passion for pursuing that vision
of success that they have that will
overcome obstacles get them through the
tough times and carry them to some
spectacular performances throughout
their career the dream is critical
because that's where it starts you know
whatever you want to do in life is
possible and that's been something that
I've been able to realize firsthand the
dream ignites the creative process as
soon as it's in place it's almost like a
bomb goes off and all of these things
are working towards it if you have the
correct mental picture the dream
establishes the forest and then we start
looking for the trees
lets you know where we're going what
direction are we headed you know that's
what the dream gives you
if you take time to realize you know
what what your dream is and what you
really want in life no matter what it is
whether it's sports whether it's in
other fields you have to realize that
there's always work to do and you want
to be the hardest-working person in
whatever you do and you'll put yourself
in position to be successful
champions have a clear plan for success
and for achieving their goals it's not
just a random occurrence where they show
up at a game or a swim meet or some
other event and just get in there and
the talent takes over they have a plan
what is your individual term goal right
now is a 16 year old
what's your long term goal to get to MBA
it's what do you want to be the best
yeah I read somewhere you said you want
a big best defender best shooter best
pad what do you have to improve on
between now and and the NBA and maybe
I'm even stronger um defensively and I'm
shooting the role shooter
as soon as that buzzer sounded your
emotions let loose can you describe what
you're feeling right now
I'll set out a goal to here's when I
came back to bring a championship to the
city I gave everything that I had
I put my heart my blood my sweat my
tears to this day it's like you know I
want to be an Olympic gold medalist I
want to break a world record and I want
to be professional athlete and those
goals that I thought about every single
day kept me coming week after week and
year after year until I was able to
accomplish do you think though you can
still take it to another level or do you
think this is as good as it's going to
get for you well I like to use one quote
that the limitations exist only in our
minds and if you start using imagination
then your your possibilities become
limitless so that's that's kind of a
mindset that I have I use my imagination
I I do see myself
achieving more if it was easy everybody
would be doing it they're always going
to be ups and downs but I think it's
really how you really you know get back
on your horse and keep going forward and
I think the biggest thing that I've
always said it's never give up and I
never have and nobody ever should they
want something bad enough they'll get it
they have to work for it yeah it's not
going to be easy but if you want it bad
enough they'll do whatever it takes to
get there I very often watch a lot of
young people sort of meander around
without any idea about why they're doing
what they're doing I mean to want and to
be ambitious and to want to be

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