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my true feeling is this no matter who
you are no matter what age you are no
matter the time in your life if you have
a dream and you have the drive you can
make anything happen when you're chasing
your dream and when you're you know
working hard chasing something you love
and it just happens you don't know you
can't really milk notice it you know
even still to this day I'm an amazing
position in my life but I'm still I'm
still working like I'm not I'm still
working like I'm not in this position
this key portion of people can happen
you have to dream that you could be
something life and do something in life
if you don't dream it you can't be
coming I think my imagination soars can
we go
it's like you know just imagine myself
collecting Wars just imagine myself and
I mean big part imagine myself working
my imagination is the one education they
learn as part of my been imagined is
that how to fucking see lots of people
you really have a drive and you really
took a heart informing to something you
can really make anything
I'm sure the leader in there I realized
that to have the level of success that I
want to have it difficult to spread it
out and do multiple things you know it's
in order to to be world class and I made
a decision I want to be world class it
takes such a desperate obsessive focus
to excel one of the owner on the level
that I want to make movie he got a focus
with all of your fiber and all your
heart and all your creativity I've never
met a person who was not successful that
didn't have a great amount of
self-discipline in their life
self-discipline and being able to
perform and being able to keep your life
on schedule and being able to keep
commitments and promises meet deadlines
none of us none of us can afford to have
a life that is controlled by someone
else or a life that is basically
controlled by our emotions there are two
kinds of people there's the type of
person who says I'm going to wait till I
feel like it before I do it and then
there's a person who says I've got to do
it so that I feel like it one will never
get anything done because they're still
waiting to feel the moment to move when
the other person says no I need to move
and then I will begin to feel the moment
Sonia self-discipline is essential in
your life and in my life if we're going
to get things done if you get up and
just have no discipline whatsoever you
get no value of anything your diets
don't work when you don't do that
exercise doesn't work when you don't do
them but most people have some
experiences that they want to shift and
once you've shift those things your
whole life changes but life is constant
growth my life isn't here because I went
to one seminar one time and about my
life is fit for life I I work out I
train my mind I train my body
everything's a lifestyle a lot of you
will block your own success because
you're fearful of what's going to happen
because the comfort zone is here make a
great living my bills are paid
everything is great I'm scared to change
so you block your own growth so you have
to now say to yourself hey once you get
the tool once you've done your homework
then you can start making a move okay
okay hey I can be a business one of the
businessmen and start my own clinic but
you got to believe in yourself first you
have to actually show up every day and
inch yourself forward towards these
three and not only you show up every day
and once a while in yourself I mean
every day you have to actually take an
action that moves you forward not just
research not just thinking look the
power of intention is great but without
any initiative it's dead right a dream
is great without any movement it's dead
you have to be moving towards everyday
want to be totally focused you can't
take your eye off the ball you cannot
learn by taking action you can only lose
by not taking action and if you delay
taking action repeatedly over and over
again you develop the habit of never
taking action you get the result the
habit of procrastination holding back
and so on take action so many people
talk about doing something we'll say
what if they don't actually get up and
do it taking action it's really really
important my advice is just to focus on
each day and you have a plan in place of
how you want to improve and how you want
to get better
you stick to that plan and trust the
fact that you know every day that you
you know stick to the plan
I'll get you to your end result the key
to being successful is to work harder
than other people if everybody wants
success everybody wants a Lamborghini
everybody wants freedom but what are you
willing to do to get better so much of
success is seeing yourself as victorious
you have to see yourself you have to
really believe in yourself and sometimes
it's hard you that variation and
weaknesses you have the other thing you
have to see yourself as a one-man band
don't rely too much on other people
because they'll let you then you have to
see yourself as victorious anything if
everything can be done if you can
visualize it if you believe in yourself
to be a winner you have to think like a
winner if you don't think like a winner
it's just never going to happen you're
going to find the naysayers and every
term that you make
don't listen just visualize you call
know exactly where you want to go trust
yourself get out there look like hell
and break some of the rules and never
ever be afraid of failure the time is
now the time is now to express and for
people to believe in themselves the time
is now for it to be okay
to be great when you look at the
accomplishments of accomplished people
and you say boy that must have been
really hard you know when you look at
something that looks hard
that was probably easy
and conversely when you look at
something that looks easy that was
probably hard and so you're never going
to know which is which until you
actually go and do it so just go and do
try learn from a you know you'll fail at
some things that's a learning experience
that you need so that you can take that
on to the next experience don't let
people who you may respect and who you
believe know what they're talking about
don't let them tell you it can't be done
because often they will tell you it
can't be done it's just because they
don't have the courage to train the
bridge between reality and a dream is
work and I always in moments of despair
and doubts and dark days focus on on the
work I show up and I work and I worked
on a work now you'll never be the best
looking you'll never be the tallest most
talented most capable you'll never have
the most money there will always be
someone who's better at whatever you're
doing them with than you are but you can
always be the hardest working person in
the room I think the hardest working
person will always
hard work days I put in halibut or work
all throughout this building if I think
they're more content and anybody more
content than folks more content than me
and more content than the air Beauty
sports more content than everybody under
my globe on my own channels in our main
low-cost from all angles not just in the
gym bombed illness media empire and I
certainly pumped out the content nobody
try all the hell when we consistently
daily movies I was releasing you know
from some like a month ago every single
day you know mainly nobody's doing that
so somebody proud of them and I'm like
the wolf pay is high okay I don't think
there's any magic in being successful
and I'm not talking about making a
million dollars or a billion dollars I'm
just talking about being successful I
think there's ended magic the other work
hard and you got to respect the people
around you and you just got to go I've
never met a successful person that
doesn't work hard

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