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you're one of the world's richest people

your cup is one of the world's richest
companies he is without question one of
the greatest business leaders investors
philanthropists of all time the Warren
Buffett if want to change the world we
change our self change ourselves more
important and easier you're your own
biggest asset by far I mean you've got
you've got all kinds of potential most
people go for life using up a very very
small part of their potential and so
anything you do that invest in yourself
is that's the best investment you can
possibly make to transform what you see
on the outside you've got to transform
who you are on the inside just like a
human growth you can never this body
cannot a blow
grow grow close certain time the flow of
grow of the body is sloped they should
grow your mind grow your culture real
value for your business you control your
destiny you can create what you want to
create you have gifts and nobody else on
the planet has you have talent you have
everything everything you need to become
whatever you want is right here you
believe what you're doing love it
whether people like it don't like it be
simple and like the words life is like a
box of chocolate
you never know what you can get right I
never know I would be here talking to
you talking to Tanya row I know I just
made one choice my 16 year old that was
no longer than giving and I was going to
be a fluid of myself and I was going to
change my life and I had no idea that
would lead me here and no idea be here
is that talking to you doing what we're
no I never part of the plan the only
thing I knew is I didn't want to be the
victim and this other trajectory of life
I wanted something different so I made
that choice the choices you make today
tomorrow they might affect you for the
next year five years ten years or for
the rest of your life a lot of young
people lose hope new station instead of
what does being a victim get you nothing
absolutely nothing so if you're getting
nothing from one direction why not turn
around and go to the other direction
path of victimization is nothing path of
hero you might as well give it a shot
and all the different cool things that
happen along the way are just amazing
there's never a lack of opportunity
never if you don't think there's an
opportunity there haven't found it and
so it's not it's not the opportunities
it's you remember the mind control is a
body the body does not control the mind
what makes these guys special and
successful in everything they do is not
their physical gifts it's their mental
toughness things are just happening and
it's because of one choice and that's it
so if you're listening to this and
you're thinking you've made all these
different choices and your life is in
one direction
that's one different choice just one
the most important thing is that you
have a vision did you have a cord
because without that vision ended up
dead core again you're drifting around
and you're never going to end up
anywhere people don't become successful
just by accident
I would follow my passion I mean
whatever turns you on
I I found I was lucky I found something
early that that turned me on but you
don't want to take a job just for the
you don't want to take a job for an
organization that you really don't feel
good about or work for people with you
don't feel good about you you really
want to be excited when you get out of
bed every morning
follow your passion do something you're
very passionate about and don't try to
chase what is kind of the hot passion of
the day you got to know what you're good
at you got to know what your marginal at
and you got to know what you suck at and
you've got to find people who complement
your skills you know and you've got to
know what type of thinker you are what
you've got to know how you work you know
and once you start to understand who you
are then you can start finding places
where you'll be successful and you won't
be you won't be lying to yourself do you
can have any habits you want okay you
can be it can be lazy you can be prompt
you can be you can be late you can be
honest you can cut corners I mean you
have all these choices and those are
choices for you to make nobody else is
going to make them for you and I would
suggest that you play this little game
when they to think about the person you
would most like to be in life so maybe
it's one of your contemporaries maybe
somebody a little older but pick out the
person you admire the most person that
you change places with this
and then write down why you admire put
it on a piece of paper and then figure
out the person that you would least like
change places which really turns you off
with your find repulsive unless the
reasons like that person turned you off
so much and then look at that list and
you'll find that everything on the
left-hand side would you admire on other
people the qualities they drink life to
find those are things you can do
yourself it's very simple you can apply
yourself but the habits you form and
doing that early on most caring of the
life if you do that
two or three years now if you vote for
the same exercise you'll find out the
person you admire the most is yourself
baby steps count - as long as you're
going forward and one day you add all
those baby steps up and you might be
surprised to where you can get two so
you got to really have a specific order
to me to have that vision that I want to
be mr. universe they don't want to be
the greatest bodybuilder of all time
that was a great vision and that
specifically to look like reg Park and
to be up down that stage and to lift the
trophy overhead and to win the
championship over and over and over
again so that was a great chord I put
pictures of rich pocket of Sonny Liston
of boxes and of Ali and of power lifters
and weight lifters all over my bedroom
in a wall so that everyday when I go to
sleep every day when I wake up and look
at those pictures and they motivate me
you need that motivation and then
therefore you have this kind of imprint
in front of you all the time
and you know exactly what you're chasing
the people you look up to are going to
form your vision of what the world you
know how you want to be in later life
this is what I always smiled when it was
in the gym people always came up to mrs.
why are you smiling you were from that
five hours a day you're doing the same
as the other guys but the other guys
have a sour face they're pissed off to
death to do another rep or another set
or something I look forward to I look
forward to another thousand reps of of
sitters I look forward to another 500
pounds of of leg breasts also what I
look forward to more and more girls
until my arms for why because I knew
that every rep that it is and every set
that it did and more weight to the
rhythm I get one step closer to turning
their vision into reality you have to
act on your passion you have to act on
your inner drive don't let those
feelings stay inside of you you got to
know what to do with them you got to
know how to make them work in order to
get what you want don't keep it inside
most of you are not doing what you want
to do with your life because you're
worried about somebody else's opinion
don't let anybody steer you away from
where you want to be in life not your
parents not your teachers now your
guidance counselors if you have a
passion and you feel confident that you
can do it go after it
the hell with everybody else this is
your life you have the tools and
resources when you wake up every day
know that you're blessed you can give an
opportunity that most people in life
have not you have the ability to live
your dreams
the side commit acts 16 repeat
good great unstoppable
every team every work atmosphere no
matter what you do must consist of those
three personalities if you have those
three personalities and you can identify
the individuals that have those three
personalities you're guaranteed success
in whatever you do

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