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how much do you love yourself because if
you understand the value of self-love
you'll never be friends with those type
of people
most of the people out here are running
around empty they have no sense of self
no sense of self love when I say self
love it has nothing to do with celebrity
money materialistic things and all the
things that your negative mind to
probably go to has nothing to do with
self-love has nothing to do it looks
nothing to do with cars and any of the
superficial things that one would assume
that could make you love yourself even
more it's a matter of knowing your value
it's a matter of you saying I don't have
to be around these people in these type
of environments and situations in order
for me to finally see the value in
myself I love me independent of you
loving me I believe in me I know my
self-worth I know clearly that I'm a
child of God and God has a purpose over
my life and if he didn't I wouldn't be
here anymore I am here and I have a
purpose there is no value and having
wisdom knowledge insight spirituality
love every day I am a work in progress
self-love is the cure to self hate I
don't like you I don't trust you and I
know you talking shit about me from
behind my back why would anybody who
truly loves themselves hang out with or
mess with those type of people now here
are the worst type of people in the
world to me
the people who literally hate your guts
and dislike you and you don't have a
clue that they feel this way about you
because they're able to cover up all of
their malicious energy and intentions
towards you without giving you no trace
that they don't follow you and then when
you finally find out you like oh shit
you've been saying this and doing this
and you feel this way about me
I had no clue but when people show you
who they are and you see it to the point
where you're able to talk about it
can you believe what she said about me
can you believe that and you're able to
talk about it then you get an invite
from the same person that she was just
sitting over dinner crying about the
following week and you show up you don't
love yourself for you to be hanging out
with these type of people nobody who
loves themselves whatever entertain the
idea of ever fucking with these people
I love myself I've worked too hard for
all of these years to hang out with
somebody that's talking about flipping
5000 and turning into 15,000 so guess
what home go get your money go do
whatever you got to do to double and
triple your paper I'm out of here
because I don't want to be on the
receiving end of whatever those
consequences are that may come from you
doing whatever it is that you're doing
and y'all know plenty of those type of
people they doing all of the negative
crazy and dysfunction of shit every
single day all of the women they jealous
and envious of you they talk all of this
shit about every girl and everything
they're doing who they date who they
sleeping with you don't think they
talking about you are you that special
to wear all of your homegirls talk shit
about everybody and you don't think they
talking about you so when people show
you who they are you got to believe it
and you have to make the adjustments
according to all of these things that
are revealed to you and your family is
mean evil spiteful condescending and
messed up but you're so desperate for
the validation that's my family you know
they're you know I know they be mean
talking about me and my wife and my kids
and they all mean and fucked up but you
know that's family right that's family
that's family oh so they're allowed to
tear you down because it's family hmm
doing cuts me even deeper because we
actually have the same blood in our
bloodstream I would much rather a random
person in the street talk shit about me
and tear me down than my own family I
love me I see the value in me and I have
to be careful of who and what I give
emotional access to my daughter has gave
me a bottom line my daughter has created
new standards for me
my daughter has changed my life ever I
didn't know what love was until she got
here what does that mean it means that
you will never see me in a random Club
you will never see me at dinner if my
dinner is in purpose-driven you will
never see me hanging out of doing
anything with anybody I don't care who
you are
how much money you're worth I have
visions I have ideas and I have goals
now I believe in connecting with people
on a human level but I am very mission
and goal oriented that's who I am
and you can't get to the next level with
all of the devils that you have in your
life you got so many negative mean evil
malicious and dysfunctional people in
your life and around your circles this
is the reason why you can't clear out
the clutter and get to the next level
self-love is the Cure self-hate I'll say
it again self-love is the cure to

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