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your mouth is the creative weapon it's

not a tool for distributing excuses the
first sign of a loser is an excuse
champions take full responsibility
good bad for their outcomes tell the
world one time what you're gonna do and
that's it being less time talking and
more time grinding think like a champion
speak like a check and then work it out
crying 420 all day every day
stop making excuses champions make
adjustments not excuses
every time you testify 3 an average you
inviting the enemy mediocrity
dream killer young coach young trainer
jockeys Jumbo's is that the problem is
up consistency
you've got to make a decision how bad do
you want overlap successes on the right
you gotta choose which one
a Champions workout doesn't officially
begin until pain arrives to see
greatness is wet on the other side of
pain so what are you running from it for
just say you want to be successful then
push through it stop making excuses and
go get it very few battles are won under
ideal circumstances so you gotta
simulate and practice the unknown so
that the unexpected will not derail you
every morning when you get up ask
yourself how can I put myself in a place
where I'll be uncomfortable say you have
to master the unknown
gotta master your fears you gotta master
the unexpected so when it happens you
are prepared champions can push through
and keep going when everyone else around
them is quitting
they have immersed themselves in pain so
often did they have become immune to it
greatness is on the other side of pain
don't get it the more you expose
yourself to pain the more comfortable
you will become in his presence like
champions workout doesn't officially
start until pain arrives everything else
is the warm-up a boxer can be the best
technician in the world but if he gets
in the ring and the first time he gets
it he falls apart he's not gonna be a
champion I tell you that seeing life is
just like that with us we're good until
we get hit
from the rest is when they did hit they
keep coming when you hit the second time
they get strong and by downtown tonight
pizza and you're still standing the
world would know there's a champion and
the break how bad do you wanna be
cuz I tell you right now
what life's gonna do to you it's gonna
hate you when you please
when you got so god damn how will you
respond refuse to let the world break
you so late what a champion looks like
Emilio's Brookes blessed in unstoppable
sometimes we have to ask ourselves
what's using my life
one of the things that we know about
is that it is always changing sometimes
you up sometimes you die sometimes
things go real well
and sometimes they don't sometimes
you're happy and sometimes you stay now
that's that Fame call life
and when we begin to understand and know
that accepting that reality that that we
will never ever have things just on an
even keel all the time but you're gonna
have some ups then you're gonna have
some downs but during those down moments
that's where the growth takes place
that's where the work is anybody can
feel good when they have their health
their bills the paid to have happy
relationships the children I think
normal anybody could be positive then if
I can have a larger vision then anybody
can have faith under those kinds of
see what the real challenge
the real challenge of growth mentally
emotionally spiritually comes when you
get knocked down
how you handle it
growth takes place
what has brought you to this point what
did you learn from it are you learning
anything are you doing it over and over
and over again are you going through it
are you growing through it are you
bigger and better because of it
things are going to happen to you and
the most important thing to do is to
harness your will and let it go I'm in
control here I'm not gonna let this gift
me that I'm not gonna let this destroy
I'm coming back
and I'll be stronger and better because
of it you have got to make a declaration
this is what you stand for you're
standing up for your dreams you're
standing up for peace of mind you're
standing up for health
you want it and you're gonna go all out
to have it
yes I'm going to turn this situation
around I'm not going to sit back and
moan and cry over what happened and what
went wrong and who did what I'm going to
do something about this situation
expect things to get better for you
because they are say life is cyclic
whatever experience you're having right
now it has not come to stay it has come
to pass
listen to me very closely if you don't
have relief if you don't have oh if you
don't have faith you ain't got nothing
the first level to success in the
classroom the first level to success in
school the first level to success in
sports the first level to success in
life listen to me the very first level
the very first level is you seeing it
like it's clear to you like you know
exactly exactly what you want you know
exactly when you want it let's assume
you know exactly what it tastes like you
know what it looked like you know what
it smells like
before you really blow up blow up and
you get success like you literally have
it in the palm of your hand without
having it what does your dream look like
what does it smell like
what does it taste like he gave me five
grand when I was at Michigan State doing
my program I didn't get it how do you
have no budget when I didn't need a
budget I had a dream I didn't need no
help the president never came and said
to me in t we're gonna help your program
for this institution boy the president
never take and I never quit I never gave
up why because it wasn't her tree in the
first place it was my dream it was my
goal I don't expect you to believe in my
dream like I believe in my dream and the
problem some of y'all and she won't rely
on to support your dream it's yours
it's Joe dream if we wanted to have it
we choked but up and make it happen if
you wanted to have it rise and ride I
had a teacher in the ph.d program you
tell me I love you she said Eric you
don't write well enough to get a PhD
you're gonna be the first person I call
when I finished and find you a copy the
people who grew up they blew up because
there was something that was doing wrong
in their life and they took that pay and
they turn that pain in the Sun how are
you going to class when it's ten degrees
at 12 inches of snow you know how you do
it cuz you know your momma broke and she
working two jobs and taking on the loan
for you to go to school I laugh at kids
whose parents are broke and they up
there partying like everybody else
so my boss
we take it out loans and sitting at home
so people can pay wait that money ain't
even goin to college and we still going
to parties I'm saying what kind of
Brotherhood is that well you got my man
up at two o'clock in the morning washing
your car and going to get you groceries
when you should be helping too scared to
listen to me if you don't have oh if you
don't have faith if you don't have
you ain't got nothing I want my son to
have a better life than I had
I don't want my son begging like I had
to beg I want my son that everything he
got to sell dope well he got a steal
from the mall

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