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beware of vision dream and passion

killers family and friends in most cases
sad to even say this family and friends
in most cases will be the first to try
and talk you out of something that
you're passionate excited about and that
you have a vision for most of the people
that have no dreams will wake up every
day trying to talk you out of your
they have no goals they have nothing
that they're ambitious about create your
own reality by choosing your future and
not only is it important for you to know
it's possible for you to choose your
future but it's necessary that you work
on yourself that you develop yourself
it's necessary that you get the energy
drainers out of your life people who
don't want anything
the most powerful motivational speeches
that I have ever heard came from people
who told me I couldn't do something you
know why because when they told me I
couldn't do it
I was bound and determined to show them
that I couldn't tell me I can't do I
will prove you wrong I will show you
that you mistake because I believe and
this is real important I can't what for
- we'll stop you will slow you down but
turn you around and cause you to move
backwards if you let it but if you have
the proper mindset I can't
we'll do nothing but make you bet more
determine to get to your goal one
problem the violin because to do what
you do you've got to be a world class
violinist because if you don't when
you're moving around and being thrown
around I'm still trying to play you end
up doing what you didn't that's missing
loads of notes and there were times when
it sounded to me like a bunch of rats
being strangled
seriously that bad but you're not good
enough I don't think to get away with
flying through the air and trying to
play the violin the same time I don't
think what you're doing right now is
to fill a theater in in Vegas that much
movement made you not as great as you
were made you not as great as you were
who's got the right to stop you I mean
maybe some of you guys got something you
never finished something you really want
to do something you never said to
somebody something and you're told no
even after you pay your dues who's got
the right to tell you that who nobody
it's your right to listen to your gut
and ain't nobody's right to say no at
the urn right could be where you want to
be to do what you want to do
people who discourage us you know the
people that you have in your life no
matter how good of a day you're having
they'll bring you down or no matter how
bad of a day you're having they'll bring
you even lower you know what I'm talking
think of the three biggest discourages
in your life they're not your biggest
discourages you are dear candidate thank
you for your application to our ballet
unfortunately you have not been accepted
you lock the right feet Achilles tendons
turn out torso length and bust you have
the wrong body for ballet and at 13 you
are too old to be considered
so you don't think you kid you don't
think you can do it
think again no you can if you haven't
done it keeps driving keep working don't
let up
things don't come easy you gotta find it
whatever it is within yourself don't
wait don't quit don't quit
so just because you fail doesn't mean
you a failure alright so I just need to
do me a huge huge favor
I just need you to keep going try to
make that one different decision that
you've not made before than my last one
because don't let the distractions
distract you I know real simple but
don't let the distractions distract you
failure is not an option when you go
into it I want you to go into everything
you do listen to me as if failure is not
an option all right it's not a button
it's not a label it does not exist you
can do it don't let nobody steal your
dream I used to ask myself can I do this
and something set within me you're the
one you're the one
if you want to be great not good not
also-ran not second not third if you
want to be great the very best at what
you do
obsession is a necessity once you have
that magnificent obsessions once you've
questioned impossible to tooth care then
when somebody like that tells you you
can't do something you have chosen the
wrong one to tell something like that to
I will show you I will show you what I
can do I will show you I will turn your
I can't I will never I want it's
impossible I will turn it around and I
will show you that I can do anything
you want something bad if you really
love something if you really want to
have results then dedicate yourself 100%
go all in

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