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I'm not coach right now I'm your

conscience you're you're in a fight
between will and skill I say will first
because that's what you are you locked
and loaded with skill you're practicing
every day you're putting in your work
you're buying everything you're making
the investment you living your dream
you're walking like your dream you're
surrounding yourself around your dream
you got me towards everything you're
putting you're working you got your
skill now it's a test of your will it's
a mindset thing you in right now it's a
mindset thing because you're challenged
you're challenged ain't moving your
mountain is not moving you don't feel
like you're making any progress you're
not physically moving when you see
everything else around you and other
people around you moving you're not
making progress you're in the test of
your will right now cuz life says it has
a little more test for you it's no
different because we've messed up
because you fell off the wagon you know
alcohol and drugs and you gave up on
life or you drop the hour you've been to
jail one time two times three times you
really want your dream to happen that
you putting in your work and nothing's
happening yet every transformation
always gets worse before it gets better
it's supposed to be that way when you
bark this journey you must know that
it's gonna go down before it comes up
but when it comes up so and go so much
higher than you've ever been the action
of making progress is progress
the push itself the fight you get up and
swinging miss that's progress don't get
up and you run and get what you want
with everything you got and you miss
that's progress the effort of making the
attempt is progress it must happen they
can't do anything but move you can do
anything but make progress you push in
and you're pushing and you're pushing
and you're pushing and you're doing
everything right your time you're
exhausted and then nothing happening yet
that word is what you're waiting for yet
because I promise you if you keep
pushing if you keep giving me all your
effort it will happen you have to be
equip mentally to endure this process
knowing what you're about to go into a
step one no one is an uphill battle but
a winnable one and one that's achievable
at the end of this race guys you're
gonna be more capable the first step
guys is knowing it's a tough road
years ago Oh jealousy all pettiness all
unforgiveness all strife all malice all
confusion all blaming other people for
your mistake
you got till midnight to get rid of
every poison that's hindering you every
inflexibility that's stopping you from
what God is about to pour into your life
won't be up to you if you go a year
you're gonna step into this moment

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