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not race you for better how many times

have I told you you have to be what
you have to be what
do i what
toys as good twice as good as them to
get half what they have
give me a uniform
give me a number oh my back
I'll give you the gut
you'll never let somebody tell you
not even me
all right
you got a dream
you gotta protect it
people can't do something themselves
they want to tell you who can
you want something go get it period
wait you see nobody can speak the way
you speak nobody can write the way you
write nope nobody can longer way you
nobody can do play that piano nobody can
play that saxophone nobody can play that
violin it nope nobody nobody can do
poetry right like you can do nobody can
produce the way you could be nobody can
write scores the way you write school
you hear what I'm saying you're powerful
when you know within yourself that
there's something you want to do and I
believe that all of us are born with a
purpose but all of us have something
that we are supposed to do and all of us
have some goodness within us and that
goodness gives us a responsibility to
manifest our greatness and when you know
that you can feel it in your guts and
you know that you're deliberately
operating below your potential you've
gotten comfortable you stop expanding
you stop stretching you stop challenging
yourself let me share something else
with you not only if it's possible for
you to have your dream but it's
necessary it's necessary that you have
that you work on it that you develop
yourself that you go for what is yours
in the universe you decide I'm not going
to settle for this this is not going to
be it for my life I deserve more than
this see that will stop making you do
some stuff
see a lot of people go to work every day
miserable and all they do is just talk
about how miserable they are but they
don't do anything about need men have to
live with themselves to remove myself
too right now they were to serve it out
there you don't matter no Jack you're in
this thing you don't have a right to
pull out from the backing of people that
believe in you they respect you that
need if you fight they won't say to
Chatwin force you to they'll say that
you're in over your head that you don't
belong you can get out there and hit you
can get on bases and score you can win
this game for us we need you everybody
needs you your medicine jack
but what I've come to appreciate when
you're working on changing your life
changing some bad habit getting out of
addictive situations or relationships or
working to build a dream or making a
difference in our society it's hard
easy it's not an option it's hard living
life is hard that's rough how people
look at you how they respond
well you thought it was over
well it just get inside that is the part
where you admit yourself in time empty
attach your wheel your endurance is
contest your arm to test your lizard
it's about no days off no we know
holidays birthdays listen no days off
in 2008
and swamp

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