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16a quit school that seems just enough

for one-way ticket to Paris maybe I just
wanted it really bad then when I got it
too early at an animal Don if you do
what it's easy complain about your
situation your circumstances if you do
what is easy stand around and be a
volunteer victim like everybody else if
you do what is easy surrender and give
up on your dreams become depressed and
bitter and angry anybody can do that if
you do what is easy your life will be
hard but if you do what is hard keep
coming back again and again and again if
you do is hard approaching strangers
talking to people and shopping malls get
up dressed every day going out
prospecting knowing someway somehow with
a spirit of expectation somebody's out
here looking for an opportunity you can
go outside right now and see some
pigeons but you are out hunting for
Eagles and they are not common and if
you do that over and over and over again
somebody's going to show up somebody's
going to say I'm the wine
the only one that can stop you from
winning is you the enemy is not your
neighbor that enemy's not your coworker
your enemy is not your boss that enemy
is standing you in the face every
morning you wake up tomorrow what
promise what would you get for today
forget everything else forget everything
else what would you spend today
it's possible you can live your dream
it's necessary that you have a plan of
action that you're resilient that you
stick to and you work with the system
that you work with people that you give
support and that you be there for them
the people that will make it in this
life they look around for the
circumstances that they want and if they
can't find them they created
there's something in you that says
always strive to get on top advice
because it's the bottom that's
overcrowded you are different you have
greatness within you
don't judge your circumstances and the
possibilities for your future based upon
what you have now and because of what's
going on now no no no no that's not the
real reality there what you're going
through of you going through some hard
times it has not come to stay it has
come to pass it's all right
you said yourself I'm going to do
whatever it takes to build this business
I can do it if anybody's ever done at
any point in time and history
then what's possible for one it's
possible for me and I'm gonna do it
that's what you said to yourself
come on
you've got to find what you love if you
haven't found it yet keep looking and
don't settle as with all matters of the
heart you'll know when you find
stay hungry stay foolish we always
wonder you wanna hear no other people
can fire you but you're not holding
yourself to the fire you just said you
didn't think you percent you owe you an
explanation you owe you an explanation
you need to look at yourself in the
mirror and say why are you only giving
50% what's wrong with you
how much time do you spend every day
working on your dream in the last 90
days how many books have you read and
the last year what new skill or
knowledge have you applied
what kind of investment have you made in
people that are hungry unstoppable
people that are home refused to give up
people that are only no excuse is
acceptable for not making their dream
become a real
how much money do you want to make a
year what do you want to drive how do
you want to live stop just waking up
like an accident what do you want and
then once you find out what you want to
spend the rest of your natural life
waking up and going at
if you keep being a victim if you keep
letting losing happen to you if you keep
letting people do you and treat you any
kind of way it's gonna become a culture
you need to tell you that you all use up
no more TV no more snacks no more
no more no we work it out now don't no
more alcohol not right now not no I
can't handle it right now you need to
tell you that you owe him some I'm going
to fight I'm going to work I'm going to
press toward I'm going to learn I'm
going to do everything in my power every
single day I'm going to do everything in
my power to become a Victor not a victim
winners win and losers lose

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