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we all have this negative self-talk that

goes in our head guess what there's
enough people that are telling us we
can't do it that we're not good enough
why do we want to tell ourselves that we
know for a fact that thoughts influence
actions we saw it there with the with
the video Sheldon doctor let me show
right we know that our thoughts
influence actions why do we want to say
that negative self-talk to ourselves we
need to get our own self affirmations
Muhammad Ali what was his self
affirmation I am the greatest who else
is going to tell you they need to be
quiet moments in your bedroom quiet
moments when you're brushing your teeth
that we need to reaffirm I am the
captain of my ship and the master of my
fate that is my affirmation and looking
forward to a time that I would feel good
again helped me to keep moving forward
and sometimes I had to be brave and it
wasn't always easy sometimes I faltered
I had bad days but I realized that being
brave isn't supposed to be easy and for
me I feel it's the key way to keep
moving forward so all in all I don't
waste energy feeling bad for myself
I surround myself with people that I
want to be with and I keep moving
so with this philosophy I hope that all
of you regardless of your obstacles and
have a very happy life as well when I am
the captain
if I don't say it if I don't believe it
no one else will
get away from the people
there's enough of that Muhammad Ali I am
the greatest there is no one better than
me it's a difference between hubris and
Eagle and false pride it's just
reminding yourself in quiet silent
moments I put it down on the list it's
right beside my mirror and Russian
channel every man in Japan every man in
Europe every man in America a champion
of the whole world
some big then so I kept working
the champion of the whole world but
better than all of those before me
I fuckin argue with you
not as dumb
you're going to be just like that and
some of you are already there well you
don't know how you're going to make this
but you just feel within yourself
someway somehow with the help of God I'm
going to make it happen
repeat after me please no matter how bad
it is or how bad it gets
I'm going to make it I'm going to make
it shake somebody's hand on your riding
Levin say you got the right stuff
so yes it's possible for you to live
your dream because it's not about where
you come from it's about heart you come
to place where you know be smart enough
you gotta have heart that's number one
watch number two number two test number
two I will die I want to make sure you
got it
it says Chili's watch this watch this we
talk about sacrifice now the important
thing is this you're right why I'm
Tony how about three more minutes listen
to me the most important thing is this
to be able moment to sacrifice what you
are for what you will become
that's right I have rouser what I
alligator out of Tulsa what a whale out
of handcuffed lightning dope under in
jail that's bad on the last week I
murdered a rock angel of stone
hospitalized a brick I'm so mean I make
medicine sick man dude they're in Fast
and fast - last night I cut the light
off my bedroom it's which was in the bed
for the room was dog in care fast you
George Foreman all are you chumps are
gonna bow when I whoop him all of you I
know you got him I know you got him
picked but the man's in trouble
I'm gonna show you all right now.

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