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and I knew I was on a mission on this
very specific quest you know it was
bigger than just one to be a musician or
doones it was about finally showing the
world what Scotland so I had this fire
I had this fire to pursue this musical
life will throw you a ton of curveballs
it's scary but like
if you wanted and if you want to work
hard enough for it it can be so one of
the things I have realized and many of
us have that if you want something out
of life
if you want to change yourself if you
want to acquire something if there's
some goal that you want to reach that is
really not easy as some people will make
us feel that living a dream
changing your behaviors overcoming
negative habits it's challenging
it's hard that living alone is just very
difficult and once we begin to come to
grips with the fact that living is
always something you will never ever
have a problem free moment in life many
of us never realized I've witnessed
because we become sidetracked by
secondary activity we spread ourselves
too thin don't know how to say no and we
find ourselves doing all kinds of things
and never ever have time to do those
things that we need to do to work on
ourselves and then there goes a second
that goes another second
another second and we can't stop an old
time and before you know it you wake up
one day and you're behind in your dreams
and your bills you have to midnight the
to dump out all jealousy all pettiness
all unforgiveness all strength all
malice all confusion all blaming other
people for your mistake you got till
midnight to get rid of every poison
that's hindering you won't be on to you
if you go into another year and waste
another year with the old mentality
while somebody's in the hospital begging
God for the opportunity that you have
right now you better step into this
don't just talk about your grind don't
just talk about how much is this neck
show me so when you're challenged by
life what are you gonna do when you feel
like you're too long on in life will you
go in time or will you make the move to
I took up golf recently but I never
played his game old man's here never do
it but my kids place I want to play with
so I go out can I do really well I go
out in this one day I out power by my
instructor I'm feeling really proud the
next day I'm not feeling so proud I keep
putting the ball in the water again I am
so frustrated put down another one put
down another one I don't care I don't
care what my score is let's do it and
finally I was getting frustrating that
he's gone things like ain't it a bitch
this is golf and one ball and said this
is you're a terrible instructor I said I
know I'm not Tiger Woods when I should
be a let me consistent and you're just
telling me it's difficult being tell me
it's difficult is not helping tell me
what to do and so actually you're only a
little bit off it's it could have fooled
he said no you're about a millimeter or
two off I said you're joking said no
watch does he said I didn't teach this
yet he said when you approach the ball
like this
he said if you change the angle that
you're attacking is just one or two
millimeters in the very beginning you
see how that changes the arc this one
instead of being on the green or one
millimeter now you're in the water one
middle over here you're in the sand he
said and also you're hitting the ground
by one millimeter sometimes you you're
not stroking it just one millimeter I
thought what a great belief system that
when all hell's breaking loose and
nothing's working that you're only one
millimetre off as most people think it's
impossible so they give up isn't that
I want to tell you something that every
successful person has to do including
believe it or not
every successful person in this world
has jumped
I'm gonna tell you what I mean
eventually you are going to have to kill
you cannot just exist in this life you
have got to try to live if you are
waking up thinking that has got to be
more to your life than it is and believe
that it is leaving your heart of hearts
that you need but to get to that life
you gonna have to kill
I'll tell you what I call it jump to God
when he created all of us gave every
last one of us a gift at birth
he never created a soul without endow
him with a gift
you just gotta quit looking at gifts as
running jumping singing dance this
morning I said you know how to network
you can connect dots draw and teach some
of y'all Fried Chicken better than
anybody over bake path some of you cut
hair color head you've got to identify
that gift now listen to me when you see
people in life when you're standing on
the cliff of life and you see people
soaring by you see people soaring born
to exotic places you hear about them
doing wonderful things maybe you look up
the street in your neighbor just gets a
car every year every to you your Heisey
doing it have you ever thought maybe
this person right here has identified
their gift and it's living in their gift
before you die jump just jump one time
my dreams don't live down there that's
what my granddaddy used to tell me when
I used to walk in them projects I look
down and I see crack needles
I see bullets I see blood stains but
when I looked in the sky I saw my dreams
I saw my opportunity when I would go to
school they would tell me I was too dumb
they told me I'd be like my father
like my family selling dope going to the
penitentiary never seen him with the
real world to be see I was a kid
couldn't read till he was 16 but my
dream was bigger than my reality I'm
telling you your king keep fighting
cause I like depend on just like when
you get hit with that bullet and your
boy is telling you don't stop breathing
don't stop fighting
you still got life to live because if
you light in your pool of blood you're
gonna die down your king
your king learn how to fight for your
purpose and not the money you know
what's so funny
we want people to make guarantees to us
but we're not willing to make guarantees
to ourselves we're almost heading in
like you somebody gave you a guarantee
$30 30-day guarantee in 30 days and if
you don't make what they told you is
gonna make in 30 days you got attitude
you want your money back
but you've never demanded your money
back from yourselves you've never looked
at yourself in the mirror and said you
let you down until you get to that point
you let you down
you've never you're not brave enough you
want to put it on somebody else the
reason why I'm not successful is because
of my boss have you ever looked at
yourself in the mirror and said I'm not
getting up on time I'm not going to work
on time
I'm not putting in 120% when I'm at work
I let me down a lot of people say I just
want to sort of the gun they're cuddling
in the idea
and the real way to do it is you got to
write down what the fuck you want and
then go after it because otherwise you
live in sort of a wishy-washy world you
know if you decide I'm gonna get down to
a prank I'm gonna do this what I tell
people is the best advice in it I've
ever heard the best advice I ever came
up with is it live your life like you're
the hero in your movie
resolve resolves as I will to the most
powerful words in the language Benjamin
Disraeli said nothing can resist a human
will that will stake its existence on
its purpose shortly put I'll do it or
that's definition of resolve I got from
a little junior high girl Foster City
California I'm going through some words
one day I got to this one I asked the
kids who can tell me what resolve means
some didn't know some tribe interesting
the last one was the best little girl
about three rows back she said I think I
know mr. Owen I said what she said I
think resolve means promising yourself
you will never give up I said that's the
best I've ever what makes you such a
good fighter it's in my head 24/7 it's
not a psychic thing I don't I don't
think about macness everything I deal in
my life is is related to this I don't
think anything else if it's enough
I mean that that is why and I meant it
to be true so nearly all you got to do a
show is that I'm healthy to me what's
unhealthy is limited and on a healthy
life to me what's unhealthy is getting
up and going through the same day every
day alike 9:00 to 5:00 in an office or
in it bring that that's unhealthy that
beat your mind I don't I don't work I
what I love what I do and that's why I'm
doing what I love and I mean that's why
that's why it's become a career for me
because I love it I love what I do so I
don't think it's unhealthy I uh I feel
good in my mind I mean it's it's my my
I have a very strong belief that
everything that comes into your life is
supposed to and every condition of your
life is part of the perfection of it and
that there's a blessing in all of it and
that there are no accidents that's a
perfect absolutely totally perfect
universe everybody that you meet you
meet for a reason everybody you're
sitting next to you're there for a
reason you can either take advantage of
it or not a choice is to make throughout
it all at the same moment there's an
opportunity in it and I never look back
with anything but gratitude for all that
was handed to me because I learned
firsthand has a very young boy how to be
self-reliant how to take responsibility
for myself how not to blame other people
for and to find something positive in it
it always did a definite purpose must be
accompanied by a definite plan for
entertainment followed by appropriate
action now you have to have a purpose
you have to have a plan and you have to
start putting that plan into action and
ladies and gentlemen it's not too
important that your plan be sound
it isn't if that in fact it's not too
important because if you find that
you've adopted the plan that's not solve
it's not working you can always change
you can modify your plan but it is very
important that you be definite about
what it is you're going after what your
purpose is
I spent the first 25 years of my life
like like a spectator watching other
people get successful and then wondering
why was it success is your duty it is
your obligation and your responsibility
I love living I think that's infectious
it's something that you can't fake when
you had that third failure in a row did
you think I need to pack this in that
why not I don't ever give up I mean I'd
have to be dead or silly and fascinated
there's nothing more pitiful to my mind
that the person who wastes his life
running from one thing to another
forever looking for the pot of gold at
the end of the rainbow
and there was staying with one thing
long enough to find it
no matter what your goal may be perhaps
the road to it can be found in the very
thing in which you're now engaged life
doesn't happen to you it happens for you
now fear is going to be a player in your
life you get to decide how much you can
spend your whole life imagining ghosts
worrying about the pathway to the future
but all there will ever be is what's
happening here and the decisions we make
in this moment which are based in either
love or fear so many of us choose our
path out of fear disguised as
what we really want seems impossibly out
of reach and ridiculous to expect so we
never dare to ask the universe for it my
father could have been a great comedian
but he didn't believe that that was
possible for him and so he made a
conservative choice instead he got a
safe job as an accountant and when I was
12 years old he was let go from that
safe job and our family had to do
whatever we could to survive I learned
many great lessons from my father not
the least of which was that you can fail
and what you don't so you might as well
take a chance on doing what you love
how will you serve the world what do
they need that your talent can provide
that's all you have to figure out yes
the effect you have on others is the
most valuable currency there is because
everything you gain in life will rot and
fall apart and all that would be left of
you is what was in your heart why not
take a chance on faith as well not
religion the faith not hope but faith I
don't believe in hope hope is a beggar
hope walks through the fire and faith
leaps over it I hope you are inspired to
know that if I can dream big then so can
you there are no rules
find your peace and you'll make your
Wars doors


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