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let me share something with you the
easiest thing I've ever done was to earn
a million dollars the most difficult
thing I've ever done was to believe it
could happen to me that was the most
difficult part to believe that given my
circumstances if my birth parents came
down this hour right now I would not
know either one if my daddy came up here
well my mother came up here given the
fact that I was born an abandoned
building on a floor being labeled
educable mentally retarded not having
any college trading I used to feel all
my life but people who had college
degrees were more intelligent than me I
remember going to see the late dr.
norman vincent peale the author of the
book the power of positive thinking and
I used to look at him up on stage and I
said I could do that I would love to
talk to people I'd love to talk to
people and I said I can do that but then
when I started going back to my car my
mental conditioning activated itself and
it said let's find you can't do that you
don't have a college education let's
round you can't do that you don't have
the training you never work for a major
corporation you can't do that what makes
you think you can earn five ten fifteen
twenty thousand dollars in an hour you
don't earn that not working for two or
three months what makes you think that
you can speak for 80 Procter & Gamble
McDonald's Corporation General Electric
these are clients I have
you've never even worked for them how
many of you ever thought about something
you wanted to do and you talked yourself
out of it raise your hand if you know
what I'm talking about that inner
conversation is what's going to haunt
here something else it's possible you
can live your dream if I can see it I
believe it no no no if you believe it
you can see it
you might never fail on the scale I did
but some failure in life is inevitable
it is impossible to live without failing
at something unless you live so
cautiously that you might as well not
have lived at
in which case you fail by default
you've got to be willing to go into
don't wait around for things to be just
right don't wait for things to be
perfect don't wait for the ideal
situation it will never be ideal
you think it was easy no no it's simple
but it's not easy
it's possible you can live your dream
it's necessary that you have goals that
you write them down that you surround
yourself with a support team that you
are creative it's you that you must take
r''l responsibility to make it happen
George Bernard Shaw said the people that
make it in this world look around for
the circumstances that they want and
that they can't find them they create
it's hard no easy it's not an option
however ladies and gentlemen what you
will discover is that it's worth it it's
worth it
you must work on yourself continuously
never be satisfied with yourself always
know that as you invest the effort and
time on you that's the greatest ability
that human beings have
anything but a dog tree can't be
anything but a tree human being you've
got unlimited potential
you can put effort on you and by
concentrating on you and developing you
you can transform your life wherever you
are right now but you got to put a new
mind in you you got to get out of your
mind you got to begin to restructure
your thinking everyday you got to begin
to recondition your mind see many of us
go through life making choices thinking
it's our choices and it's not you got to
die as you are now you got to be willing
to give up who you are now for what you
can become
certain things will no longer fit
into your life and so therefore as you
look at yourself you've got to have this
vision of yourself beyond your
with energy and passion you wanna get
some ideas you're gonna feel your
adrenaline flowing and you're gonna
think about something some idea you had
you said I want to go back and I'm gonna
look at that gift
and you'll get all kind of creative
so every day you have to sell yourself
and get out of your mind those old
thoughts that old belief system every
day you've got to sell yourself on that
it's possible that you have the vision
and never give up that you become a
creative and riddle
get it again and that you that you got
to take personal responsibility to make
and that it's hard easiest one
it's not over until I win no matter how
bad it is or how bad it gets
I'm going to make it
say that to yourself everyday

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